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  1. John I'm not at home near the trailer to take a pic for you but here are some I'd had on file.
  2. The tubing is 6061-T6 and the frame ends that go into the reciever blocks are machined on all four sides a very small amount but enough to create an edge that stops the travel into the receiver blocks and interestingly with no radius on the corners. To remove the frame from the receiver blocks loosen the nuts on the bolts that run vertically through the frame that hold the receiver blocks in place. This allow for the blocks to slightly move when sliding the frame out. A rubber mallet strike aft on the frame is helpful. I would file a small radius on the frame ends that insert into the bloc
  3. This is the option from Oliver for the no microwave and cabinet instead on Hull 364 delivered in July. There is a cable fitting on the top of the cabinet and a chord could be run from the microwave replacement cabinet to the upper cabinet that has an outlet.
  4. I'll get some pictures out shortly but in the interim to answer a few of the questions above. Home base for Sally and I is Normandy Park WA which is west of the Seattle airport SEATAC. We spend a lot of time in Sunriver Oregon as well. We are not full timing in the Oliver but think we might be out in it 1/3 of the time. We were doing weekends and vacations in our 2009 Airstream basecamp before purchasing the Oliver. Now that we are both retired we wanted something more comfortable and of good quality. Well we found it ! The bike rack has a good story about Oliver coming through for
  5. Were Sally and Mark from Washington State and picked up our Legacy II on 24 July Hull #364. Long trip back getting familiar with all the systems and operation of the Ollie. We ordered out trailer last October and selected the delivery date to coincide with Sally retiring and completing a house sale in Seattle before heading out East. We took several weeks to get home and like the trailer more each day. Since returning to the nest several modifications have been made. Thanks to all the Forum members that post their mods and advice. In the 9 months awaiting delivery we learned so much and had to
  6. The mounts that Oliver uses for the solar panels are from AM solar and they carry two sizes of tilt bars that work very well. If your not inclined to make your own or like the embeded nut on the AM solar bars for ease use check out their site. https://amsolar.com/rv-mounting-accessories/91m-tbs195
  7. John The aluninum extrusions you used for the supports are 3x1.5 x .125 radius corners ? Roadrunner
  8. The Oliver bike rack is no longer being offered. I had ordered it back in October for my delivery in July and recently told it's not being offered now.
  9. It's good to see another Olllie in the PNW. WE are picking ours up in July and may see you on the road as Oregon is our main boondocking destination. We will be bringing our new Ollie to the NOG (Northern Oregon Gathering) of fiberglass trailers October 4-6 on the coast . After I registered Donna the organizer wrote me back and said we would be the first Oliver to attend. Maybe you could as well and share tour giving tours (:. Enjoy that new rig !
  10. Overland The design and install are great work. I was about to commit to the Lagun Table for my build starting in May and changed it up and am cancelling the factory option and have ordered the table and Lagun mount as well as the parts from 80/20. Just in time advice (JITA). Thanks for sharing and your technical expertise. I noted in the pictures the Lagun mount was positioned so that the rear table edge was close to the night stand when the table axis is centered mid ship. Would be so kind as to post the dimension from night stand to center of mount. Thanks Roadrunner
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