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  1. Oh and you also reminded me I have a ventilation fan in the shower I haven’t been using ‘cause I never looked up to notice it. Thank you one more time LOL
  2. Hallelujah! Steve I cannot repay you enough for all you’ve done for me. Simply pulled the fuse and it was off. Thank you
  3. I have a model 7000 with rain sensor. But I think when I heated this place up , condensation formed inside the fan lid and dripped down onto floor and I believe into circuit board of fan. I also got dripping water from around the Zamp Solar Charge Controller. Does that thing generate heat that would result in condensation forming around it?
  4. I’m unable to check or change anything. The touchpad on the unit doesn’t respond nor does the remote. I just took the screws out to reveal wiring and circuit board. Tried like hell to pull wiring connectors apart but failed. So fan is still running. Thankfully hatch is closed, fan is moving slowly and moving air up. Circuit board showed signs of water exposure so I’m pretty sure it’s cooked. Any other ways to cut power to it without killing power to essential other things?
  5. hello gang. Thank you all again for your valuable support as I learn to RV in the Winter. Here’s the latest issue. Since it snowed a week ago, the MaxxAir fan has dropped condensation into Ollie. Furthermore, it stopped working all together. I’m pretty sure water got into the control unit. When I walked in this afternoon after skiing, the fan is running, even though I didn’t turn it on, AND I can’t get it to turn off. Do any of you know what I need to do? There’s no fuse for it. Thank you, Duane
  6. Seadawg, I never intended to bypass the switch permanently. Only to test for a faulty switch. All is well now since I cleaned the connectors and reconnected them.
  7. Thank you Steve and Ken!!!!!!!! Good news! I disconnected the sail switch to see if I could get the furnace to ignite by bypassing it. I saw dirt on the connection, cleaned them off. Decided to reinstall and retry startup before bypassing. Furnace fired right up!? Jerry’s RV thinks it might have simply been a reset of the system when I disconnected the switch, so if it fails again, I’m likely going to get a Dinasour Board to replace the original.
  8. OK gang, here’s the latest. Furnace (generator running) worked fine all night long BUT quit inexplicably this morning around 7am. Thought I’d run out of propane, but when went to fill, the two only needed 3 lbs to top off. Hooked everything back up. Turned furnace and thermostat switch off. Opened tanks slowly. Turned switches back on. Fan cycles on for 30 seconds, then off with no ignition. Jerry’s says they’ve had problems with this particular furnace before and had to replace them. What do you think?
  9. Yes for sure. I brought them jars of my homemade jams as a small token of my appreciation today.
  10. Oops almost forgot! (That is until the furnace stopped working tonight!) The furnace will stop working if trying to run off batteries at 50%. The fan requires shore/generator power,or well charged batteries. When the sun went down, so did the batteries. But, hooked up my little generator at all is working and well again. Looks like a good nights sleep tonight ?
  11. I turned the newly filled propane tank on TOO FAST. Can you believe that? Learning this RV lifestyle can come with some uncomfortable lessons to learn. Furnace working just fine now. Jerry’s RV came through again. They at least charged me $20 this time.
  12. Yes 1 lbs tanks. Mine was called Mr Heater Big Buddy. Took it back today. Just checked in with Jerry’s RV. They said “Your furnace works fine.” OMG Turns out I opened the newly filled tank TOO FAST, which triggered a safety valve to shut. I guess some things one can only learn from experience. Hope I don’t go through another cold like that again.
  13. I guess this is my “Trial by freeze” learning the RV lifestyle LOL
  14. Mr. Heater Big Buddy Was close to worthless. Tanks freeze and the whole thing shuts down after about an hour of use. Then I wait for it to thaw before restarting. It’s only saving grace was keeping Ollie warm enough not to freeze up. 23F Needless to say, didn’t sleep much last night. Called Jerry’s at 8am and bless their hearts, they answered and will fixit today?
  15. Discovered it has a limit switch/airflow problem. Tried to get the little paddle out but stopped when it got difficult and I was afraid of breaking it. Will take to Jerry’s RV on Wednesday. Will use Mr Heater Big Buddy in the mean time with window open
  16. Thank you Tom. I reset the furnace switch and did the tank valve reset too, but that didn’t work. Gonna see if I can find the fan sensor flap next.
  17. ? Batteries now fully charged. ☹️ But, now the furnace won’t come. I posted this under furnace but wasn’t sure if you all would notice it there. Anyway, fan cycles on for a minute when I turn thermostat off then back on. Plenty of propane - stove, hot water and frig working perfectly. What do I do next?
  18. OK Gang, I hope I’m not occurring as a pain in the rear, but now my furnace won’t fire up. It was working fine before the generator got hooked up. I’ve checked the fuse. I’ve got plenty of gas. The stove and hot water work fine. When I turn the thermostat off, then back on, the fan comes on for a minute then shuts off. What do you think?
  19. Mike, I’ll look around but pretty sure I didn’t get one with mine.
  20. I’m not finding this plugs in Bend. Scuba said I could flip bypass switch on Progressive box and be ok running generator. You say not to. Who’s correct?
  21. Scuba, so you think it’s safe to run in bypass mode? Some else said “Don’t bypass.” Who’s correct?
  22. Is the neutral bonding plug required for ALL generators? From my reading, I thought some generators are already neutral bonded. Does the neutral bonding plug go into the generator or Ollie?
  23. Generator isn’t sending power to Ollie. Progressive Dynamic has error and other codes flashing. Anyone know what I should do?
  24. How long should it take to recharge the batteries from 11.9 to full with my new generator?
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