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  1. Picking up our trailer on 1 May and this is our first camping RV. So when we arrive at a camping destination that is full service, what are the rules on washing the grit, grime, road spray off of the trailer? Are there places at campgrounds for doing this or it frowned upon? Just wondering how to keep it reasonably clean while out on the road. Thanks for entertaining another "newbie" question. Hobo
  2. Jut as an aside: When we ordered our trailer (hull #414), although we wanted a front and rear camera setup, Oliver no longer offered the front camera. Did I miss something? Hobo
  3. Getting real now. Fine line between too much crap vs "what did we forget"?
  4. Yes, I can see that now. What was throwing me off was the Oliver dimension of 16 3/4" (depth) up to the angle. However, since the basket width is 28" and the gen set is less than that, there is more front to back depth available than I was envisioning. Thanks for the input. Let's me think about the larger generator as an option.
  5. Yes, looking forward to seeing the various gen sets and talking to the owners. I don't plan on purchasing anything until after the rally. We actually attended last year (rented a cabin) in anticipation of taking delivery this May but not having been in the RV business (yet), didn't know all the right questions to ask. Really looking forward to this year's event when we actually have our trailer on hand. Sure wish John D. from Washington was there. I would LOVE to see all the mods he's done to his trailer too.
  6. The fixings will ALWAYS be on hand for a good gin (tanqueray) & tonic. Come on by and I'll fix you up. I suspect my bride will have a variety of beer and wine available to share too. (I think that's why our TV is a full size truck).
  7. KWR; In the Photo, it looks like you have enough chairs and tables for the entire campground. Did you bring all those or are some of those from visiting neighbors? Our plan is to carry only two chairs (initially anyway) and it will be BYOC for anyone else. Can the masses suggest the appropriate number of seats we should typically carry with us for proper etiquette?
  8. That would be "Mrs" Hobo. I prefer gin and tonic.
  9. According to Honda specs, the run time on the EU2200is is 3.2 hrs @rated load, and 8.1 hrs at 1/4 load. The run time on the EU3000is is 7.1 hrs @ rated load, and 20.0 hrs @ 1/4 load. Not saying one is more efficient than the other but the larger fuel tank on the 3000 does mean less stopping to refill. On the down side, it's heavy as heck.
  10. Maniac, Does the Camp Chef require any modifications to run directly off of the trailer external connections? We just purchased the Camp Chef three burner from Costco but don't have our trailer yet.
  11. [attachment file=2 HOBOS.jpg] Got the permanent tags for hull #414 which we will take delivery of on 1 May. This was the very last 2018 Elite II produced. Getting really excited. 2-HOBOS4.pdf
  12. According to Honda specs: The EU3000IS has a footprint of 25.9 x 17.6 which I don't believe will fit within the basket due to the front of the basket having angled, front corners. Even the EU3000I (Handi) is 24.5 x 14.9 which I think again is too large. I was debating the same thing for our Ollie but research is showing it won't work without mods. Can't fit two EU2200i models side-by-side in there either. I am considering the EU3000is because it has a 3.4 gallon fuel tank and therefore has over twice the run time as the EU2200i.
  13. Pretty cool mimicking the Blue Angels and flying your Ollie upside down.
  14. I can understand no one noticing the lack of a license plate. When someone spots a UFO, they don't look for tail numbers.
  15. We have ordered the 2 5/16 coupler for our trailer when we take delivery in May. The upgrade is not an "option" though. We had to pay the cost of them purchasing and installing the larger coupler as a service item. We'll end up with both the original 2" coupler as well as the 2 5/16" coupler when we drive away. Hey, we paid for it (the original 2" coupler), we might as well take it with us. Not sure what we'll do with it though. Might just give it to someone in the Oliver world who needs it for whatever reason.
  16. We are taking delivery of our Oliver Elite II on 1 May and have the composting toilet option. Can someone tell me if any amount of media comes with the delivered trailer? Also, any suggestions as to what and where to purchase media for this unit and finally, how much should we carry around with us when traveling for a few weeks or so. Thanks, Hobo
  17. OK, New item for my departure check list: "Look under trailer and TV for anything I don't want to crush."
  18. John, I have to agree, that's a nice ladder. Since I have a truck, it just might be the way to go. Hobo
  19. STAND DOWN: I JUST FOUND A PREVIOUS THREAD ON THIS. UNLESS SOMEONE HAS SOMETHING TO ADD> THANKS I want to be able to address issues up-top while on the road if needed and therefore need a ladder of some nature. I am thinking a collapsible ladder of some type. Any suggests, thought or recommendations relative to this subject? Thanks, Hobo
  20. Thanks for asking that question. I was wondering the same thing. We take delivery of ours 1 May.
  21. John, Thanks for the info on the Colby valves. These are pretty cool and could be a life saver. I contacted the manufacturer and they advised that the Colby valves are not compatible with TPMS but they can be used to fix a tire to get you home. They also advised that the valves can be re-used. This would be a nice thing to keep a few of in the toolbox in all my vehicles. You come up with some pretty unique findings.
  22. Just make sure you understand, you can only plug the tread area of a tire. You cannot plug a sidewall puncture. If your damage is in the sidewall, it's spare tire time. This is a great thread. I always have tire plug kits on my ATVs too.
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