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  1. [attachment file=1. SUPERTRUSS EXTENSION.jpg] John; All good points to ponder but I have previously investigated the extended hitch and you're right, as the hitch goes out, the tongue weight allowed goes go down dramatically. The SuperHitch however has taken this into account and provided the additional construction and engineering to specially account for this scenario. If you read the data available from the linked website, you can see how they did this. They in fact use a chain system similar to the Andersen equalizer as well as using a second 2" receiver, one on top of the other. That is why they rate the system at 2K tongue weight and 17K-20K pull weight. It's an interesting system that was suggested to me by a very reputable off-road fabrication shop that specializes in unique towing issues. Superhitch in fact, has systems that extend out to well over 4' that are engineered to handle 30K lbs.. The one I'm looking at is the shortest one they make. Now, you're point about total weight on the rear of the truck is valid and I'll look into that. You are correct about the extension being a knee knocker so when disconnected from the trailer, I would simply remove the extension and put in the rear of the truck or otherwise, drop the tailgate which covers the extension. When I'm not hauling the ATV, the standard hitch goes in vice the 21" version. As far as having Oliver extend the frame, I think we're too far down the road for that one. The trailer has been in productions since mid-Oct. Interesting discussion and I'm open to other suggestions or concerns. Thanks again. Here is a link to a picture of the SuperHitch set up with the extension in place https://www.torklift.com/automotive/supertruss
  2. Jon, Thanks for the input. The center of my receiver is 24.5" off of the ground. Attached is a photo of my truck with ATV on the DiamondBack lid (it's designed for this purpose) and you will note, without an airbag, it squats a little so I am going to correct that. If you also notice, the rack for the ATV extends about 12" beyond the tailgate which is problematic so I am probably going to swap out the factory receiver with a "SuperHitch - Torque lift" receiver which safely allows me to extend the receiver back 21" (just at the edge of a downed tailgate) while allowing up to 20K towing and 2K tongue weight. This way, when I decide to take the ATV with us, I'll just slip in the longer receiver. Otherwise, I'll just slip in the standard short one. Here is the link: https://www.torklift.com/rv/superhitch/superhitch-original#appguide. If you see any issues with my thinking: please advise. I'm pretty thick skinned, so feel free to dope slap if needed. Thanks
  3. Will be taking possession of our 2018 Elite II just after the first of the year. We're towing the Ollie with a 2006 Dodge MegaCab diesel 3500 (4x4). Our intentions were to purchase the Andersen Equalizer hitch but at the rally this past summer, the Andersen rep provided "I would love to sell you an equalizer hitch for your truck, but in all honesty, you don't need it." I will be adding some airbags for the springs but those are to allow for the ATV that will sometimes accompany us in the bed of the truck. I want to make sure the truck remains level regardless of load in the bed and/or the trailer tongue weight. Well I was comfortable with the decision not to purchase the equalizer hitch until this morning when my local RV mechanic and some of my other friends who tow RVs all STRONGLY recommended that I needed the equalizer hitch regardless of what the Andersen rep stated. I'm sure this has been covered ad-nauseum in other posts but I just want to put the question out to the other Oliver owners who have experienced both. Your comments are most welcome. Thanks,
  4. OK, Couldn't find SeaDogs' earlier comments but did do some research on the subject and found that the Costco product is actually an "iPower" unit which is powered by a Yamaha engine but in fact, as you stated, not an actual Yamaha product. The major difference between the iPower unit and the Yamaha unit is that the iPower unit is several decibels louder than the Yammy which is a huge issue in my mind. Beyond that, since the Costco version has a four year warranty and Costco is very easy to deal with on anything you return, it appears to be a good unit based on what I've been reading. Having said all that however; I'll personally defer to a Honda. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up on that. I will run by there and take a closer look. If it's not a full blown Yamaha, then it's no contest; HONDA.
