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  1. Here in Bozeman, MT, 10 inches of snow fell yesterday. And the forecasted low for tonight is MINUS SEVEN! Ouch. However, that's not the norm. And the summers are beautiful.
  2. More info about the closures and operating schedules for Xanterra in Yellowstone: https://buckrail.com/old-faithful-inn-closed-for-2020-yellowstone-park-concessions-will-be-severely-limited/
  3. Hi Everyone, Thought I'd pass along kudos for a couple of service outlets in western Arizona. We pulled our Ollie (Hull 294) out of storage last week near Lake Havasu City, AZ. I had made arrangements for SHADOW TRAILERS in the town to handle the Dexter axle recall. Both Shanna (front desk) and Jeremy (service tech) were as nice and customer service oriented as they could be. I highly recommend this place if you find yourself near Lake Havasu City and in need of service. Nikki at Dexter was also very pleasant to work with. BTW, I did do the visual check and found one missing nut. Jeremy also found two others that were out of torq spec. All is good now. Incidentally, ours wasn't the first Ollie to receive the recall work there. Apparently, just the day before, another Ollie rolled in for the same work. Also, if you are ever near Parker, AZ, and are looking for service, we had a great experience dealing with Jason (no, not THAT Jason) at Accurate RV & Marine. We had both a fridge and a furnace problem, and he took care of both very efficiently. He's been there 30 years and really knows his stuff. Stay safe on the road.....
  4. I would echo the previous comments about western South Dakota. The Black Hills/Custer St. Park/Mt. Rushmore region is not to be missed if you haven't been there before. As for Yellowstone, try to avoid the Memorial Day weekend holiday (from Friday through Sunday). The park fills up with local and regional visitors. Memorial Day itself is not a bad day to check into Yellowstone, since most of the "locals" who occupy the park that weekend head back to their homes to go to work on Tuesday. Actually, anytime that week is not a bad time to be there with regard to crowds. However, be aware that you'll be in high elevations, and any type of weather can occur there that time of year (cold front with blizzards, or sunny and 70's in the daytime---it all can happen). It looks like you'll be heading west on I-90 from South Dakota, then south at Livingston, MT, on HWY 89. If that's the case, you'll be entering the park at the north gate at Gardiner, MT. If you truly are looking at just two days in late May for Yellowstone, camping is typically better on the north or west side of the park, as those areas receive less winter snowfalls and have typically melted out to a greater degree than the east and south regions of the park. If it were me, and I wanted to stay "in the park" as opposed to one of the gateways, with my entry point at Mammoth, I'd shoot to reserve two nights at the Madison Campground (14 miles east of the park's west entrance at West Yellowstone, MT). This is a concessioner-operated campground (Xanterra) and is reserve-able. If I actually had only one day to see the park, I would drive the "Lower Loop" of the park clockwise, from Madison, to Norris, to Lake, to Old Faithful, then back to Madison. That will afford you the opportunity to see most of the major sites in the park, and then you'll be positioned to exit the west gate on your way to Oregon. That loop drive will take you all day to complete (if you take time to make stops/take short hikes, and see much of major features). The reason I suggest the "clockwise" route is that you should reach the Canyon area mid morning when the lighting on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone/Lower Falls is the best--truly spectacular. Likewise, you most likely won't reach the Old Faithful area until late afternoon, but that's good because most of the "midday" visitors to that area will be heading back to their various villages/gateway communities for the night. Thus, you'll miss the most crowded part of the day, and again, the late afternoon lighting is best in the geyser basins and through the Fountain Flats area. In case you haven't looked these up at, the NPS campground schedule can be found HERE And, here is a schedule for the Xanterra campgrounds: 2020 Campground Dates Campgrounds Opening 8am Closing 11am Bridge Bay Campground May 15 September 7 Canyon Campground May 22 September 20 Fishing Bridge RV Park Closed Closed Grant Village Campground June 5 September 13 Madison Campground April 24 October 18 Sorry for the lengthy comments, but hope they help. Have a great trip!!!
  5. Thanks for all the feedback on my "Recent Topics" question. It's snowing here in southwest Montana and temps are forecasted to hit record lows tonight....so I have an excuse to hunker down and get used to the new platform.
  6. Just now have had the chance to jump onto the new Forum. Thanks to all those involved for the hard word on the improvements. I’m trying to get used to the new format....is there still a “recent topics” page? Thanks!!
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