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  1. Prepare to pay up if you're even lucky to find it. I think soon you'll need to be a millionaire to afford RVing!
  2. My grey tank is full @ 80% reading since purchasing my 2017 Oliver. I think a good test when getting a new Oliver is level the trailer and fill up the grey tank, watch when it starts trying to backup from the shower drain. Notice the reading you now know your grey tank levels. I also every once in a while will keep it over 50% and drive to next camping site hoping the drive will help clean the tank.
  3. Be careful of those slight cracks. I've seen them look harmless while inflated and large enough to put pennies in them when deflated.
  4. We travel with 2 sets of sleeping bags. During warmer weather I like the old military poncho liners.
  5. I've never owned an RV before my Oliver and in the beginning I was frustrated with things going wrong. It did take awhile for the kinks to get worked out, but one thing I will say the service department folks have assisted me on the phone several times and simply being able to talk with someone is priceless. Part of my research into why I bought an Oliver was the good customer service. If you are new to Rving just understand things happen with rv systems and more likely than not you will have some issues. Now that everything is operating as it should I'm a happy camper and you will be as well.
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks. I do have the wheel covers on. One thing for sure I've had 3 instances where my TPMS has been a great feature to have. I would highly recommend them.
  7. Once my Trojan lead sealed batteries go down I plan on getting Lithium. For now I'll keep feeding them when they are thirsty. Great install and it looks very clean!
  8. Thanks for the input Bill. I don't have a 4x4 and so don't go down crazy roads until I do. Google maps has taken me down some roads I've regretted with zero turn arounds...lol I bet most know what I mean...lol
  9. Keep an eye on the temps as it can help avert a huge problem.
  10. Just got this protection for my Ollie against the desert sun
  11. WOW... looks like I need those steel stems. Guess I'll search the internet for them. Thanks SeaDawg, I wonder if living in the desert has any impact. I do know rubber gets messed up quick in my environment.
  12. I have yet to find a shop that does have the metal ones in my neck of the woods.
  13. The owner of this tire shop told me even the steel ones fail because I asked him about that. SeaDawg, how long have you been running them?
  14. The TPMS sensors will eventually cause the valve stems to have a slow leak. It took about 4 years for this to happen. Had them all changed out today. TMPS.HEIC
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  16. Given that everything has been effected by this pandemic, I was wondering if Oliver's production has been affected? It seems to me that even just the simple mail orders have turned into a major task.
  17. Hope everyone is safe with this storm passing through!
  18. NWS relies on spotters and chasers for eyes on the ground data for the most accurate information. Green dots on this image represents spotters used yesterday. I don't use NWS data . I use AllisonHouse for alerts.
  19. Wow, 5 years is impressive. Mine need a little drink about every few weeks during the summer.
  20. Data delay is about 5 min.
  21. My T105 Trojans are over 3 years old and still strong. I do have the hydrolink watering system for topping them off and that has been vital in keeping them in good working order.
  22. The radar data is pretty close to real time for one and that is pretty important. I also like geeking out with some of the other features. This is the best app I've had thus far.
  23. I really like this weather app. https://www.radaromega.com/?fbclid=IwAR2ONoFNBJe9DbNOroe4tDJ8LqE1VQMuK282WPJx1xBIdNNABc3mQ5KNpmk
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