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  1. Yeah, DOD has a huge impact on batteries, even lifepo4. Here is a graph from another manufacturer but the curves should apply more or less to any battery of similar chemistry:
  2. The lifepo4 stuff is arguably a bit over-hyped. That said, you only need to look at cycles and DOD to understand why lifepo4 has a following: https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/AGM_Trojan_ProductLineSheet.pdf If you discharged somewhere between 80-90% of an AGM, the expected number of cycles would be 500. Compare that to lifepo4 which claims to handle 100% DOD at 2800 cycles. The AGM setup would realistically need replaced 4-5 times before the lifepo4 setup would need to be. It all just boils down to how many amps you can pull before the batteries bite the dust. I'm guessing there is
  3. That is great information. Stuff like that should be on your website! Seriously consider hiring a web developer and adding more technical information. The current site made me seriously consider how I might spend $4,000 elsewhere. 🤪 A lot of the early battery management systems would actually kill lifepo4; parasitic drain from WiFi, Bluetooth, LEDs, etc. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer most of these questions.
  4. I'm not sure where the 95F number on Lifeblue's datasheet comes from other than Topband's optimal storage conditions. If you look at the real data sheet it states: Storage Environment: < 1 Month: -20~+60℃,5~75%RH < 3 Months: -10~+45℃,5~75%RH Recommended Environment: 15~35℃,5~75%RH Charge and discharge temps: Charge: 0~45℃ Discharge: -20~60℃ Source: http://www.rechargeablelifepo4battery.com/sale-11854400-bluetooth-app-12v-200ah-lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-customize-with-heating-film.html
  5. Has anyone had Oliver install a third roof panel on an Elite II? I assume there is room for something like Overland did, especially if you delete the satellite/TV receivers/antennas.
  6. John, do you have a link for that trash can? The fit looks about as good as one could possibly hope for.
  7. That might be one of the coolest companies I'd never heard of. Thanks for posting that!
  8. Never! 🤪 I love the setup and it is something I never would have considered. Very cool! I've also been flip flopping between the Yamaha EF2200iS and the Honda EU2200i. I'm guessing that is pretty normal though...
  9. Hey, John. I'm the guy with the LC200. I'm encouraged to hear that the Yamaha doesn't stink up your vehicle; I'd like to keep the tongue weight around 650 so every bit helps. Have you considered a propane conversion? I'd love to hear your reasoning for or against it. I'm OK with the efficiency loss but on the other hand, keeping an extra 6-8 gallons of fuel that I can toss into the LC should I miscalculate also seems forward thinking 😬
  10. I think I've looked at every receiver modification posted on the forum. They are starting to all blur together at this point 😁 I really don't understand why they don't add a 2 inch receiver to allow for racks like the 1up. It is one of the only racks I'd feel OK about strapping to the back of the trailer. Slap a sticker on it with the weight limit and call it a day. I'd be happy to sign legal documentation if that is what it takes...
  11. We're going to pick up suitcase panel but would like the generator for extended trips as a just-in-case should the batteries get too low. I've been looking into the Honda EU2200i propane conversion kit but wasn't sure if it could work off the already regulated quick connects on the Oliver. If anyone has info on the subject I'd love to hear about it!
  12. Do you use a generator? I'm not sure where we would place ours if we don't opt for the basket since we're in an SUV. How often do you deploy the 2nd awning and what do you use it for? Window shade? I hate the current design but the old one didn't look much better. Any reason you prefer the older design?
  13. Here is the data I have for the heating element. This could be different on LifeBlue's but I doubt it: Note: The language isn't mine 😃 "Heating on conditions: 1. Below the low temperature charging protection value -2 ° C. 2. Temperature is more than -30 ° C (the lowest temperature allowed to open the heating film) Meet the above two conditions to open the heating. Stop heating conditions: 1. Stop heating when above the heating termination temperature. 2. Stop heating when in the discharge state. 3. In the low temperature protection state, heating should be stopped when
  14. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised Oliver hasn't switched their electronic offer to Global Link since they are already using Global Link as the standard option. It looks mechanically superior is almost every way (again this isn't saying much). Hard to find many reports on it so I'm assuming it is a newer product. My limited research shows it has been out for about a year.
  15. For sure! They actually publish high resolution images of their master key 🤣 I think I'm going to just stick with the standard lock and replace it with the Global Link electronic lock should I go crazy with the manual entry.
  16. Thanks, Overland. I went down the rabbit hole of RV locks for some reason this morning. 😁 There sure is a lot of garbage in the RV world. Global Link looks like one of the best out there for what it is worth.
  17. Does anyone know what the standard lock option is? It looks like a Global Link (https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Locks/Global-Link/295-000002.html) but I wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  18. I agree. There is nothing wrong with Oliver's setup but if you're technical or have the time to become informed, there are better options on the market. If cellular wasn't critical to me, I'd probably just opt for the wifiranger setup and call it a day. The cost isn't that much above the MSRP of the device and the installation will be clean. If you're interested in seeing what else is out there, rvmobileinternet.com is by far the best source on the internet. Their youtube channel is another place to start: https://www.youtube.com/mobileinternetresourcecenter
  19. They also make some pretty ingenious looking bunk beds: https://www.discobedshop.com/collections/disc-o-bed/products/disc-o-bed-2xl-with-organizers Scroll through the pics to see it transform into a futon, 2 cots, or a bunk.
  20. I'm not really sure that we have a different opinion on the properties of aluminum vs fiberglass. I'd love to buy an aluminum yacht! Unfortunately the only ones I can afford are fiberglass and made 50-70 years ago. There are tons of them that still sail today and the ones that are sold sell for 4-5x their original price.
  21. Fiberglass is an oddity in a disposable world. A great fiberglass construction quote comes from an indie documentary called Hold Fast: "When fiberglass boats first went into production, the naysayers went into hysterics. Traditionalists pontificated on the value of wooden construction and warned that these so called "boats" made of plastic were bound to wear out and disintegrate within five years... but this was before anyone understood just how permanent plastic is. As it turned out, the curse of fiberglass boats was not their short lifespan but their longevity - wood rots. But just as p
  22. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We're sold on the pro package now 🙂 Do you know if Oliver is using the heated batteries or the standard ones?
  23. Fantastic guide! I currently have the Oliver supplied backup camera excluded from my build and I've been doing some research on what is out there (not much!). The Garmin BC 35 is my first pick so I was once again surprised to find that you have already shared your experiences with the BC 30. Are you still satisfied with the BC 30? The BC 35 looks pretty much identical other than the slightly improved resolution (640x480 vs 320×240).
  24. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Larry. I really appreciate that you're willing to answer our questions on a public forum. Direct answers from the company helps ease some of my reservations about spending so much on a solar package. Can you confirm that the warranty on your webpage is the same as what will be offered to Oliver owners? There is some verbiage about dealers and OEMs that could apply to Oliver. Also, does anyone know if Oliver is shipping the heated batteries or the regular ones?
  25. Welcome to the forum. I have a few questions for you with regard to warranty claims and exclusions: The warranty specifically mentions that should a repair not be feasible, a replacement battery will only be provided at a 30% discount from MSRP. Shipping to determine cause of failure and shipping back is also not covered. LifeBlue would essentially be selling us a new battery at cost. Is this the same warranty that will be offered to Oliver owners? As someone who is currently slated to have LifeBlue batteries in their new Oliver, why should we choose LifeBlue over Battle Born or Victron?
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