  6. "Please fill out your profile, that really helps us understand your basic situation. John Davies Spokane WA" John, For the life of me, I can't find a link or option for filling out a "profile". We did introduce ourselves in the introduction thread many months ago but beyond that, I can't find the appropriate place to provide additional info. Can you advise if I'm missing something? Thanks,
  7. Where do you live and camp? We live in the Shenandoah Valley of VA and expect to camp in various areas but primarily west of the Mississippi Do you want to be able to stay in one spot more than three days? Yes, I anticipate we will stay in some areas more than three days while we're doing some remote ATV trails. Will you camp often under heavy tree cover or clouds? Probably at times. Did you order factory solar? Battery type? Yes, we ordered the factory solar and the 4 AGM batteries. How would you transport the generator(s)? Extra gas? I will be towing with a Dodge 3500 p/u with a hard, lockable lid on the bed that can also carry items on the top so transporting won't be an issue. Did you order the large propane tanks? Yes. Do you care about using it as a backup at home? No. How strong are you physically (how much are you comfortable lifting)? I can easily lift 60-80 lbs which I do frequently (bags of Sakrete) but have to consider the instances where my wife might be taking the trailer without me. I will work on our profile. Thanks,
  8. We're picking up our Ollie next spring and am in the mode of purchasing items to have ready at time of delivery. I plan on having a standby generator for boondocking and have noted the gold standard appears to the Honda 2200i. I have however also noted very favorable comments about the Yamaha SC2000i which is about half the cost (at Costco) and what appears to be very comparable specifications. In fact, I could purchase two of the Yamahas for about the cost of a single Honda 2200i. My questions are: Within reason, will I ever need to link two gens together? If "yes" is there a reason I should still consider the Honda over the Yamaha even when the cost would be almost two fold higher? If a single generator is all that I'd ever need, is there a reason to choose the Honda over the Yamaha? Again, camper RVing is new to us so I need an education. It's OK to talk to me like a third-grader as in this arena, that's about where I'm at. I won't be offended, I promise. Thanks,
  9. Some time ago, I requested suggestions on "must have" items to have on hand when we take delivery of our Elite II (early spring, 2019). This is our first trailer so seasoned suggestions are great and we got plenty of them via the forum. I am putting together a short list of items to procure starting now and would ask for additional finite details for the items I list as well as suggestions for some absolutely necessary items that I have omitted. I will try to break it down by categories of hardware vs interior items (dishes, towels, sheets, etc.) In all instances, suggestions as to specific brands and places to procure are most welcome. Here is the starting point: <p style="text-align: center;">Hardware: </p> Plug converters: 50 AMP to 30 AMP: 120 volt (house) to 30 AMP (any others??) External Surge Protection: (In addition to the built in one) Yes or No?? If yes, which one? Wheel chock or "X" blocks: Which one? Both? How many of each? Extra 25' potable water hose: (brand?) Extra 25' water hose. Extra 25' 10 gauge extension cord. Jack stand blocks: which ones? External water filters. On this point, is there not one already in-line inside the trailer? In either case, do I need an external filter too and which one? Hitch lock for BullDog 2 5/16" coupler. Which one? Extra grey water discharge hose: Yes/No? What if any accessories for discharge lines? For composting toilet: What kind of toilet paper? What kind of media and how much? Tool Kit: List of tools that are needed or desired. Is there a fairly comprehensive tool kit for RVers that already exists? <p style="text-align: center;">Interior Items (Donna's domain)</p> Cookware: (Pots, Pans,etc. )Suggestions as to "what" and where to purchase RV specific items (also looking for good sources). Utensils: Spatulas, serving pieces,, forks, knives, spoons, etc. (also looking for good sources) (RV specific?) Dishware: plates, bowls, glasses, cups, coffee mugs, serving items, etc. (also looking for good sources) (RV specific?) Napkin and paper towel holder/dispenser. Utensil and plate organizers: Suggestions Dish soap and hand soap (storage). Paper towel dispenser: Type, location, how to attach? Towels (bath and hand) RV unique? Fitted linens sheets for the upgraded single bed mattresses available as an option from Oliver. Inside entrance matt:(brand/size?) Ground matt at exterior entrance to trailer: Extra matt for outside of bath area: (Yes/No?) (We're getting the teak floor covering for bath and sink from Foy) Trash receptacle: (??) Toiletry organization suggestions: Any kind of cabinet or closet organizers that are essential: Toasters: Coffee maker: (We like GOOD coffee and grinder but want to know if there is something smaller for an RV) <p style="text-align: center;">Other stuff that we MUST HAVE at pickup???????</p> We'll worry about food, drink etc. Please feel free to comment add or delete but please keep in mind that we're trying to prepare for essential items needed at time of delivery and time of pickup and don't intend to purchase every nice-to-have item. If we did that, we probably couldn't pay for the trailer. All for now. Thanks
  10. Our trailer is in production but is the very last 2018 model to be produced. I think the hull # is 414. Last name "Polk". Based on the date of your original posting, it may not have been in production but would be great if you did find a photo of it.
