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  1. Brad, we are picking our Elite II on July 5. Maybe we'll see you guys. Any ideas on which other nearby campgrounds we might stay at. We thought we'd stay local for at least two nights - just in case. It's a long way to Bryan, Texas where we live. Congrats! Cash's
  2. What you are telling me is that the factory installed window treatments don't adequately keep the light out? We are picking up our Legacy Elite II first week of July. Guess I am not clear on what the window treatments actually do. Thanks.
  3. Does your Honda 2000 run your AC. I have ordered a Legacy Elite II for pickup in late June. I currently have a Honda EU2000 Companion and the Oliver folks tell me it won't run the AC. I hate to buy another Honda 2000 but, I don't want to get caught without AC in the middle of summer if a RV space can't be found. Thanks. Cash
  4. Love the humor, GrayGhost.
  5. Nice color scheme. Is that the turquoise? (sp)
  6. We hope to be doing the same late next month. We ordered our Legacy Elite II just last week. We currently own a Casita but, now that we will soon owing an Oliver, we are thinking we may be going out more often and for longer times. Enjoy!
  7. I have a Drawtite, Activator III on my 2014 Tundra and I am currently pulling a 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe. Mounted under the steereing wheel just to the right. I had mine professionally installed. It works fine and I would suppose it will work fine pulling my Legacy Elite II when I pick it up from the factory next month.
  8. We will also use the "X-Chocks" that go between the two wheels and place pressure on the opposing wheels.
  9. I purchased two like these from Harbor Frieght. They work very well. About $5 each.
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