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  1. I agree, a 10 amp fuse is way easier to find in convenient bulk kits, and will blow just about as safely as the 7.5 amp fuse. I would not worry to much about that difference.
  2. Welcome, ours #616 went into production on the fifth, looks like our trailers will be assembly line buddies. Congratulations!!
  3. Thats good advice, because I am terrible. But I sure have fun hiking through the woods looking for my ball.
  4. I read Gunter State park has a golf course today, is there time enough at the rally for a round of 18?
  5. We reserved our spot today, we will see y'all from site F29!!!
  6. I have heard of people getting by with scattering their grey water around the site at the base of trees and what not, however I have not seen or read about anyone dumping their grey water as they use it right under the camper. I know most of the sites i'm aware of in TN would frown on that. I have done dishes outside in a tub plenty of times and dumped the water, however the perception of a sewage leak, grey water or not, under the trailer would raise a lot of eyebrows and draw unwanted attention.
  7. Welcome to the club, we can't wait to meet you guys at the rally.
  8. I agree, not to mention you get an extra 5ish gallons of freshwater in the hot-water tank itself. That is the reason we were opted out of the upgrade.
  9. I just started researching this and it is fascinating. Thank you
  10. Owning a travel trailer has been a life dream of mine, however my wife never felt the same way. I finally got her approval to visit a local stick built dealer in Nashville, and she nor I were at all impressed. After much coxing I was able to trick her on an Oliver tour. Needless to say, she was extremely impressed and wanted an Oliver LE2 immediately following our tour. We could not have been more blown away by the quality compared to the trailers we had toured previously. Granted it was about 3 times the price, but I figure it will last 6 times as long.
  11. Attached is a pretty cool video of a guy who converted his 3 way refrigerator to a high efficiency DC compressor style fridge. He got the conversion kit from a company called JC refrigeration out of Indiana. They build custom retrofit kits for dometic rv refrigerators. I believe in the video he said the DC compressor runs on 60 watts of electricity while running and most importantly was able to keep his existing refrigerator.
  12. I know my bank will help me recoup my losses in that event, however I would definitely check your bank before committing to any such program. As far as I am aware the TSD fuel card has a very similar setup as the Gasbuddy card. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the card is linked to your bank account and the amount is auto drafted shortly after fuel purchases. Unlike say a shell credit card that is setup as an actual line of credit.
  13. The gas buddy app has a card you link to your bank account that saves you 5 cents per gallon and there are no restrictions on stations you can use. We pair that up with our Kroger card when at home, and use it while traveling. It's not as flashy as the other fuel savings cards but I like that I can use it anywhere with any fuel type.
  14. I recently bought a 07 Nissan Titan with a tow rating of 9500 pounds for 4200 dollars. It's in great condition however it does have some miles on it. Honestly at that price I can replace anything that breaks many times over before I could justify a new truck. The 9500lb tow rating is more than enough for towing the Oliver. With a cargo capacity of 1500-ish lbs, it should have enough capacity left over for tounge weight and whatever I put in the bed of my truck. My point is, there are deals to be found out there, and I don't think there is any need to sell the farm to purchase a truck for farming.
  15. I have a question that might be silly, but I have not had my Ollie delivered yet. I have also looked at these trailer locks, they look very secure. What is to stop someone from simply unbolting the Bulldog hitch completely at those two rear bolts and bolt on a new hitch to drive it away? Is there something i'm missing here? That process shouldn't take more than about 3 minutes. Maybe i'm being paranoid, should I also have a wheel lock, or the axle chained to a large tree. Not that I have problems with theft in my neck of the woods, but the Ollie is a 75k investment.
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