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  1. Here was the file. 492965056_CamperNoise_.mp4
  2. After sending an audio file to the service Dept they immediately knew what the problem was. The cricket or chirping sound from under the dinette was coming from my charger. They had the part at my door in a few days. Thanks Oliver!
  3. Thanks folks for your help. I must have some how sent a message to Oliver and received a reply this morning with the information I needed. Great support from the parts department folks!
  4. Have a few items I need replaced and used the internet site for the parts department and I can't create an account. I have a macbook lap top pc and this is as far as I get with the process. If I'm doing something wrong please advise. Not very internet savvy
  5. In all honesty I've been impressed with the basic set up right from the factory as far as solar goes. Only add ons I've done is bogart btms so I could gauge my usage per day and a 200wt suitcase. Never crashed and burned and on more days than not my soc would be back at 100% and this is with a pwm charge controller.
  6. Thanks Mike. I think I'll be happy with them. The HT3's are a little less money.
  7. Thanks for the info. So Oliver is using the HT3's. I guess I was wrong again.
  8. I thought Oliver is running AT3's but don't quote me on that. Maybe someone with a new trailer can chime in.
  9. John, They gave me a credit and I have to pay the $50 for the return. I can live with that. This was my first time ordering from a website and I was somewhat confused as I had several pages up. Anyway Lesson learned!
  10. Made a mistake with my Cooper tires and got the AT3 4s. Great customer service at tire rack. Still got them sitting in the garage and ups will pick them up tomorrow. I noticed the 44 psi and thought something was off. Going with 225/75/16 AT3 LT's. About a 50$ mistake. I did see the HT3's are a little cheaper but wanted to go with the ones Oliver is running.
  11. geO

    Thumbs up

    Bill, I sure did have some issues in the beginning and truth be known Oliver fixed them. As a first time RVer I think I made a good choice in buying an Oliver.
  12. I bought my Oliver in 2017 and an honest review would reflect high grades in every aspect of owning it from customer service and all in-between. I would add the customer service is above the industry hands down!
  13. geO

    Jack points

    Of course my warning triangles would also be deployed.
  14. geO

    Jack points

    Got it Mike. I think in an emergency situation I would use the side jack. Speed to me would equal safety in this case and even then my family would be away from the road out of the tow.
  15. I must be one of few still with the Trojan T105's. They are still kicking!
  16. I finally got around to relocating the EMS display. When plugging in I can now quickly see the display.
  17. Thanks John for mentioning Tirerack.com. I got all 5 new tires in just 2 days.
  18. geO

    Jack points

    I found using Frank's method of lifting the trailer to be the easiest!
  19. I've found owning an Oliver gives me more options on places I can fill up at.
  20. WOW... things changed fast. LA setting the pace. Another potential problem is DEF for diesels. If truckers can't get it they can't transport . Getting pretty interesting if ya ask me!
  21. Got 5 of these guys being sent to me. I ordered them today and they are all ready being shipped.
  22. geO

    Tire date

    Since I now live in a desert climate with very low humidity I figure rubber does not last long. I've inspected the tires and did not see any visible cracks but figure it is better safe then sorry. What would be a good replacements?
  23. While doing my bearings I noticed one of my castle nuts does not smoothly screw on the spindle. The threads look good but getting it finger tight does not happen. Do I need a new castle nut or do you think this guys tips will help?
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