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  1. Steve, Great modification to your tank cover and tank holding plate to construct the added storage area! I'm interested in the doors you added to your tank cover from Ollie and how you modified them into your lower tank cover. Please share when you get the time. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. V/R, Steve
  2. Good morning Overlander! Do you look into any other options for a table between your twin beds (i.e. telescoping table) with permanent or removable base? Regarding your custom mount for your Laguna table, is there any chance you can forward some more detailed photos to me or better yet, provide me with a mechanical drawing so I can have one of my machinist friends construct one for me? Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. V/R, Steve
  3. Thanks for the reply Overland...much appreciated! I've been torn between ordering the King bed or the Twin bed version for the past year, but am glad I came across your post and reply that you would recommend the Twin bed version especially with your Laguna Table modification that gives you the extra table space when required. Beautiful work on the project by the way! By any chance, are you making and selling this Luguna mount that you created? I really think many of us out here would be interested in this mount if it were available...me included! V/R, Steve
  4. Hi Mark, You're absolutely correct, my apologies! Happy you responded though as I did come across your modification and Blog...very nicely done! Did you make the Laguna mount yourself or did you get that from Overland? V/R, Steve
  5. Did you have the regular table installed before making this modification? I noticed the floor mounting bracket in front of the small hatch access and the table leg next to the custom mount you constructed. Just curious if you were using both or just decided to go with the new folding boat table? Fabulous design and work on this project! V/R, Steve Dolak
  6. Good afternoon Tom, Thank you for your quick reply...much appreciated! I'll inquire if they can produce the door in the micro-wave space in the same white fiberglass as other hatches or in the clear glass in the overhead compartments when I place my order. This is very large and useful storage space...great for an Instant Pot or convection oven storage! There's a company many Airstreamer's use called "Weathered and Worn" that produces very personal decorative Aluminum/Stainless Steel pieces. They could probably produce a nice piece to place on your wooden cabinet door or create one to replace that wooden door if you're looking for something personal. Steve
  7. Hi Tom and thanks for sharing your photos of the deleted microwave and cabinet option. I really like the additional space it gives you for storage without the microwave. Did they offer you more choices for the front door material other than the wood (i.e. fiberglass or any of the offerings for the above storage bins- clear, mirrored or black). What is the material used inside this cabinet, is that a wood veneer? Also, how much storage space was gained with the option for the cabinet under the night stand drawer. Thank you for your time and attention to my questions! V/R, Steve
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