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  1. John, excellent mod. You continue to show how quality work needs to be done. Unfortunately i dont have the skills nor the equipment to do the work but your detailed photos can allow a qualified individual to do the work
  2. I am also looking to replace my furrion tv as it’s starting to have the picture brightness continuously going from bright to a dim bright. I see that the 2020 Oliver now go with the Jenson brand. So first question Furrion or Jenson. Now I see that Furrion has a 32 inch 12 volt with a sound bar incorporated and I was thinking of getting it but because of the size it will not be able to rise up to secure it while traveling. Any thoughts if I just kept it down while traveling ‘ BHNCB. you still happy with the transit?
  3. Driving from Hohenwald an hour away on an interstate doing 70 miles an hour I hit a lip on the road and my f150 showed a “electric malfunction “. I thought that my 7 pin might have come out but I looked back and the yellow lights on the side of the Ollie were on. So I continued on and suddenly a Good Samaritan flagged me and told me there was smoke coming out from the back of trailer. I pulled off and sure enough there was smoke coming from under rear tires. The tires looked good and could not see where the smoke was coming from. I took out my infrared temperature gauge and it showed that the tires were showing a readout of 150 degrees. I waited for about 15 minutes waiting for the temperature to come down. As I proceeded to start again I realized that the brakes were locked up. I then thought that the safety brake away had come loose. Nope it was in. So I had to get off the interstate and luckily there was an exit about 3 minutes drive away. So I limped off the interstate with smoke still coming out the back. At the end of the interstate there was a fire station and I was able to get there. With the help of the firemen we determined that the brakes had locked up. When we pushed the the safety brake plug we could hear the brakes release but as soon as I would try to start rolling they would lock up. So I called for a flatbed to take the Ollie back to the factory. I also called Jason and was lucky to be able to speak with him. He told me that if I disconnected the seven pin it would eliminate electric to the brakes and they would release. Did that but didn’t work. So he said that on the passenger side bed there was a pink wire that also provided electrical current. When we disconnected that wire and disconnected the seven pin the brakes finally released. So we had the flatbed pull the Ollie and I went behind to avoid anyone from hitting the back of the Ollie. The diagnostic from Oliver was that the black brake release was full of junk and had failed. So we had it replaced and had the drums resurfaced. The brake pads were still good. We also had them repack the bearings since we had the tires were off. There is also something that is important to know. If you take the black plug out it has to be put back in a specific way. If not you might find that it will at some point fail
  4. Mossemi; my air conditioner never worked with one generator. Only when I connected two in parallel did it work. The Easy start was installed in Hohenwald
  5. I mentioned in another post an issue I had with the Easy Start . Now I have to go to Hohenwald next week to have my Easy Start checked out cause apparently when installed on my original air conditioner it wasn’t installed properly and it shorted. How do I know? Because my original air conditioner after one year of use had to be replaced because of a bad compressor and during the rally this year, I had it replaced and when I asked the tech to move the Easy Start to the new unit , we found out it was shorted and didn’t work. This was why I bought two generators because with one, the air conditioner would not start and I thought that the generator wasn’t strong enough, so I bought the other one and put them in parallel and my air worked great. So I am getting a new Easy Start and I hope to have it be able to only use the one generator and ill keep the other one for my home. Or so I hope
  6. I bought two and they work beautifully . Now I have to go to Hohenwald next week to have my Easy Start checked out cause apparently when installed on my original air conditioner it wasn't installed properly and it shorted. How do I know? Because my original air conditioner after one year of use had to be replaced because of a bad compressor and during the rally this year, I had it replaced and when I asked the tech to move the Easy Start to the new unit , we found out it was shorted and didn't work. This was why I bought two because with one the air conditioner would not start and I thought that the generator wasn't strong enough, so I bought the other one and put them in parallel and my air worked great. So I am getting a new Easy Start and I hope to have it be able to only use the one generator and ill keep the other one for my home. Or so I hope
  7. ScubaRX since I was the one who,posted having the black water episode I now understand how the sewer water came out the shower drain. With your explication can I ask if there is now a way to sanitize the sewer water that went up the black pipe vent ?
