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  1. Wow! You have more room than I thought! Thanks for the photo.
  2. Where do you store your Magma Nesting Pots on the LEII? How do you season the pots so that they don't stick?
  3. Congratulations! Love your Ollie and the dogs are awesome!
  4. Looking forward to meeting our “littermates,” lol!
  5. Hello! Our Oliver went into production February 17th and we are hull #622. We receive our Oliver April 22. The Shackelfords', yours and ours are all probably near one another. This is so exciting!
  6. Thank you, MIke and Carol! I am looking forward to gleaning wisdom from you all. We have been researching travel trailers for a long time and I am beyond excited that we will have an Oliver soon!
  7. Thank you! I know you understand the excitement around purchasing this new "baby." Congratulations on your soon-coming Oliver!
  8. Hello everyone! Our Oliver build should have started and we are scheduled to take delivery in April. We have our reservations for the rally at Lake Guntersville State Park and are very excited to meet you all! I don't have a hull number yet.
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