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  1. Thanks Interesting i just finished watching your Youtube video on cleaning out the Black Water tank
  2. Congratulations! I went to Hohenwald and took delivery of my Olliver Hull # 275 ! Spent a couple of nights in Hohenwald and then drove to Lake Guntersville State Park where the 2018 Oliver rally is going to be held.Very nice park ! On the delivery process i would recommend that maybe Oliver would do a series of videos of a customer taking delivery and explaining the different options that the trailer has so that those of us who are starting to have Alzheimer can review the videos and remember what was said. The other issue i had was that Oliver no longer gives the customer the manuals for the different systems that the unit has. Its all online at the University link. But if you dont have wifi you cant access them especially if you are boondocking so i guess the next best is to download each manual to your cloud account. Lastly the trip was fine, nd the Oliver pulled extremely well even without the Anderson hitch which was one of my do i get or not...
  3. Well my Xmas starts tomorrow when I pick up my new Oliver II ! The day of reckoning has arrived. The only thing that has bothered me reading thru all these month the various posts is the water issue that Reed Lukens has experienced. Hope I don't have that happen to me as I would be an unhappy and soggy camper . I have a loaded Ford F150 loaded with new toys and a lot of my tent camping stuff that I will try to fit in the Ollie. My plan is to head south to Gunderson State park for a few days and then go to Gulf Shores, and make my way up to North Georgia. That should let me do a nice inaugural run before the temperatures come tumbling down
  4. I thought of doing that, placing the recliner but having it facing the tv. Then I don't need to move. but then if I need to go to the bathroom I would have to climb around the dinette table.....
  5. When I went to the factory I was also debating which way to go and the tour operator whom I can't remember his name without even asking stated that one of the few items that he highly recommended was to go with the insta hot. The ease of use plus the instant hot water really made sense. I agree with Reed, at his point in my life I don't buy things with a payback time. I buy for convenience and ease of use. I might not live long enough to get the payback time so I just enjoy things when I can!
  6. Scott. Hadn't heard of it but having researched after your suggestion, I think I will buy on, no I just ordered it! thanks
  7. I go into production today on my new Ollie and was up in the air of going with the black tank macerator or sticking with the slinky . So if i go the macerator route is the valve in the bumper become obsolete? Or can it be a backup in case the macerator fails? Hate to have the tanks full and not be able to dump!
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