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  1. Myself, Paul, and my wife Donna have a deposit down for an Elite II. We went to the factory last week and placed the order for our trailer with a scheduled delivery of May, 2018* in anticipation of our pending retirements in December of this year. Donna has worked for a utility company here in VA for almost 40 years (but too young to retire until this December) and I am going to depart from Federal service at the same time with just over 39 years of service. I could have fully retired several years ago but Donna (who works from home many days) advised me that she "married me for-better-or-for-worse, BUT NOT FOR LUNCH!" To that end, I have continued to commute 150 miles a day and enjoy doing so. (I am told, that's how I feel). *(We have since changed our production date to a 2019 delivery due to significant tax considerations which actually works out best since we won't have much free time in 2018 anyway.) Having never owned an RV before, we are intending to attend the rally this year (staying in a cabin) so we can meet other trailer owners and get some ideas/suggestions of the essentials that we need to obtain before taking delivery of our trailer next year. We don't want to show up and go to the complimentary overnight campground the factory provides and look at each other and say, "Honey, did you bring something to make coffee in?" or "I thought you brought the toilet paper!" When we took the tour last week, Bill and Elaine (from NM) were taking delivery of their new Elite II and we noticed literally a truck load of things they brought with them to put into the new trailer based on their experiences from having owned several trailers. We apparently have a lot to learn. Again, looking forward to meeting up with current Ollie owners and if anyone has suggestions to pass on even prior to the rally, please feel free to send them our way. Interior items, exterior items, "must-haves", "nice-to-haves", and "it's just plain decadent but this is something we really like...". Thanks in advance for any insights. Paul & Donna (near Winchester, VA)
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