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  1. Ok I went back out and fired up the generator with the surge protector, turned on the microwave all all is good. Thank you
  2. The surge protector came in today from Amazon. I fired up the generator, plus the trailer into it and ran the microwave. It ran for 30 secs and then shut down the voltage output at the generator. So something else is going on. I am wondering if I should disable something in the trailer so I can run it of the generator. I am also going to call the generator tech support and see if they have any ideas. This does not happen with the 4000 watt champion generator I have. Imelda
  3. Thank you. I ordered the one from Amazon, coming in Friday. I will let you know how it goes.
  4. Hi all. I ended up buying the A-iPowered Yamaha 1800 running watts generator. The generator runs fine but when I plug the trailer into it and just run the microwave which that size generator can handle easily, it shuts down the generator. There were two Oliver owners at our camp site who told me the Oliver trailer sees the generator as a floating or open ground and that I needed to get a plug for the generator that will fixed the ground issue. One guys said he got his from Oliver and the other owner made his own but I was told can easily pick up a plug for this in Home Depot or any hardware store. Can someone tell me what I need to buy to solve this? Imelda
  5. I am going to try a flat antenna first in window or the attic. I use these in my house to pick up channels for local news. I use the internet for the rest. I am waiting for the StarLink coverage to be better. I very rarely watch TV when I am out camping but sometimes its good to check in on the local stations. So I will try this. If I get a good wireless signal I can use my phone as a hot spot to check news channels on my computer or I can just use the phone Thank you all.
  6. Can anyone recommend a small portable inexpensive TV antenna that I could use on my Oliver 11 that I can plug into the external TV/cable connector on side of the Oliver that can pick up some local TV stations. Thank you.
  7. All, thank you but I am not going to install a soft start - no way am I getting up on the roof. So can anyone recommend a quiet, portable generator, not too heavy that can run the Oliver ac without adding a soft start. I have a champion 4KW that does the job but its noisy and heavy so I want someone lighter, quiet, easy start and reliable with enough power to run the ac
  8. It's a Dometic ac unit but i am not sure of the model as I cannot find it in the Oliver manual. Likely the 13500 unit. How do I go about adding the soft start?
  9. Hi, all. I want to buy a small portable quiet generator to charged up my Oliver when dry camping. My question is if the model I want to order A-ipower Yamaha generator 1800 running watts with peak wattage 2300W would have enough power to run the AC?
  10. Ok I got it fixed. I found the reset button in the inverter panel. Sorry for the false alarm.
  11. Help, I am out camping and I lost AC power in the trailer. DC seems ok. 120V AC is coming in to the trailer. I was running the microwave and a kettle when power went off. I checked the breakers under beneath the dinette and all is good. I checked the inverter GIF and its good. What else can be wrong?
  12. Since I live in Texas all I have done for winterizing is drain all the water out of the RV and if it got cold I ran a space heater in it just to to be safe. It doesn't get that cold here. Now I am ready to hit the road and may get into some low to mid teen temperatures so I wanted to know if running the furnace would be ok for boondocking and prevent tanks and water lines freezing.
  13. I have a 2020 Oliver 11 elite with the standard water heater night temp may be as low as 12F and day in the mid 35F
  14. I drained the water heater as part of the winterizing and put the aside anode. Now I am going out so how tight should I tighten the anode in the water heater. I have the socket for it and the socket wrench.
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