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  1. Yes. We use both. Chocks on one side (used to get the trailer set up); then, X-Chocks on the opposing side to aid in stabilization as well as movement forward or backward.
  2. We have the quick connect on the front. Less than 50 miles from the factory in Tennessee, a driver not paying attention on the interstate, ran over a "gator" and flipped it into our TV. Our TV in turn flipped the gator right into the area where the connect is located. I later discovered the only damage was a little scuffing of the fiberglass (easily buffed out) and the green rubber protector was knocked off the connector but, was still attached. I simply reattached the cover as it was. The hardest part was finding a quick connect 12' long tube...finally found one at the Camping World in New Braunfels, TX.
  3. Very nice. Do you know about the upcoming Pineknot Rally at Salmon Lake Park in Texas, later this month (about 10 days)? There will be 4 Olivers there. Hope you would join us...
  4. I like. As we are LAND YACHTS!!!
  5. I have one of those humidity things that are supposed to absorb humidity. Purchased at Walmart. Probably too late now to purchase...Walmarts are probably closed closer to the coast.
  6. I have our YACHT OLIVIA (242) in our usual covered space, high up on a hill from any possible flooding. Yesterday, I went out to let the stabilizers down and unplug from power in case of any serious power surges, etc. I thought to myself, all these other RV's that will probably blow over or blow apart because they are not molded fiberglass, or are not inherently designed to withstand higher winds by their engineered shape. If I knew the winds were going to be higher in Bryan, I would have take extra precaution to fill up all the storage tanks for extra weight. We are mostly scheduled for lots of rain, which we have already received a lot of...
  7. Thanks to all contributing. Some really nice photos here.
  8. If you do some research on the Lonseal, you'll find it's supposed to be highly durable...thus a big play in our decision since, we wanted the Legacy II to truly be a legacy.
  9. Congrats on making one of the best decisions of your life...ordering one of these works of art. I made a change on the flooring about 2 to 4 weeks into the build. I was told that the floor is one of the last steps, very late in the build. That makes sense as that would help keep it from marring, etc. We finally chose the Lonseal flooring. It really, truly makes the interior look like a incredibly high class yacht. They are pretty much use to changes while building.
  10. Ooooooh. Maybe Oliver would replace that with stainless for you?
  11. We are attending a molded fiberglass rally in October. We have friends that own and have owned their Airstream for some time. They are dying to see our YACHT OLIVIA (Hull 242) and I smell change in the air for them . . . we, like them, had always been Airstream dreamers. We stropped dreaming the day we ordered 242.
  12. I have to tell ya...having more than 2000 is much better if you want to stay cool and want to use your microwave, watch TV, any other things that will require more power at the same time you are using that AC. After ordering YACHT OLIVER (Hull 242), I was a little disheartened to learn I needed to buy an additional Honda 2000 to pair my existing one. (I now have two Companions.) However, I am now very glad I did. I am a photographer and use my Legacy II for overnight or longer client visits...used it just last night and my wife wanted to go in early. Generators are kinda like other security items (such as firearms)...you hope you never have to use them but, when you need them, it sure is a much nicer feeling to have them. (The one Honda 2000 was fine for starting my AC in our Casita but, after all these years, we now don't have to turn off the AC just to have a meal or do other activities.)
  13. I have three cats - one huge male Main Coone and two females. Was wondering the same thing about litter box placement. However, I have come up with the purrfect solution -- I'm training mine to use the toilet...that Coone is a pretty darned smart young man!
  14. Ha! Too funny. I have to remember that one the next time someone wants to see the "bath" in my YACHT OLIVIA.
  15. We picked our #242 (YACHT OLIVIA) this month and it has frosted glass. Now...I'm wondering if they make an insulated double pane window.
  16. Thanks for your reply guys. I was a little taken by the off white as well - we pick up our Legacy Elite II, hull #242 (YACHT OLIVIA) next week and look forward to the white. Your interior is much identical to our order. We love the lonseal flooring and we believe the counter top color is really nice with that floor. That lonseal flooring is just so classy. I was a little scared that the counter tops would be too light at the beginning. Looks nice in your photos - thanks for posting them.
  17. Would be nice to have but, waaaay too much $$$. I have taken mine off and just weighed them. I saw somewhere that someone was using a luggage scale to weigh their tanks. Much cheaper solution. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Which Weber model grill is that? I was considering purchasing one but, they are all so similar. Also, did you get the flat grill in a local store? Many thanks.
  19. We attempted to get reservations here on our way back from picking up, Hull #242 (YACHT OLIVIA) the first week of July. All full. We were really disappointed. Nice photos.
  20. Ok. My hull number is 842 but my vin is 975321678. No. Just kidding. My hull number is 242, matching the vin. One off from Brad and Bev. Apparently completed just behind theirs.
  21. Never lock up a firearm. (Sensible and politically incorrect) law enforcement will tell you that milliseconds count. You don't want to be searching for that key when the bad guy or bear are approaching. And...you always want to get off the first shot - you won't in the case of a locked firearm. Further...if that bad guy or bear are carrying a knife, never, never let them get that close. You never want either to get close enough to begin with - thus the bad idea for a lock of any kind. Also, I never go where my guns are unwanted! After all, if you don't intend to use it when needed, you have no business carrying it.
  22. I am retired military and I don't stay at some of those great military locations. My reason? 1) They don't take a liking to you having your guns (and I'm no terrorist by no means (unless you are a commie). I'm not going to let them take away my ability to defend. 2) They search your RV as if you were a terrorist. Maybe this will change with a new administration that respects me.
  23. Never had much luck with suction cups in fiberglass.
  24. We also did not order Wi-Fi booster for same reasons. We did order the cell booster since we have unlimited data and can use either of our phones as hot spots with no extra charge from ATT.
  25. Bradbev - Sounds like a plan. At worst, we will leave Bryan at around 2:00 AM on the 4th and hope to be in Hohenwald no later than late afternoon to watch the fireworks at the campground that Oliver uses for it's customers shakedown. (We have a room reserved at the bed and breakfast the night of the 4th.) We hope to move on to another closeby state park or other nice park the second night (after receiving our "Yacht Olivia") in case we have problems beyond one day fix. (I saw previous talk about other places other Oliver family used but, can't recall where on this forum.) I also want to check everything possible before heading out west toward home. We will cut back across TN, then through AK toward Texarkana. Since I now have cat sitters, we plan on taking our time coming home. Anita scheduled our familiarization tour starting at 10:00 on the 5th. I understand folks about all the issues they have with their brand spankin' new rig. I'm a retired Navy Chief myself and I have this thing about bad administration or QA in any organization. So far, Oliver has impressed me and I am not easily impressed. We look forward to meeting you guys. Not sure about how to get the chat messages.
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