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  1. Do you have a basket? If so were did you place it on your tongue.
  2. From us in Iowa we no what your talking about. We store ours in the out building at home during the winter. Now setting at the paster next to the barn at the farm. So far so good 👍no mice.
  3. That look easy. I almost tolk a 10 sledgehammer to mine last weekend. 🙂
  4. Seen one in mountain home Arkansas Last week. Besides mine 1st one I've seen. On the road.
  5. Phone calls are cheap. I always try to support are local brick and mortar stores. Some day you might miss them.
  6. 👍 now you just need the impact to match your battery.
  7. Milwaukee m18 or Dewalt 20 volt, grease gun. Batteries you can use with drills.impacts and inflates. And many different tools.
  8. No ,not down hill. Mostly following the Mississippi river. Look up the spec on the 3l powerstroke diesel .
  9. Sorry the drive down we got 28.6 mpg.
  10. Pick up are elite 2 a mouth ago. 2020 ford f150 3l powerstroke .drove to bull shoals ar. Then to Des Moines Ia. Avg 15.8 mpg . All different types of driving . Hope this helps Dave
  11. Your right. You never know what tomorrow brings .
  12. Hi everyone We just put our deposit down for our Ollie! Sleepless nights of what we should put on or not for options. We are not boondocking, getting the twin bed floor plan. Our question is, what options did you get. but never used, and wished you got something else. My husband and I keep going back and forth Thanks Cheri
  13. Thanks for the info, that's good to know. Its always been a battle with the campers we've had in the past. Thanks
  14. We live in rural Iowa, where we have the occasional mouse and Asian Beatles, the campers we've had in the past, the critters seem to always get in. How does the Oliver do keeping them out?
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