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  1. Bob, currently our easystart is not working even after having it in for that issue this week. I was informed that the easystart was reset and everything checked out fine and that my generator might be dropping voltage... WRONG! I hooked up another Honda generator (new) and still got the E-7 error code on the thermostat. The easy start is not functioning the way it should. When in doubt change it out!
  2. Well, Bill, that makes us feel even worse if any such thing is possible! Great for you, but it sure isn't the case for us and you would think they would know to do better since they know we reach a lot of people! We are extremely disappointed and hurt. They're messing up BIG TIME. So sad to see them blowing it like this.
  3. Am I the only one who, when taking my Oliver in for service, have to come back at least 2 times for then to get it right? Seems like this has been a reoccurring frustrating issue for me. Not a HAPPY CAMPER!!!
  4. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out from a campsite and all was fine.
  5. Mine was doing the same thing and was not easy to get off. Got it all cleaned up and hope that embarrassing binding noise is gone. I'll find out Monday morning when I leave this campsite. Thanks for the info!
  6. For our drinking water needs we use a Berky and love it, this thing can even filter swamp water and regardless of where we are the water always tastes great.
  7. We love our Clam... Just a word of caution! we've had it blow away during thunderstorms and now use bungee cords to stake it. The wind pannels are also a great edition if camping in cooler weather.
  8. I think if you have your fan in any setting other then auto the fan will continuously run.
  9. Ken and Judy, I'm happy for you guys and may you create awesome memories and lots of travels across this great country. It was mice hanging out with you guys during the Oliver rally. Hope our paths cross again! George & Jean
  10. Thank you Kathy, I will look into your link. Perfect example of needing a monitor is during my last camping trip my A/C went down. Luckily it happened after we got back from a bike ride. Indoor temp was 97 and having a piece of mind that all is well for my dog is worth the price I pay for a good monitoring system.
  11. I hope you guys are excited as we were when we picked ours up.
  12. Oliver trailers are top notch and my wife and I love it. Hope you guys enjoy yours as well when you get it!
  13. Thanks Overland, after scratching my head last night I determined my cheap multi meter does not read capacitance. A phone call to Jason on Monday. I need the A/C working because I'm planning on a 3 month adventure out west.
  14. Ok found out I had the wrong setting on the meter. I get a reading of 192K before it goes to 1 again. What reading should it be?
  15. Hey guys I've taken the start capacitor out after properly discharging it and I've put my digital multimeter over the leads set @ 200k and get nothing. The display stays at 1 despite reversing the connection. I'm I doing this wrong?
  16. Thank you Overland for the advise. The A/C is still under warrantee and I was wondering if you know if I must take it in to a Dometic service center for any work that will be needed or will any service center work? Thanks
  17. That is exactly what it is doing.
  18. Was taking a nap today and woke up sweating. Inside of the trailer was 90. I reset the breaker and still noting. My thermostat is not sending any error codes and noticed the compressor was sounding a little strange over the past few days. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
  19. I've found this product and just beginning to research it. https://rvpetsafety.com
  20. Thank you folks for your replies... I would need a device that uses cellular data that would alert me when I'm away from the trailer. I thought maybe somebody on the forum might have one they could recommend. Wifi will not do the job. Thus far my internet search has not impressed!
  21. My CO/LP goes off all the time for know reason at all. What is the fix for this because when at a campground and this alarm keeps beeping and annoys everyone within a 10 mile radius.
  22. I was wondering if anyone has a way to remotely monitor the temp inside your Oliver? Just looking for a piece of mind when I leave my dog in the trailer and the temp is very hot outside. Never know if the electricity goes out even on a sunny day. If I could look at some app that would indicate everything is fine then I'll feel better.
  23. Just to make sure I just tried it again with the Honda 2000 with easystart installed. The inside was 103 degrees and I set the thermostat to 82. In 10 minutes the trailer was 95. When hooked up to the 15amp plug I did get an E7 code from my thermostat.
  24. Doug, mine does the same same when on 15amp outlet at my house.I just checked... It works fine when I use my Honda 2000. It also 100 degrees here in Alabama. If you have a generator I would try that or a 30 amp outlet. Might still be to much of a amp drawl.
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