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  1. Unlike some of their other heaters, Caframo seems to be rebranding a generic heater for the one you mentioned. I just wanted to let you know because I've already gone down the space heater rabbit hole 😁 https://www.amazon.com/Ceramic-Adjustable-Thermostat-Protection-Certified/dp/B08RYNHVXH/ref=sr_1_37?dchild=1&keywords=PTC+Heater&qid=1617595031&sr=8-37
  2. The "Hitch-It" system might work for those that don't have the storage box installed: https://store.lci1.com/hitch-it-double-bike-carrier-system-731138.html
  3. Thanks. The top looked odd to me, almost as if the blue section turned into a perfectly shaped Oliver pad. I've been on the lookout for a ladder. I appreciate the info!
  4. Does anyone know what ladder and ladder extension/pad that is? It looks perfectly formed for an Oliver.
  5. If the 2200 (1800 watt) generators won't start the AC, I'd strongly encourage you to consider having someone else install the EasyStart before buying a larger generator. They get pretty unwieldy after 1800 watts. The EasyStart is a very simple install for an RV shop and the part is way less than the cost of a larger generator.
  6. Your cushions look great! We're really happy we opted for the Ultrafabric. I was initially worried about the overall quality of the cushions in addition to the material itself but I'm happy to report that the fabric is great, the stitching is great, YKK zippers were used, and the foam is surprisingly comfortable. Your comments made me pull the trigger so I owe you one! Actually, I'll owe you one every time someone spills anything on the seats! 😁
  7. It'll be enough provided you add the EasyStart option or install it yourself.
  8. I heard it was previously 100 pounds but recently updated to 150 Lbs. If 150 Lbs is true, I don't know if it only applies to the new rack design. Please let us know if you contact Oliver.
  9. Agreed. I plan on doing a full review at some point with more detail and descriptions. I loved seeing photos like this when I was considering a purchase so I just wanted to dump them in an unorganized fashion for the time being. Yeah, I was bummed when I saw this too. I'd be curious to know if all of the new ones are like this and why. Practically zero heats makes it to the bathroom even with one of the vents completely closed. The person wielding the caulk gun should probably have their privileges revoked. It is a train wreck in almost every out of sight location. At least stuff like that can easily be resolved in the future. 😁
  10. We had the air bags installed today. I didn't specify dual vs single path (before the installation, I didn't even know it was an option). It seems to be a hot topic like most things automotive but the mechanic went for the single path option. I can see advantages to both setups and the dual path is obviously ideal for unbalanced loads. The install was $263 from a mechanic we've worked with for a number of years. Thanks to everyone giving advice in this thread and especially @John E Davies. We're extremely grateful! P.S. Don't let my optimism prevent anyone from ripping on the single path setup. I'm happy to hear everyone's thoughts about it
  11. Maybe these in 8 ft? https://www.rei.com/product/845322/rei-co-op-adjustable-tarp-pole-single
  12. Here are some cup holders that are more rigid/durable than a lot of the others on the market. The divider is Velcro and can be removed for use as a storage bucket. 4 can be placed above the sink with a 5-6 inches remaining on one side. The price is all over the place but $26 is the lowest I've seen for the large pictured below. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M4116L0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  13. Here is the Proven Lock\Proven Industries setup on the 2-5/16" coupler. It is heavy and overkill for anything other than long term storage. Even then it is overkill 😜
  14. Do you know if the REI poles you use are still being sold? Don't worry about trying to hunt them down if you don't remember the name. Thanks!
  15. I believe Oliver is still installing both LifeBlue and Lithionics. They added Lithionics because they had more lithium orders than LifeBlue could handle.
  16. Our was obviously cleaned but there was still quite a bit of dust in various places. We had ours delivered so who knows what shook out post cleaning during the 400 mile trip. They should really tape over the AV/DVD player during construction; the HDMI port, USB, and audio jack were caked in white powder. I can't imagine cleaning these for a living so I can seriously sympathize with any missed areas. White on white is hard to clean!
  17. I believe the Girard awnings use a "motion" sensor similar to what can be seen on page 9 of the PDF: https://newpar.newmarcorp.com/instance1env99newmar/html/images/023964.pdf The sensitivity is adjustable: "Set the Adjustment Dial to the desired sensitivity level 1 to 5. Never set higherthan 5. (The factory setting is 3)"
  18. We're happy with it and haven't found any major issues. I plan to do a full review after we complete a few trips. I was surprised to see that too. Some of it has already pulled off. Taping over fiberglass dust doesn't work very well. ðŸĪŠ Every unnecessary hole and screw through the fiberglass is hard to swallow (I'm picky). The vent for the furnace seems crazy so I assume some regulation is forcing them to do it that way. I'm really happy with them so far. The bluetooth app is better than most. Lithionics is also the new supplier for Xantrex's lifepo4 battery line. Yeah, it is pretty uniform other than to the right of the attachment point in the closet (photo below). I'm not sure if this is normal or was an oversight. I believe that is an exterior wall but it is really hard to see anything other than some exposed fiberglass.
  19. Thanks, John! That setup looks much better than the direction I started going down: ARB pump off the battery - cool but not ideal for simply filling bags when towing. Fewer parts, fewer problems. Hopefully my local shop will perform the install. I'll find out tomorrow. Do you modify your oil at all during tow season or stick to the cap?
  20. We're getting the LC ready for spring and decided to go the air bag route. I remember @John E Davies mentioning he uses a manual pump for his. A couple questions: Do the Firestone bags come with a hose fitting compatible with your pump? What pump are you using? I'm also just going to have the shop change the oil and was curious if anyone runs 0W-30 or 5W-30 instead of the caps 0W-20. Our 2019 manual specifically mentions using a higher viscosity oil if the engine will be under "extreme load conditions," but most people (including my dealership) don't know or care about that suggestion. The topic has come up a few times on IH8MUD as well. I'd love to hear from those that actually use their LCs to tow. Thanks!
  21. I might have missed a comment or two but it looks like everyone here was trying to help. Who was censoring you?
  22. $1280 was my quote for Sunbrella. I passed. Wax on, Wax off.
  23. I'd suggest Summit Racing Equipment if you want legit parts for cheap. They ship all over the US. Summit Racing is 20 minutes from the Timken factory and is an authorized distributor. Odds are good they are legit. 😁
  24. Very cool. I assumed I would need to put it on a scale to get the exact weight. I was expecting ours to be much closer to the weight of yours based on our options. If anyone is curious, here are the weight impacting options: Standard Layout Composting Toilet Microwave Delete Single Awning Lithium Pro Package 20 Lbs Propane Standard Radio Antenna Standard Water Heater Extra 30 Amp Propane Quick Connects
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