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  1. I know this is a few weeks old, but I just had a read. I'm literally laughing till I cry, what a great story (and an education)! Many thanks for the story. It was nice to meet some of you folks at the Rally. Chris/Duke, we're the Elite 1 folks that were next to you. Hopefully see you next year too, we're planning to be in the same spot next year. Looking forward to saying hello to the pups again. Safe travels all. Lee & LInda
  2. @Nancy K., not games I'm familiar with, but can always learn something new. I've played card games at times to if that's of interest. We're in E38, hope to see you there.
  3. We agree, we're proud to own an OTT from those original runs. I did not know it was actually delivered in 2008 though, neat to know. We're starting to settle in, learning how to work with some of the things that make and an original unique. We appreciate the comments. Lee and Linda
  4. We've just recently become the third owner of #36, we call her 3-Dozen. In most details its seems as good as new to us. We're thrilled to be in the OTT community now and know we have many great years of adventures ahead.
  5. Agree, hope all have a safe and enjoyable time.
  6. Hello to the Oliver world, my wife and I have been a fan of the trailers and the craftsmanship for a few years. We're pleased to be able to become the new owners of Hull #36, bringing it back to TN after a long stay in MN where is was taken care of wonderfully be Kent and Mary, and Terry and Catherine before them as I understand it. Very gracious and interesting folks who have treated us so well during our transfer. We live in East TN, a few hours drive from Hohenwald. We have lots to learn and are excited to start this new chapter. We've been T@B owners for many years, and love our T@B and it's community. But as our life changes, we believe this is a great next next step. Lee and Linda
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