  8. There is a couple named Mike and Jeniffer Lakeland who have an extensive amount of information on RVing. They live in Michigan and their first ebook they just did was on the Upper Peninsula. I highly recommend you take a look at the website. website is. https://rvlifestyle.myshopify.com/a/downloads/-/4972b57824ad17df/2f59a2615f716e72
  9. Amazing. Beautiful and best of all you not need to remove the bike rack to access the spare tire, which you need to do with the Oliver’s bike rack. I had the long Oliver bike rack and changed it to their newer model but this is 100 times better. i want one ☝️
  10. On that same subject, how long should the 12 volt light bulbs last. I have the one in the bathroom storage completely out and the one on the street side storage next to the pantry emitting a very low light. Not totally out. All others are fine
  11. In the latest issue of FMCA there was an article about who they have teamed up with to offer lithium batteries. Here is the press release FMCA RV Club Introduces New Battery Benefit For Members Cincinnati, Ohio — FMCA, an international association for RV owners, has announced a new partnership with Briter Products, creator and contract manufacturer of Ion-Ready© lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries designed specifically for RV use. Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries have various advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries used in RVs. LiFePO4 batteries have twice the power and are about half the size and weight of lead-acid batteries; have a longer life expectancy; are fast charging; and can be mounted internally or externally in various positions, among other benefits. Briter Products’ Ion-Ready© 12-volt batteries are designed with safety in mind. Each battery is encased in powder-coated steel to ensure durability, whether installed internally or externally. The battery’s cells are protected against vibrations or impact, and mechanical and electrical components provide stable conditions for the charging, storage, and delivery of power. Other safety features include fuse protection between each cell, charge-discharge protection, and internal heat sensing. Internal connections are robotically bolted and torqued rather than soldered. This helps them to withstand road vibrations and prevents problems and safety concerns associated with bad connections, such as short-circuiting. Each battery incorporates an LCD status screen that either is placed on top of the battery or on the side, depending on the model, which allows for installation flexibility. A proprietary battery management system maintains internal cell balance and monitors power, temperature, and charging for enhanced performance and service. With the new partnership, Briter Products is offering FMCA members special member-only pricing on a battery and charger bundle, reduced rates on installation, and the option to purchase an extended warranty for an additional 5 years; each battery comes with a standard 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. To join FMCA, visit www.FMCA.com or call (800) 543-3622 or (513) 474-3622.
  12. John, I continue to admire your mods and the preciseness of the build with pictures included. I can’t even put a nail in a piece of wood without bending it! But with your mods I can hire a good handyman an have it done! Thanks
  13. I’m in the Reed camp. The seal keeps out the water when it’s raining and let’s me be out of the trailer under the awning. As for the junk that collects up there, I once a month go up with a water pressure wand clean it all up.
  14. George, did you ever look at the extended warranty issue. I was just looking at the Keep your Dream vblog and they were talking about looking into that. So I looked on the Oliver forum and saw that you wee questioning about it
  15. Ok I promised an update on my Truma Instant hot water heater. First I want to acknowledge that Jason was instrumental in helping me get this issue resolved. Without his involvement i probably would still be fighting windmills. First, Oliver does I’m fact fill out the paperwork for the extended one more year of warranty so it’s covered for two years I only had mine at the time 14 month and thought I was out of warranty. ‘I explained to Jason that on the Truma official YouTube there was an video that explained the proper winterizing procedure and in fact it was explained by a Truma engineer. It said nothing about removing the filter and in fact the video has the engineer putting the filter back in. I also mentioned that their manual doesn’t say that you need to remove the filter or else the warranty is voided. It recommends that it should be removed. So with these facts Jason contacted Truma and the response that they gave was that because the video was outdated but it was on their YouTube channel they would honor the warranty and replace the unit with a new one. So I went to the authorized Truma dealer with my claim number to make sure he was aware that Truma was picking up the cost and installation. He couldn’t believe me and stated that he had replaces 4 units with the same issue and that Truma had not honored the warranty due to improper winterizing. A call to Truma confirmed to them that they were in fact picking up the cost. The morale of the story is that if you have as issue, read the manual watch the videos and then fight for your claim. And also it’s good to have Jason to help along the way. If I had just accepted the word from the Truma dealer, which I don’t doubt he was working on his knowledge from Truma, I would have paid over 1200.00 dollars for the repairs One last word.... You do need to remove the filter for winterizing the unit. Maybe Truma will remove the outdated video and put one up that explains it better.
