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  1. I love what the previous owners did to create their adventure vehicle but I love more what you have done to bring it back to its original form.  I hadn't real;ized that the P.O. had cut the frame...bummer.


    You get my award for Most Incredible Journey with a Oliver!

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  2. I went a different route and am glad I did.  The ladder I carry in the bed of my truck is a multi-position ladder and can be used as a stepladder, straight ladder or leaning ladder.  The transition is done with one hand actuating a large grip latch.  The ladder is made of fiberglas, supports 375 lbs and only weighs 24 lbs.  I am tall so I use it as a stepladder which is quite stable, never touches the trailer and allows me to reach nearly everything on top of my Ollie (washing and waxing the roof included).  If a person is shorter, opening it to be a straight ladder would allow you to lean it against the hull (with padding of course).

    When I bought y ladder Home Depot had the same model for less and Lowe's price matched it (think it was $127 plus tax).


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  3. 11 hours ago, BackofBeyond said:

    My question - when is a basically a 2-person sleeper -, 4 season RV too much $$$

    I think there will be enough buyers who would buy a EII even at a $90k base price. Granted a base of $90k would knock many of us out of play (me included) but there are those to whom the quality and exclusivity would be worth it and make the purchase.


    Last week I had the pleasure of camping next to a Living Vehicle Pro-EV model. For those unfamiliar with these Trailers, they are 4 season, solar and lithium monster trailers with enough power to provide level 2 charging for a EV as well as run the AC on battery and solar indefinitely. The trailer camped near me has a base price of $470k. I understand that Living Vehicles have nearly all of their 2022 production sold out. 


    I predict that Oliver will have no trouble selling all 2023 production slots at the new base prices. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Mike and Carol said:

    It’s pretty much a non-issue.  Yes, we’ve been to campgrounds that had sites that were too short for our Elite II.  They also had plenty of sites that we fit in.  Commercial campgrounds are no problem.  Some public campgrounds, National Parks, some State Parks and some COE and BLM campgrounds may have short sites, but they also usually have sites an Oliver will fit in to.  Mike

    What Mike said. Only real limitations We have experienced were where We were only staying for one night and did not want to unhitch. Even then, the camp host let us use the larger group site instead so we could stay hitched overnight. 

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  5. I have thought this out for some time now, long before I even knew of Olivers, so my answer is quick and steeped in personal preference


    25’ Nimble Kodiak with diesel inboard

    Trailerable, durable and step-up/down is easy for when you do some canal cruising or the great loop. Not the sexiest or most efficient hull shape but bulletproof and roomy for its size




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  6. 4 hours ago, Mike and Carol said:

    It’s a fun drive up the mountain to the campground!  That looks close to our last site there.  Mike

    Second year here. Last trailer was shorter so more spots from which to choose but still worth the risk of the long twisty drive in to see if a spot is available. 

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  7. On 2/14/2022 at 12:23 PM, John and Jodi said:

    So after reading this article, I ran across the Camping with Pets article further down the page and wondered: Can we camp with our dog at the new Oliver campsites?

    I brought my dog when I took delivery. The Oliver folks were adamant that I bring my dog inside the showroom and delivery area with me when filling out paperwork and doing my inspection. They are obviously dog lovers. I stayed at the Oliver campsites the night of delivery. Nothing was said to me to indicate that dogs were not allowed. 

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  8. I have a 100w panel on my truck topper, linked to a 20W mppt controller and two 12v agms. Controller and batteries reside in the truck bed, are not linked to truck batteries and support a dometic compressor fridge/ freezer. Works great!

    You have a great idea. Best of luck and let us know as you proceed with the build

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  9. Welcome and Congrats!  I tow with a 2018 Tundra 4x4 longbed. Andersen hitch and firestone airbags filled to 25-30 lbs). Tows great in all conditions (uphill, flat and downhill). Andersen chains are not taught and easy to hook up. Very, very little jouncing underway. If you already have a Tundra you accept the gas mileage. Towing my Elite II I get between 10-12 mpg. Usually around 10.5-11 but I did get just over 12 towing from Phoenix to Tucson last month (must have been a decent tailwind). 

