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  1. Hey Andrew sent you a PM Thank you for the help Mike
  2. Andrew, Thank you this is very helpful We currently own an LEII twin and a replacement in the order queue with Oliver. The one item we are still working through is twin vs std and the associated compromise around upper cabinet access and cushion/mattress configuration and storage. Your experience working through this and creating the "modified twin" is likely the right balance between "options and compromise" for our situation as well. We sleep in the same orientation and can easily forego the nightstand, now thinking the extra width at the head (rear of trailer) will open up t
  3. Hey Andrew, Like the conversion without the nightstand, notice you do not have table supports in the floor. Before this conversion did you use the table top and set up the sleeping area as a full bed? We are thinking of going the other direction from Twin to Standard to open up the sleeping area length wise. I still have a few inches to grow before getting to 6'5" but it is still pretty tight between the cabinets and rear wall. Mike
  4. Thank you for the feedback on the Truma tankless, the propane only option was likely enough of a deal breaker to start with, now hearing the their may limitations on the top end temp (2021 Oliver manual says 120F) we will stay with the standard WH option. The 6g capacity has never been an issue for our use and when on shore power the WH total amp draw does not appear to require manual coordination of power loads
  5. 1~ If power was not an issue would you exchange the propane cooktop for an induction cooktop? 2 ~ With the 2021 introduction of the 3000w inverter are there other limitations to an Oliver build that in boon docking mode would prevent offering a factory induction cooktop option? Currently using a portable induction cooktop when on shore power. It takes a little manual power management awareness. In the winter months have not used the propane cooktop inside due to the extra moisture. Would like an induction option on the next OTT however it sounds like they are not going to o
  6. Many parts show an eye to quality that most have come to expect Match Marking / Turn of Nut Good wire loom Assuming good weld penetration the bead of dimes cap is better than most and only in a few spots could use some wire wheel or brush As SeaDawg mentioned the insulation looks tight when it does not get damaged later in the build process There is a fine line between a service loop and poor training or a short cut Ducting and wire looms like this are not expected Overland mentioned the t
  7. Great set of photos Jairon thank you for the upload, they help in understanding where the QA/QC is progressing or potentially needs attention.
  8. https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/sold-oliver-fuso-fuso-fg-4x4-oliver-fiberglass-camper-for-sale-75k.209216/ Yes an Oliver I on a FUSO from EXPO
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