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  1. If you can sip power, AGM makes a ton of sense. Slow drain and solar can actually keep up with your usage. Keep studying and wait for some price drops! 😀 Some buyers/users might think of the lithium option as a "solar system" where I think of it more of a silent energy bank to beat up while the generator is off. The panels are just a small perk.
  2. I think most purchasers of the lithium package are interested in camping at locations without shore power and will basically always have a generator. The panels are just supplemental power. With this combo, you don't need to run your generator 24/7. You can simply run a tank of gas over 3-4 hours and then tear through your stored power with the generator off. I haven't done the math but a 2200x generator at 1800 watts and 15 amps should come close to charging a 400AH lifepo4 bank at 80% DOD in about 4 hours. Anyone that builds something like John is doing will have an additional source of powe
  3. Oliver will likely churn out more trailers next year than any year prior. When a trailer costs this much, word of mouth and reputation is everything and it cuts both ways! I have no doubt that Oliver will fully resolve all of the issues outlined. The process to prevent issues from happening in the future requires far more work unfortunately.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to post your experience and letting Oliver know where QC is lacking.
  5. I also can't view the catalog from the dropbox link. The previous one I had bookmarked has also been deleted. 😢
  6. There was an old thread about the ductwork being stepped on and mangled during installation. They should really consider something better since it seems to be a regular problem. A smaller diameter aluminum flex pipe similar to some types of dryer vents might be a better compromise.
  7. Thanks! I'll be doing something similar so I appreciate the material suggestion. I'm guessing the 2021 models are left without insulation. Somewhat related, has anyone ever attempted to insulate the bottom of their Ollie? The spacing between the aluminum cross-members seem ideal for some type of foam board. Something with a polypropylene backing would be even better. I have no idea if this would help to keep water lines from freezing but I'd love to hear from someone more knowledgeable in thermal engineering. It could be worthless and a huge waste of time 😁
  8. NCeagle, did you retrofit lithium into your 2020 or did they offer it when you first purchased? I was hopeful they would stop venting lithium builds and add insulation similar to the basement door.
  9. The 890 has a mount with a video input: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/pn/010-12982-02 I couldn't find the manual so I'm not sure what type of input it actually is and what it might be compatible with.
  10. I'll be using the new GPS for the camera display thanks to Mossemi 😁 The camera is the Garmin BC35 which is pretty crappy. It is basally a tree avoidance camera and not much more. I can't figure out why Garmin can't scrape together enough R&D capital for a camera that isn't a decade old but the convenience factor is there - one screen.
  11. Thanks, I didn't think to check the 2019 after looking through the 2020 manual! Having the camera kick on when going into reverse seems like a nice perk but I'm willing to change my mind! 😃 I know of a few electrical changes that happened for 2020 and a couple more for 2021. Hopefully the changes are final and they will update the new manual and circle back to updating 2020.
  12. I'm looking at backup camera options and I noticed a pretty large wiring bundle running to what I'm guessing is a light for the license plate. Does anyone know if there is a reverse light wire also grouped into that bundle?
  13. Thanks, David. Cobra's post introduced me to composite tanks. I didn't know they were a thing before he took pictures of his setup. I was hopeful someone was brave enough to try the 31 lbs tanks but it looks like I'll need to do the measurements myself.
  14. Scooped up the 890. Thanks for the post!
  15. Thanks for the info. The Lite Cylinder Co. recall was over 7 years ago so I was hopeful the general consensus had changed. I'll probably still give them a try in 22 or 31 lbs size depending on the fit. If nobody has attempted the 31 lbs tank or done the measurement, I'll update the thread with what I find out post delivery date.
  16. The Oliver measurements documentation states that the height of the propane container is 31 inches, does anyone know if these fit? https://www.vikingcylinders.com/shop/lifestyle/31-lb-vapor/ The height is 28.3 inches and an inch or so would be needed for the mount. I found a re-certification shop near me so they are kind of tempting... If not, is anyone running 30lbs aluminum tanks?
  17. The "pro" awning uses O'bravia instead of vinyl. I think the Giard MSRP price difference was something like $200. I was also told both awnings were black fabric but the GG750 product guide suggests the O'bravia fabric will be Khaki (assuming the awning is white). I liked the idea of a polyester material and a retrofit would probably cost more than the upgrade price. Still, if I regret anything it will be the purchase of the pro option. The standard option is a great value assuming the awning isn't garbage 😁
  18. Does anyone know who manufactures the 2020+ wheel? It doesn't look like Oliver is using Sendel based on what I'm seeing in the catalog. They look to be Lionshead Jaguar: https://lionsheadtireandwheel.com/Jaguar-Aluminum-Wheel
  19. The price to have Oliver upgrade to the 2-5/16" Bulldog Coupler is pretty reasonable when doing a new build. For some reason this change needs to be done post build by the service center but given the cost, I didn't complain. Does anyone know if they are still using half inch bolts to secure the coupler?
  20. The lock pictured can be found on page 3: https://www.onmar.se/pub_docs/files/catalogue/section_b.pdf They mention a 3 Wafer Flat Key (MIM) lock which should correspond to keys PK-10-01 and PK-10-01-05. I can't tell if the cylinder comes out to allow a re-key though. Does anyone know the D and G values for an Oliver?
  21. Interesting. I was told otherwise. May the battle of the best sales rep win 😛
  22. 1. You can visualize the differences between the Ultrafabric and cloth fabric here: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/travel-trailers/legacy-elite-2/standard-options/ We opted for the Ultrafabric. Here is more information on the upgraded fabric Oliver uses: https://www.ultrafabricsinc.com/brands/brisa 2. We passed on the KTT Upgrade. 3. Both the standard and pro awnings for 2021 are motorized Girard GG750 awnings. The difference between the pro option is an LED strip, wind sensor, and a treated polyester material (similar to sunbrella) is used instead of vinyl. 4. We passed
  23. Susan, what are you trying to calculate? If your question is just a general one, the power factor is simply the ratio of power used by a system vs power delivered. If the PF is 1, you have something that is 100% efficient and there is no loss in the system. A power factor of .9 would imply that the system is 90% efficient; in other words, there is a 10% loss somewhere in the system. At least I think that is how it works 😬
  24. I didn't see any RV specific info in the small promo. Perhaps once the product releases we'll know more. It looks like a solid rack if someone wanted to avoid 1UP prices though. Someone on the forums had a picture of their dual hitch setup. There was talk about clipping the bikes with tight turns but I don't know if the owner ever confirmed it. It seems like the perfect option if you're TV can handle the tongue weight. Let us know how it goes!
  25. Nice find! Hopefully Oliver will start to get the message about 2 inch bike racks if new buyers keep pestering. I tried and failed. 😁
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