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  1. When my Bright Way batteries finally die I will switch to Concordes. (They are made in USA; but with some Chinese parts, which caused no end of problems for Concorde a few years ago. I had these batteries in a 5th wheel trailer 10 years ago. They started showing blue electrolite corrosion at the + post bases of both batteries. Concorde customer service said some sailor words, but then send me a brand new set of batteries (6V) for free. When I asked them what to do with the replaced batteries they said "give them to someone who does not mind minor leaks, or recycle them." When Concorde sez "sealed", they mean SEALED. You can mount them in any orientation, even upside down if you are so inclined.
  2. Is anyone else having trouble keeping the fresh water tank (and plumbing) free of slime mold? I have been using Chlorine Dioxide water treatment, and it just does not seem to do the job. For instance 6 weeks ago I flushed all lines in the trailer. I filled the fresh water tank with almost 100 parts per million of ClO2 in fresh water. I let it sit for 2 days, drained and refilled with a 10 parts per million solution (drinkable, but no taste). I am now getting ready for a trip, so I drained the fresh water tank again today. I saw dozens of colonies of slime mold exit the drain. Now I have to do the entire system again to be sure I got it all. That means all intake pipes, the city inlet has to hand pumped, and the filter has to be removed, washed and reinstalled. Grrr. Is anyone having better luck with household or swimming pool bleach? Slime mold, yuck, gives me the willies...
  3. Meh! The written by Lawyers comment is spot on.
  4. Do I read that correctly? Do you have a Truma furnace as well as AC and hot water. I don't see that offered on any part of Olivers web site. How did you find out about it?? Thanks,Bill
  5. We are so screwed on the West Coast. Truma has only two service centers, Lakeland Florida and Elkhart, IN. Bah, humbug!!
  6. Slightly less? That is like OMG less. Thanks for the info Steve.
  7. When I read the email announcement about the upgrade I thought: "FINALLY!" I have found it very hard to get restful sleep with the Penguin A/C roaring in my trailer. The Truma Aventa Eco sounds like the solution... OK, the price is <!!!> but heck, some of the things we do with our trailers is financially nuts anyway. (My heating system upgrade probably cost me a thousand bucks in parts and tools, not even counting the hours of labor.) I have called Truma, and they confirm that the CP Plus control panel "will/can" control either heat + hot water, or A/C + hot water. They promise to update their website to show that capability. We will still get a remote, but with the CP Plus panel the remote can go into a drawer with all the other ones I don't use. Before I jump on this and schedule a 5,000 mile trip to Hohenwald, does anyone see a downside that I may have missed? Thanks, Bill
  8. Well, evidently trip killers to me are merely minor inconveniences to some others. Who knew? I remain comfortable with my choice, even in the face of some minor snark in one of the above posts. BTW, Oliver handled this in an outstanding manner. Evidently a “one of” type failure.
  9. The RV world is very familiar with the concept of "Trip Killers." Things like: no heat during a mid winter hunting trip, a roof leak over the bed, tire blow-out which does severe damage to the trailer, etc., etc., and etc. Most RV'rs are able and willing to make small repairs on the fly as needed, but some things are just not doable. I just discovered a new catagory which is engineered-in to the Legacy Elite II. Two days ago I left Oak Harbor on my way to visit Hohenwald and get some delivery warrantee problems fixed. I got as far as Stevens Pass, a three hours drive. When using the toilet, a loud "snap" sound occurred and the toilet came completely free of the trailer hull. I took things apart and found that there is a plastic bracket made by Oatley which is evidently modified by Oliver (according to Mike Sharpe) and then used to join toilet and hull. Service said they could ship me the part, but.... it would be three days to get it. (I'm not sure that UPS would deliver to the roadside at Stevens Pass..) My choices were: 1. Wait, install part, and drive hard to make my appointment, 2. Wait, install part and make a rescheduled appointment later this summer, or 3. hire a commercial hauler to take my trailer back to the mother ship. I chose number 3. You can be sure that my spare parts kit will now also contain one of those "special" brackets that I cannot buy at the average RV parts store. Dang, but I hate trip killer failures!! Bill
  10. I recommend you go to my posting on this subject. I have what, where, and how-to with pictures. Bill
  11. I modified my sail switch by bending it so as to make it more sensitive to the fan air. Fixed that. Now if I can just get the darned limit switch to keep from kicking off the propane every minute or so (for 20 seconds)... Oh well, at least the sail switch is workingl..
  12. I think I have figured out why Oliver no longer uses the Dometic Awnings... My "purchase" date of Hull 615 was 6 April 2020. I had it delivered, so the first time I saw it was 11 April. Within 10 days I had noted a hole in my awning, and deep drag marks in the fabric, in the fore and aft direction versus open and close direction. I sent pictures to the Oliver Service department, and was told that I would need to take the trailer to a Service Facility for a Dometic Rep to take a look. (That was actually an error, as I found out that I could have communicated with Dometic myself. Camping World merely took pictures and sent them off to Dometic.) Dometic denied my claim! They claim that I only had 30 days to make such a claim vice the one year warrantee that is stated in the awning documentation. The awning has only been opened two times that I know of. Once by me, and once by Camping World (who agree that the defect was Dometic's fault, and should be covered by warrantee.) I saw no rush to get the awning looked at since I had documented the defect, and did not intend to use the awning again until the fabric was replaced. This coming week I will raise the issue with Oliver Service and see it they will intercede with Dometic for me. If that fails, I intend to lawyer-up an sue Dometic under Washington State law, which is pretty specific as to warrantee issues. No wonder Oliver dumped Dometic. Even United Airlines has better customer service than Dometic...
  13. Wow! Your "easy" is several orders of magnitude beyond mine. What a great job!
  14. I chose 100W heaters as a function of maximum load (three heaters, or 300W). That wattage at 12 volts equals 25 actual amps. I think even that amount of load will seriously deplete my battery bank by dawn on a really cold night. Hopefully the combination of my Honda 2200 for 3 to 4 hours the next day, PLUS the solar will allow full recovery. I will have the option to run one, two or all three heaters as needed/possible. I cannot see any way to get more reflectix between the two water lines and the lower hull on the drivers side... (Bummer!)
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