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  1. I turned the newly filled propane tank on TOO FAST. Can you believe that? Learning this RV lifestyle can come with some uncomfortable lessons to learn. Furnace working just fine now. Jerry’s RV came through again. They at least charged me $20 this time.
  2. Yes 1 lbs tanks. Mine was called Mr Heater Big Buddy. Took it back today. Just checked in with Jerry’s RV. They said “Your furnace works fine.” OMG Turns out I opened the newly filled tank TOO FAST, which triggered a safety valve to shut. I guess some things one can only learn from experience. Hope I don’t go through another cold like that again.
  3. I guess this is my “Trial by freeze” learning the RV lifestyle LOL
  4. Mr. Heater Big Buddy Was close to worthless. Tanks freeze and the whole thing shuts down after about an hour of use. Then I wait for it to thaw before restarting. It’s only saving grace was keeping Ollie warm enough not to freeze up. 23F Needless to say, didn’t sleep much last night. Called Jerry’s at 8am and bless their hearts, they answered and will fixit today?
  5. Discovered it has a limit switch/airflow problem. Tried to get the little paddle out but stopped when it got difficult and I was afraid of breaking it. Will take to Jerry’s RV on Wednesday. Will use Mr Heater Big Buddy in the mean time with window open
  6. Thank you Tom. I reset the furnace switch and did the tank valve reset too, but that didn’t work. Gonna see if I can find the fan sensor flap next.
  7. ? Batteries now fully charged. ☹️ But, now the furnace won’t come. I posted this under furnace but wasn’t sure if you all would notice it there. Anyway, fan cycles on for a minute when I turn thermostat off then back on. Plenty of propane - stove, hot water and frig working perfectly. What do I do next?
  8. OK Gang, I hope I’m not occurring as a pain in the rear, but now my furnace won’t fire up. It was working fine before the generator got hooked up. I’ve checked the fuse. I’ve got plenty of gas. The stove and hot water work fine. When I turn the thermostat off, then back on, the fan comes on for a minute then shuts off. What do you think?
  9. Mike, I’ll look around but pretty sure I didn’t get one with mine.
  10. I’m not finding this plugs in Bend. Scuba said I could flip bypass switch on Progressive box and be ok running generator. You say not to. Who’s correct?
  11. Scuba, so you think it’s safe to run in bypass mode? Some else said “Don’t bypass.” Who’s correct?
  12. Is the neutral bonding plug required for ALL generators? From my reading, I thought some generators are already neutral bonded. Does the neutral bonding plug go into the generator or Ollie?
  13. Generator isn’t sending power to Ollie. Progressive Dynamic has error and other codes flashing. Anyone know what I should do?
  14. How long should it take to recharge the batteries from 11.9 to full with my new generator?
  15. Learned while reading the manual that you’re supposed to keep this thing out of the weather aka rain and snow. That seems weird. Can you only use it during dry days? Or, is there a good method for keeping it covered near the Oliver?
  16. Thank you two!!! I just bought the Honda 2200i. It seems like it will do what I need easily Darn Camco 3 prong 110 to 30 amp plug was $74 ouch at Sportsman Warehouse. When you need something in a hurry it can be expensive
  17. Now that I’m camping in Winter and mostly overcast skies of the Northwest, I’m finding Solar system is not cutting it. What’s the best small generator for my 2018 Legacy Elite?
  18. In all my exuberance getting pump working, I forgot to lock the bathroom door before driving the 5 miles to my camp site. Discovered I now have a broken mirror door. Any suggestions on getting it replaced?
  19. GREAT NEWS!!! On my way to get my propane tank filled, I spy Jerry’s RV Service here in Bend, Oregon. I stop in and this is what happened: Talk about extraordinary service!!! I drop in unexpectedly, two hours before closing, with a brand new (my first ever) travel trailer that the water pump won’t go on. They act like my life depends on getting that pump working. The shop guy (I’m sorry I don’t remember his name) crawls into the holes where the pump is, then the fuse panel, then dismantles the switch to test if each component is working. He discovered it was simply a bad switch, so he replaces it and the pump works great! Then I ask if I can fill my clean water tank from their faucet and he says “Sure, pull around back.” After that, I ask him “How much do I owe you?” He says, “Don’t worry about. Merry Christmas!” Then I say, “No, you spent a lot of time and worked hard to get me running. Please let me pay you. “ He says, “Don’t worry about. Merry Christmas!” They’ve just won a customer for life. They have 4.5 stars on YELP so didn’t need my 5 star review, but I wrote it anyway because they were just so great!!!! I now have hot and cold running water for a shower and hot coffee in the morning ?
  20. I found both wires. Since yours, the covered them with plastic flex covers to protect them. I checked to ensure they’re connected and found the very secure. Didn’t remove them though. Very difficult to reach.
  21. There is no other pump switch other than the one between sink and drawers in kitchen.
  22. “Does your 2018 Elite have the DC system enabling switches?” Pete, it doesn’t. It has the one below the kitchen sink.
  23. The diagram on the fuse/circuit door says the water pump should be a 15amp fuse in the 5th position. However, what I found was a 7.5 amp fuse in the 5th position that seemed to be ok. I put a new 7.5 in but pump light still doesn’t come on. Thankfully the furnace and frig are working great. And, because I’m parked outside my friends home in Bend, Oregon, I can always impose on them if I need to.
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