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  1. Yes, it is locked on both sides.
  2. Dave, I've completely resealed the entire upper shell and during a string of dry weather days I tested it. The leak is coming from the upper foam seal.
  3. The truth is the truth even if it's not pretty!
  4. SeaDawg, I resealed the upper shell yesterday and waiting for it to cure. I'm hoping the Oliver logo lens is not leaking because that was resealed while I was at the plant. I'm not sure how to remove the A/C cover inside to check the 4 bolts. When I take off the filter I can see 2 Bolts but not sure how to get to the ones in the back. Using a syringe filled with caulk I was able to get under the marker lights very easily. I hope I got it and I think I'll wait a few days before doing the water test.
  5. I understand the frustration! I think I've been to the plant 6 times for issues since pick up. I'm 7 hours away from the plant and recently had to alter my trip out west because my easy start was not programed right. While overnighting at the sales office a strong rainstorm hit and I had a leak in the back window. They charged me for repairing the leak that was coming from the Oliver logo and told me all was well. I get home and a few days later during a rainstorm I see water still leaking in the exact place as before. If I'm at the plant telling you I just noticed a leak I expect it repaired.
  6. A little update on our back window. We tried to work on it some more this morning to no avail. You can notice from the picture that the window itself it's not leveled. The right side is higher than the left side and you can also see the weeping hole at the bottom right. When we were at the plant we told them exactly where the leak was. They had one job. We noticed the window not square, why didn't they??? The only thing left for us to do now is put plastic and duct tape around the window, since rain is in the forecast, order a new window, pay for the shipping and pay for someone else to install it. We are very disappointed. What hurts us the most, however, is the fact that they disappointed us many times now and NOT ONCE they have tried to somehow make it up to us.
  7. I was wondering if anyone had used Good Sam for an extended warranty? They claim to cover all the major systems and I have not heard of them before. I'm skeptical with all they claim to do. Having had 2 a/c units replaced the next one is on me. Is Good Sam worth it or not?
  8. I just got back from trying that method Mark and it's a no/go... It was worth a try though and appreciate the article.
  9. I got it now Bill. I did notice one of mine in the back is loose. I wonder if that could be the culprit allowing water between the shells and spilling on the inside of the window. I've got everything now prepared for tomorrow. I thought I would prep first before caulking so the sealant does not dry up on me. Love those plastic scrapping tools my wife got me.
  10. Thanks for the reply Bill. I did exactly what you said yesterday and still stuck on red. I refilled one tank yesterday and the other was not completely empty. When I changed over it than went red. Got another regulator coming from Amazon.
  11. Can somebody explain to me how to seal the upper marker lights? Do those silver rings come off? If so, how? Thank you!
  12. Mine stayed red and will not allow any propane to pass through into the Oliver.
  13. I've noticed my propane hoses are very stiff and I'm thinking they present a possibility of leaking when changing out bottles. Does anyone change these out once a year?
  14. Thanks for the pro tip... I went all 3 months out west afraid to deploy the awnings because of the wind. You are 100% correct about keeping the inside cooler by not allowing the sunshine in.
  15. I changed out a propane bottle today and was surprised to see the indicator gauge stuck on red when I opened the valve. Wonder if anyone else has had this happen and found this on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Fairview-Propane-Automatic-Regulator-Pigtails/dp/B071D1SYLY/ref=pd_day0_hl_86_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071D1SYLY&pd_rd_r=21b994f9-ea00-11e8-9f7e-2132386dfc7d&pd_rd_w=epuul&pd_rd_wg=MeUy1&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=ad07871c-e646-4161-82c7-5ed0d4c85b07&pf_rd_r=PAX5QKSHA5TE7S5WGH3E&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=PAX5QKSHA5TE7S5WGH3E Think changing the hoses might not be a bad idea as well.
  16. Overland, I love your set up. Does the panel get shaded from the A/C unit? I also wonder since you've got the mptt charge controller on a typical summer day how fast does your systems state of charge top off? I use an average of around 80amp hr per night and normally topped off by 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon. I think Oliver should include at least a BMS so people could monitor what is coming in and going out. Thank you!
  17. I know the technology of lithium batteries are getting better but can you charge them below freezing or do you need a way to keep them warm or cool in summer?
  18. Owning a RV for the first is is a little overwhelming and definitely has a learning curve. You'll be fine and many folks here have been doing this for many years always providing great insight. NM and UT are beautiful places with many boondocking or other camping ground locations. As a cherry myself I would say don't get in a hurry when moving from site to site. My biggest bonehead mistakes always happened while in a rush.
  19. Still waiting on the rain to stop here in Alabama and hopefully this weekend I'll be able to seal her up. Been having to swap out towels every few hours from the leak from the back window, man this rain has been brutal.
  20. Well got a nice thunderstorm here in Alabama and sure enough the back window is still leaking like a faucet. Thanks guys for squaring it away while I was at the plant...NOT! hope the window just needs some sealant. Problem is we are expecting rain for the rest of the week.
  21. Thank you folks for the info. I got up on the roof and looked around and the vents/fans are looking a little rough. The windows also need a freshening up. I was amazed at the level of sand and grime that was collected under the window seals from a 3 month trip. Dave, I was wondering about the marker lights as well. I thought they might just pop off but I'm not sure.
  22. Today I was watching the amperage while the compressor was on and was getting 18-23amps. I remember when Matteo installed the easystart during the last rally and watched him go through a start up procedure. My A/C was changed out last July and I'm beginning to think the easy start was not started properly. Jason returned my phone call and we talked about possible problems. What I did was hook up both of my Honda generators and went through the start up procedure again. Well so far so good! My single gen now is running the A/C and reading a constant 15amps and no more overloading. The gen is not struggling anymore! I will conduct some more testing tomorrow and hope this issue is resolved. Thanks Jason for returning my call!
  23. I've never resealed my Oliver after 1 1/2 years and will need to get this done. I asked Jason what the plant uses and he informed me they use ASI 335. I got it on order now along with a good quality caulk gun. I plan on tackling this task ASAP. I bought some Acetone for prep work along with the plastic razor blades. When up top do I need to remove the vents and screws and clean under the flanges or do I clean up as much old sealant and reapply the new sealant? This is all new for me and any tips would be greatly appreciated . I also wonder if the screws used up top are stainless steel or galvanized.
  24. Thank you folks for the suggestions. I had my A/C fail and had it replaced in July. I'm assuming Oliver just took my easystart off my old unit and reinstalled it on my new unit. I always use the bonding plug with my generator. I did check the error codes on the easystart and was getting a D21 & D23. The A/C works and runs for up to 10-15 minutes and then my generator surges and goes into overload mode. What happens if the easy start does not go through the start up procedures when first installed?
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