  11. In reading the above threads, it was mentioned that one could have Oliver install the larger coupler for no additional cost if requested. Our Elite II is going into production this month (the last 2018 model to be produced, Hull #414) but when I was going over the final punch list, I asked if the larger coupler could be added and was advised that they only put on the standard 2" coupler. Regardless whether I "need" the larger coupler or not is not the issue here. I want it anyway and am being advised it's not available even if I was willing to pay for the upgrade. Can someone lend some insight on this subject? Thanks, Hobo
  12. Shopping for a plan and have heard many people rave about Good Sam but also have seen many, many reports of poor customer service and then many folks being "dropped" by Good Sam after only a couple of routine calls for assistance. Would like to know from the Oliver community which they prefer and why. Will explore other options too if someone has strong suggestions. Thanks
  13. John (or others): Might the area behind the rear wheels be an area that perhaps I should have the Vortex coating applied when we have our nose done on our new trailer next spring? If so, can someone please advise specifically where the coating should be applied? Thanks, Hobo in VA
  14. We're taking delivery in the spring (2019) of the very last 2018 Elite II being produced so we've not yet actually towed ours yet however: I spoke to the Anderson hitch representative at the rally this summer and he looked at my truck {2006, Dodge 3500 Mega Cab diesel (4x4) }and he advised that it would be a waste of my money to purchase the equalizer hitch. He said we simply did not need it. I am curious as to opinions as to whether there is any advantage to having it even if not actually a necessity. As an aside, I will be putting airbags on the rear springs but only to level the truck out when I load my ATV in the back of the truck. Hobo
  15. Hey June, We met at the Cracker Barrel in Winchester, VA where you graciously showed your trailer to me and my wife Donna. We subsequently took the factory tour and have a deposit on an early 2019 production model. We actually had production scheduled for this May but after re-evaluating the new tax plan, we decided it much better to hold off until next Spring before we shifted monies around. We're really excited and will be attending the rally in May to get ideas from current owners. Hope to see you there. We'll be in a cabin. Paul & Donna
  16. Just curious about converting to high altitude on the Honda generators. If a particular trip is going to reach various altitudes (to include high altitude) do we simply do the conversion right up front or do we convert only when needed? If the latter, how easy is it to do the conversion in the field? New to this game as our Ollie will be an early 2019. Thanks,
  17. WOW! Follow ups to my note this morning are amazing and the information is most appreciated. Donna and I will be at the rally Friday, Sat, Sun departing on Monday. We're going to be in a cabin next to the lake and we'll advise as to the cabin # when we know that detail which I forgot to ask for when I made the reservation. Seems that the Ollies will be spread out somewhat in different sections from what I'm seeing. All are welcome to come visit us cabin dwellers when we're there.
  18. Maverick, Yes, Donna (Polk) works for Dominion too. Training specialist for the past 20 years or so. Donna has worked Fairfax, Herndon, Fair Oaks offices as well as visiting offices throughout the system for training development. If you don't know each other, I'm sure you have common acquaintances. She is VERY excited about retirement.
  19. Myself, Paul, and my wife Donna have a deposit down for an Elite II. We went to the factory last week and placed the order for our trailer with a scheduled delivery of May, 2018* in anticipation of our pending retirements in December of this year. Donna has worked for a utility company here in VA for almost 40 years (but too young to retire until this December) and I am going to depart from Federal service at the same time with just over 39 years of service. I could have fully retired several years ago but Donna (who works from home many days) advised me that she "married me for-better-or-for-worse, BUT NOT FOR LUNCH!" To that end, I have continued to commute 150 miles a day and enjoy doing so. (I am told, that's how I feel). *(We have since changed our production date to a 2019 delivery due to significant tax considerations which actually works out best since we won't have much free time in 2018 anyway.) Having never owned an RV before, we are intending to attend the rally this year (staying in a cabin) so we can meet other trailer owners and get some ideas/suggestions of the essentials that we need to obtain before taking delivery of our trailer next year. We don't want to show up and go to the complimentary overnight campground the factory provides and look at each other and say, "Honey, did you bring something to make coffee in?" or "I thought you brought the toilet paper!" When we took the tour last week, Bill and Elaine (from NM) were taking delivery of their new Elite II and we noticed literally a truck load of things they brought with them to put into the new trailer based on their experiences from having owned several trailers. We apparently have a lot to learn. Again, looking forward to meeting up with current Ollie owners and if anyone has suggestions to pass on even prior to the rally, please feel free to send them our way. Interior items, exterior items, "must-haves", "nice-to-haves", and "it's just plain decadent but this is something we really like...". Thanks in advance for any insights. Paul & Donna (near Winchester, VA)
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