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  1. Unfortunately I cannot provide a compelling argument why you choose Honda over Champion especially when the ability to buy two new Champions for the same price is likely going to outpace any real or perceived Honda longevity. Champion offers very good packages and for this application it would be a great choice. Our decision was based on familiarity of having a population of Honda equipment engines.
  2. Also I occasionally forget to check the Oliver Auxiliary port valve position
  3. JohnL, yes on the secondary pressure regulator there is a small spring backed priming button. I have found it takes a few extra pushes of that button and a few extra pulls of the genset to get it to fire when using just the low pressure regulator after the Oliver propane has been off at the tank. Just assumed it was the extra length of tubing and hose on the Oliver between the trailers primary regulator and the Hutch kit secondary regulator. Have not experienced that issues when using both Hutch regulators tied directly to a propane tank.
  4. We keep the generator portable and typically brought it when not at a park or property that has shore power and use the standard hose length with the Hutch Kit. Set the generator on the ground at front or rear. For storage starting using the gray AkroMills Straight Wall Pallet Material Handling Totes a long time ago. For the generator the AkroMills 37868 contains the regulators and hoses and accessories. Unfortunately this is the tallest tote in that series and the generator handle sticks up slightly above the top so prevents a stacked tote on top. Working on hack of a modified second tote to cut out the bottom to allow for stacking on top of the generator. The straight sides of the totes and are sized for standard pallets and fill the bed of the truck with ability to tie down securely. These tubs are pricey and they are not covered but they last forever, our work trucks carry heavy industrial tools and materials and we still use ones purchased >10 years back. We use to only be able to buy them at material handling distributors, Amazon changed that Amazon AkroMills Straight Wall
  5. Yes this voids the oem warranty Other trade offs to be aware of include operation at cold temperature and elevation The modification is adding a second fuel option, so gasoline use is still available...less the warranty For our use case the benefits of propane fuel storage and capacity combined with the clean burn were worth the loss of warranty at the EU2200i price point
  6. Yes confirmed Honda EU2200i with Hutch Mountain Propane Conversion Kit runs the 13.5k BTU A/C We have the Honda genset set up with propane conversion quick disconnects directly into the Oliver low pressure auxiliary connections, super simple and very clean the Honda has never had gasoline in the tank The Hutch mountain kit comes with 3/8 quick disconnect, you will need to add the 1/4 x 3/8 adapter to plug into the Oliver auxiliary propane port. Hutch uses quality MB Sturgis fittings Great set up would highly recommend
  7. Half way through a lengthy road trip elected to install the Anderson WDH while towing a 2019 LEII with a half ton truck and experienced significant improvement. So much so now we install Anderson from scratch before each tow when using the half ton, meaning we re connect and tension chains. Have read differing opinions on this site around the Anderson WDH, for us we have had zero issues with set up and installation when towing with a 1/2 ton, and going forward for any distance we will likely take the time to install it. Noticed in Jasons recent video that the OTT was using standard safety "chains" and straight breakaway "cable". Our 2019 has Vinyl coated and coiled safety cables and breakaway brake cable. We are second owner what should a person expect with a new Oliver? Thank you Mike
  8. Hey Andrew sent you a PM Thank you for the help Mike
  9. Andrew, Thank you this is very helpful We currently own an LEII twin and a replacement in the order queue with Oliver. The one item we are still working through is twin vs std and the associated compromise around upper cabinet access and cushion/mattress configuration and storage. Your experience working through this and creating the "modified twin" is likely the right balance between "options and compromise" for our situation as well. We sleep in the same orientation and can easily forego the nightstand, now thinking the extra width at the head (rear of trailer) will open up the Twin configuration enough to improve sleeping space. Unfortunately I am not ready to disturb the great caulk lines Oliver delivers to remove the nightstand on our current twin model to get a feel for the "modified twin". Noticed in your second picture what looks like blue painters tape marking the extension of the center section, if I may ask, did Oliver provide the additional extension support or did you have that custom fabricated? Thank you Mike
  10. Hey Andrew, Like the conversion without the nightstand, notice you do not have table supports in the floor. Before this conversion did you use the table top and set up the sleeping area as a full bed? We are thinking of going the other direction from Twin to Standard to open up the sleeping area length wise. I still have a few inches to grow before getting to 6'5" but it is still pretty tight between the cabinets and rear wall. Mike
  11. Thank you for the feedback on the Truma tankless, the propane only option was likely enough of a deal breaker to start with, now hearing the their may limitations on the top end temp (2021 Oliver manual says 120F) we will stay with the standard WH option. The 6g capacity has never been an issue for our use and when on shore power the WH total amp draw does not appear to require manual coordination of power loads
  12. 1~ If power was not an issue would you exchange the propane cooktop for an induction cooktop? 2 ~ With the 2021 introduction of the 3000w inverter are there other limitations to an Oliver build that in boon docking mode would prevent offering a factory induction cooktop option? Currently using a portable induction cooktop when on shore power. It takes a little manual power management awareness. In the winter months have not used the propane cooktop inside due to the extra moisture. Would like an induction option on the next OTT however it sounds like they are not going to offer it even with the enhanced lithium power package with 3000w inverter. Depending on feedback to #1 above it may be due to lack of interest.
  13. Many parts show an eye to quality that most have come to expect Match Marking / Turn of Nut Good wire loom Assuming good weld penetration the bead of dimes cap is better than most and only in a few spots could use some wire wheel or brush As SeaDawg mentioned the insulation looks tight when it does not get damaged later in the build process There is a fine line between a service loop and poor training or a short cut Ducting and wire looms like this are not expected Overland mentioned the trailers are being delivered cleaner than before, not sure what to expect now, but there are portions of this build that look like they have quite a bit of glass shop dust and would benefit from additional attention to detail Overall should a buyer be concerned the demand for production is starting to compromise QA/QC?
  14. Great set of photos Jairon thank you for the upload, they help in understanding where the QA/QC is progressing or potentially needs attention.
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