    I also have a Dodge 3500 longbed Cummins with dually delete. Have not towed with it yet but will in the Spring. Likely wont even know it is there. 

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  10. 10 hours ago, John E Davies said:

    It has been three hours and nobody has spoken up. I have never camped in those temperatures.

    I will say this: if your plumbing actually freezes hard, you are WAY past the point where you can do anything about it, except to hope for the best. You can’t drain your tanks and you can’t get anitifreeze to flow through jammed check valves and plugged lines. In your shoes, I would do a complete winterize now, and then don't stress. Otherwise you might be OK, or you might not be OK, but regardless, you are going to really worry about it.

    Once your rig is safely winterized, if the weather turns extremely nasty, you can find a Motel 6 for a couple of days, and turn off all the systems in the Ollie. (be sure to bring in any freezable liquids.) There is the saying - there are bold pilots and old pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. 

    Now is the time to do this, while you have full hookups. Later, en route in worsening weather, it will be much harder. Read this:


    Stay safe, stay warm.

    John Davies

    Spokane WA

    I agree with John. Winterize and don’t fret about the temps

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  11. On 12/30/2021 at 6:41 PM, Landsplash said:

    Greetings!  I've been lurking on the forum for quite some time, and wanted to share a formal introduction now that we have officially joined the Oliver family! :). 

    We picked up our Elite 1, Hull 967,  on December 14, and finally made it home to Camas, WA (near Portland, OR) on 12/24.    We love the trailer so far!  

    Interesting tidbits: 

    We first learned about Oliver while camping at Meriwether Lewis campground in Hohenwald.  We saw an interesting trailer, and struck up a conversation with a new E2 owner, who pointed us to the factory.  At Oliver,  we appreciated the trailers, and also enjoyed the amount of attention Phil gave to our home built overland trailer.  

    We bought this trailer to use primarily for overnight stays on Mt. Hood, where we try to ski as often as possible.  

    We were torn, and still are, about E1 vs. E2.   We ultimately chose the E1 due to mobility and parking convenience, and haven't regretted it,  especially for simple towing with our 2018 Tundra.   We do miss the bed setup and storage of the E2, however!  

    We opted out of many of the adds-ons, preferring to do some of the modifications ourselves.  I'm sure you will see additional posts to this regard in the near future.  


    Cheers & Happy New Years!



    I too showed up at Oliver in my home built overlanding trailer to see the Elite II in person. Rodney Lomax was who showed the Olivers to me and spend over two hours answering questions without any pressure. While My overlanding rig was quite capable it was also very “Fringe” but I was treated the same as I expect had I rolled in with a Class A or Airstream. The Oliver team has class. 

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  12. 4 hours ago, Galway Girl said:

    We have a pair of AGM batteries and a dc/dc charger in the back of our truck. 



    One battery would run the fridge for 5 days, 2 gets us 10 days.  That’s without bothering to start the truck.  I’ve thought about putting a solar panel on our truck but we’ve been on the road 6 months and never ran the batteries down. 

    We also have two agms in the truck bed powered by a 100w solar panel and controller on the truck topper roof rack. Stand alone system not hooked to truck electrical. Powers a dometic chest fridge nicely. 

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  13. On 1/11/2022 at 3:14 PM, John E Davies said:

    What size wheels and tires? What fits an LE2 3500 pound axle with the (non-standard) 6 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern  to give the needed drop and clear the brake drums? Even a dinky 155/60R15 tire is still about 22.5”, compared to 28.5” for an Ollie tire, or 6” smaller overall. That would lower the trailer 3”, not enough.


    John Davies

    Spokane WA

    Maybe check with the local lowrider club. They do make 16” lowrider wheels in 6 lug. 😆


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