  16. I just had my Oliver II professionally weighed at the FMCA rv convention in Perry , Georgia. According to the trailer weight loaded for travel which in my case is with empty gray and black tanks the ideal tire pressure should be 50 psi. The Michelin tire rep at the convention also confirmed that as a good number.
  17. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to YouTube to see if there were any videos on winterizing the Truma hot water heater and as SeaDawg mentions in his comments I found the Truma video wand it doesn’t mention anything about removing and storing the filter during winterizing. It just states to clean the wire mesh and check the o rings. So I went back to the fricking manual on the University website to now read about the warranty. Well it states that the unit is guaranteed for one year, BUT if in a two month period from purchase if you register the unit you get an extra one year. So guess what? I didn’t register it because I remember that when I took delivery on the Ollie in Nov of 2018 , I had asked where were my manuals on the different components. And I was told that they didn’t provide them because they were all posted online. Then I asked , well how do I fill out the warranty cards and I was told that Oliver would take care of all warranty work that was under warranty, so there was no need to register. So yes I would have guessed that if my water heater brok in the 6th month of taking delivery Oliver would be able to tell Truma the date of delivery to calculate the 12 month period, but what about the extended warranty????/?/?/?/. If the water heater was registered it would be covered. If not ? I’ll have to ask Oliver
  18. I can’t post the screen shots but if you o to the Oliver University page you can what I’m talking about. It looks as somebody added the last step in the “winterizing “ version but it’s not in the “oficial “ manual. Since I was not given physical manuals when I got my Oliver because I was told they where all online, now I have an issue which is : which manual is the right one.....
  19. Overland, you are right. The “manual” on the University page Only has 4 and 9 steps in winterizing the Truma water heater. But there is another separate instruction on the University website that is called “ winterizing the truma water heater “. That version has the added step that says to not put the filter back in. see pictures
  20. Well folks, here is a story that i hope you all learn.... I watched the winterization video on the Oliver University probably 5 times to make sure that i understood the instructions. I proceeded to follow them to the T. But there was a very small step that the video didn't mention; that is that on the Truma Instant water heater when you pull down the yellow tab to drain the water completely and inspect the water filter, YOU MUST NOT PUT THE FILTER BACK IN... you need to keep it out for the winter. By the way the Truma manual which you must access on the Oliver University website, step 5 on winterizing the water heater does mention that. But who reads all the manuals on every component in the rig... right? So this week when i took out the Ollie to go to my first outing, when i tried to start the instant hot water, i got water coming out of the unit. Called Oliver and they promptly got me a Truma dealer 3 hours away from my home base. After explaining to the tech what was happening without hesitation he asked "Did you remove the filter when you winterized?" Of course not i said. Well you have a broken water line that cannot be repaired and you need a NEW WATER HEATER. He states that this is very common that people dont take out the filter and the pipes expand or whatever... Mind you this is an authorized TRUMA repair RV facility. So if you want we can order you a new one and of course it is not covered by warranty and we need a down payment of 1200.00 dollars, plus installation separately Remember that they were listed when i bought the unit at 1299.00. Morale of the story.... trust but verify....
  21. Overland Great advise thanks for giving an easy way to access the different tools. I especially liked the divider for the center console on the f150. Mine is now just a pole of junk and I don’t even know what’s in there. Now I will have it better organized.
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