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  1. Don't forget the riveted aluminum exterior!!
  2. Has anyone thought of white linex on the front of the trailer. They make a thinner version thats desighed to be painted on a truck like paint. It's thinner then the truck bed stuff.
  3. That is an awesome right up, thank you. I'm seriously leaning toward the Davy Crocket after a bunch of research, they seem to be well made for the price. We entertain to often for anything much smaller though.
  4. Hey Yall, One of my favorite weekend hobbies is breaking out the smoker and cooking a brisket or some beef ribs. My wife and I were talking about ways we could continue the same level of weekend cuisine on the road, so I started doing some digging. I found Traeger and Green Mountain Grills have a few "portable-ish" pellet smoker options. The Traeger being the flatter table top scout/ranger for steaks and burgers, and the more all purpose Tailgater smoker for larger items like chickens and turkeys. Green Mountain Grills has one portable smoker that runs on pellets and 12V called the Davy Crockett. I really like the power consumption of the 12V davy crocket, and its temperature control is programable down to one degree. Over all I'm impressed with both these smokers because I could use them as an oven for baking breads, bacon, and other meals. Additionally their is no propane requirement, and my solar panels can easily keep up with the power usage of these 12v grills drawing less than 1.5 amps per hour. The grills weigh in at a hefty 60 pounds but are small enough and foldable enough to fit on the back rack of the Ollie cargo hitch w/ carrier & i'm still young enough to throw that kind of weight around without much hassle. I'll attach the green mountain grill and Traeger links off amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Green-Mountain-Grills-Crockett-Controlled/dp/B078RXH95C https://www.amazon.com/Traeger-Grills-Tailgater-Portable-Pellet/dp/B01CD58XMQ/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=traeger+tailgater&qid=1582577583&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-2 Does anyone else have any input on good camping smokers, or had any experience with the ones mentioned?
  5. I've only ever heard good things about Toyota tundras, any regular size pickup will be able to tow the Oliver fairly easily with the quarter tons like the F150 Chevy/GMC/RAM 1500s and the Nissan Titan, needing a weight distribution hitch. All trucks will need a brake controller either built in or an aftermarket ad on. Most trucks that come with a tow package are prewired for an aftermarket brake controller that just plugs in under the steering column. I payed 120 for a nice one and plugged it in myself, there is no need to pay a dealer good money to do that for you.
  6. I think they are pretty much all the same, the only thing that really matters at the end of the day is how much you payed for it. Pretty much every truck brand out there these days is ultra reliable, up to 250+ thousand miles or more, so the only things that should sway your decision is price, features, and creature comforts. For the money I'd say the Nissan Titan is probably one of the best new trucks that can tow up to 10k lbs. If you need more than that, the big three are pretty much the only options. There are way more options if you crack into the full size SUV game, but with that comes sacrifices to dirt friendly cargo space and added costs. I personally have a super bias, against Ford's, but I recognize that for what it is, rediculous mostly unfounded bias. I'm always one to recommend the extremely used market, but I'm mechanically savvy enough to fix small issues I run into ranging from o2 sensors to blown head gaskets and the like. Even if I didn't fix these things, paying a mechanic to fix a 1-5k dollar issue once every other year is still cheaper than an 80k dollar pickup.
  7. Mossemi, That is absolutely amazing, and you probably saved me a lot of money. How many microns does it filter down to?
  8. I agree, a 10 amp fuse is way easier to find in convenient bulk kits, and will blow just about as safely as the 7.5 amp fuse. I would not worry to much about that difference.
  9. Welcome, ours #616 went into production on the fifth, looks like our trailers will be assembly line buddies. Congratulations!!
  10. Thats good advice, because I am terrible. But I sure have fun hiking through the woods looking for my ball.
  11. I read Gunter State park has a golf course today, is there time enough at the rally for a round of 18?
  12. We reserved our spot today, we will see y'all from site F29!!!
  13. I have heard of people getting by with scattering their grey water around the site at the base of trees and what not, however I have not seen or read about anyone dumping their grey water as they use it right under the camper. I know most of the sites i'm aware of in TN would frown on that. I have done dishes outside in a tub plenty of times and dumped the water, however the perception of a sewage leak, grey water or not, under the trailer would raise a lot of eyebrows and draw unwanted attention.
  14. Welcome to the club, we can't wait to meet you guys at the rally.
  15. I agree, not to mention you get an extra 5ish gallons of freshwater in the hot-water tank itself. That is the reason we were opted out of the upgrade.
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