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  1. I find that the wet bath gives my wife and I just enough space to do what we need. We got the factory shower curtain, and it keeps the rest of the bathroom nice and dry. The shower is on the small side, and sometimes the curtains bumps us while showering, but it isn't anything that effects function. I would much rather have the current wet bath then lose my nice closet. We don't spend much time showering in a typical day, so we deem it perfectly acceptable. My parents however are on the larger side, and have informed me the shower could never work for them, so I guess it all comes down to pers
  2. I am definitely down, I was in Korea for the one in 2018 so I missed it even though our farm was smack in the center of the red line. I have never witnessed a solar eclipse so I'm looking forward to being there this time.
  3. Thanks a lot for this, I have a set that I need to return.
  4. My wife was unsure until our factory tour. After the tour she was ready to buy the same day.
  5. The storms that hit Middle TN last night meant our power was out and we had to get back home to mind the generators and cancel our camping plans, but we picked up our beautiful trailer today and got it back home to Nashville TN. Everything is top notch so far and we couldn't be happier. Also today having some A/C is a blessing. Bonus driveway storm damage we had to clear just to get the trailer parked at home. 







    1. SeaDawg


      Congratulations! Sorry about your storm damage.


    2. Patriot


      Congratulations! A great looking Ollie! Wishing you many happy smiles and miles!

      David & Kathy Austin

  6. I ended up going with the Davy Crocket for all the reasons mentioned above. I have to say it has been excellent so far. It's the perfect blend of size and portability. Running on 12v was a huge pro.
  7. I'll have to remember this next time the misses asks me what that awful smell is when we lay down for the night. 🤥
  8. Thanks guys, I know that was off topic, but a big help.
  9. That's helpful, my wife and I were just discussing how long our propane would last on trips winter vs summer. Anyone know how much propane they burn a day with the furnace running. Say a mild winter day in the low 30s upper 20s
  10. I'll bring it up Monday when we pick up our trailer.
  11. I am about 99.9 percent sure they are using our camper for some of these videos. Dark blue and dark grey color scheme, and all of our chosen options. We have been waiting for months to finally see our Ollie and the shut down did not help. Getting to see our camper on the you tubes has got our excitement amped up to the next level. We are to excited to pick up our trailer Monday and thrilled it has been well serviced and taken care of during its time at the factory/service department.
  12. Dang, you are absolutely right. Very solid points that I did not think about. Instantly regretting the decision, ol sales man got me with that one.
  13. Another pro for the standard hot water heater is the extra 6 gallons of fresh water you get while its full. That is why we stuck with it and saved our money.
  14. Right now I'd trust Rivians final numbers a lot more than Tesla's Cyber truck numbers. Tesla has been known to stretch the truth on hasty launches before, this would not be the first time Tesla has promised big and under delivered. Rivian is several years ahead of Tesla right now in a pickup truck launch. I can't help but recall those Tesla model 3's that were coming out any month now for five years that were supposed to only cost 30k. Don't get me wrong, Tesla has done remarkable things from where we were on EV's 10 years ago, but hype is kind of built into their business model.
  15. We could not decide either, so we basically got everything on the options list just in case. Honestly though we have yet to utilize a single one...........because we have not picked our trailer up yet haha. Seriously though, we bounced back and forth several times on the solar upgrades, but at the end of the day tax credits will help offset some of that extra cost. We figured even if we don't boondock most of the time, we wanted to keep our options open. I'm not sure how true this is, but they told us during the factory tour that they glass the fasteners into the structure if you order solar
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