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  1. I can’t post the screen shots but if you o to the Oliver University page you can what I’m talking about. It looks as somebody added the last step in the “winterizing “ version but it’s not in the “oficial “ manual. Since I was not given physical manuals when I got my Oliver because I was told they where all online, now I have an issue which is : which manual is the right one.....
  2. Overland, you are right. The “manual” on the University page Only has 4 and 9 steps in winterizing the Truma water heater. But there is another separate instruction on the University website that is called “ winterizing the truma water heater “. That version has the added step that says to not put the filter back in. see pictures
  3. Well folks, here is a story that i hope you all learn.... I watched the winterization video on the Oliver University probably 5 times to make sure that i understood the instructions. I proceeded to follow them to the T. But there was a very small step that the video didn't mention; that is that on the Truma Instant water heater when you pull down the yellow tab to drain the water completely and inspect the water filter, YOU MUST NOT PUT THE FILTER BACK IN... you need to keep it out for the winter. By the way the Truma manual which you must access on the Oliver University website, step 5 on winterizing the water heater does mention that. But who reads all the manuals on every component in the rig... right? So this week when i took out the Ollie to go to my first outing, when i tried to start the instant hot water, i got water coming out of the unit. Called Oliver and they promptly got me a Truma dealer 3 hours away from my home base. After explaining to the tech what was happening without hesitation he asked "Did you remove the filter when you winterized?" Of course not i said. Well you have a broken water line that cannot be repaired and you need a NEW WATER HEATER. He states that this is very common that people dont take out the filter and the pipes expand or whatever... Mind you this is an authorized TRUMA repair RV facility. So if you want we can order you a new one and of course it is not covered by warranty and we need a down payment of 1200.00 dollars, plus installation separately Remember that they were listed when i bought the unit at 1299.00. Morale of the story.... trust but verify....
  4. Overland Great advise thanks for giving an easy way to access the different tools. I especially liked the divider for the center console on the f150. Mine is now just a pole of junk and I don’t even know what’s in there. Now I will have it better organized.
  5. Thanks to all who posted. I did put it back to auto and it went back to normal operation ??
  6. This morning I went to check up on Ollie and found that it didn’t have electricity. After checking everything I found that the electric gfi under the dinette had tripped. So all is well on that end. But when I went to put on the furnace heat to warm the trailer both the furnace and electric strip turned on. I have the controller on furnace heat. Tried turning on and off but still get both to turn on. Any suggestions ?
  7. Lets do nbr 2. ? I had a great time and met a great bunch of like minded Oliver owners. To Matt Duncan, thanks for the great door prizes where all participants were winners. Even a prospective Oliver owner was surprised when they won a door prize. What other rv manufacturers do that?
  8. When you cleaned the tracks what did you use to reseal the window seal
  9. I usually travel alone and I agree that getting a flat tire and trying to pull out the bike rack will be a difficult chore . What iris me is that Oliver doesn't let you know and it's a "surprise!" when you are faced with the issue .
  10. I was doing a checkup before heading to Florida and decided to see if the spare tire was properly filled with air. I have the Oliver made bike rack (2017) with the dual Thule installed bike holders, and when i tried to take the fiberglass cover on the spare i wasn't able to do it. It seems as if the bike rack doesn't allow for the for that to happen unless i take off the whole bike rack. Anybody have this problem? Solution? Thanks
  11. i have a Dometic 2017 air conditioner and the instructions state that the air filter should be cleaned by removing it and cleaning with water , air dry and reinstall. Yet the manual doesn’t have any instructions on how to remove the filter. I would imagine it’s in the inside compartment but don’t see how to “find” it.
  12. Foy, I have the same issue with the noise. On the hot summer months here in Georgia I run the air conditioner on low fan speed and it helps some with the noise. Not a lot but it’s better than on auto. I run the air until late at night when the temperatures outside are below 70 and then turn if off and I then turn on the overhead fan and open the two bedside windows. I also bought a small rotating fan I bought at Walmart that I have on the nightstand and with that I sleep without the air conditioner. I’m going to try the wireless headphones ? because the air is so loud I can’t watch it without putting on the 4 speakers and cranking it up so high you can hear the tv from outside the trailer.
  13. I use my air conditioner most of the time in the afternoons when the temperature is in the high 80s low 90s in North Georgia, but i cant stand the noise either so before i go to be after 10 pm i turn it off, open the window and turn the fan on. Works well that way. Usually i camp were i can get 30 amp service but i have used my generator when i cant find a spot with electric
  14. Yikes! So much headaches for such a small thing. Glad you were able to get it fixed
  15. John Davis had a nice retro fix for that same issue
  16. When I last checked my propane tanks I noticed that one of the plastic blocks had come off. They are not screed in but placed using some kind of contact cement. So take a look at yours and see if they are holding
  17. Well I decided to look at my outdoor lights and surprisingly I found that one of the was loose. It seems that when the silver plastic that is the cover for the light was screwd too tightly and broke the plastic that grips the screw to the gasket. So they ‘fixed” it by putting silicone to hold the screw in place. Now that it got loose that fix doesn’t work. So I am waiting for a replacement cover that should solve the problem.
  18. Amazingly well done. I didn’t know the Garmin would transmit inside the Ollie. Thanks
  19. Took the Olliver camping to Carters Lake, a COE campground in Ellijay, Georgia , 2hours North of Atlanta. The park has two sides; one sits high on the lake and has great views. Campgrounds are spotless and they have electric and water and a dump site. The other side is much more family friendly with a beach area. That area is very isolated so make sure to take your provisions.
  20. I registered both on the Oliver website and at the campground but I don't show up on the list We are at G 28 Miguel and Anne Corco Hull 275 Georgia
  21. Thanks. I have been looking for a clear cut way of finding out the proper connections and here it is!
  22. Quite a job... The trip report will be crucial to see how it performs. Thanks for sharing
  23. Nothing like getting the new Ollie with the new fiberglass smell.. Enjoy it to the fullest
  24. Well I solved the problem with the help from Jason. Had to disconnect the coax cable that comes in from the rear of the trailer that is used for connecting to cable at campgrounds from the splitter that is behind the wingard cable plate that is in the left rear compartment . I now have a direct connection going from the satellite receiver in the rear compartment to the portable dome outside By doing so I now have electrical flow to the Portable Dish dome outside and can watch satellite TV. I did lose the ability to see cable tv at campground but isn’t that why I bought th Dish for in the first place?
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