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  1. Thank you all, really good advice here - I will replace the dura faucet shower head, flush the water system with White vinegar ( by pass water heater of course) and invest in a quality water filter.
  2. All, thank you so much for the heads up so I guess I will need a jack and a bottle of "Jack" to complete the job>
  3. And of course a bottle of Jack would definitely improve the situation😀
  4. I have these drive on trailer jacks I was thinking of using on my Oliver. I have used them on my horse trailers. Trust me, there is nothing more stressful than changing a flat tire along a busy highway with horses in my horse trailer. Using this I don't have to unhook the horse trailer or have to get the horses out. So I was thinking of hooking up the Oliver and using this to take the wheels of and repack them one by one. Anybody see why this would not work? Imelda
  5. All, thanks all for these post. I now have low water pressure at the dura faucet shower head in the bathroom. I live in North Texas same Dale Wilkens (hard water area) and among the many problems I have had with my Oliver after my Utah trip is low to non existent water pressure at the Durafauct shower head in the bathroom. Toilet and kitchen faucet water pressure are fine. I put the durafaucet shower head in a bowl of CLR for an hour or two and while it's is a lot better now but still not great. I was a little suspicious of the water at Farm store in Utah where we filled the fresh water tanks in April. I was thinking that in addition to hard water there may have been a lot of sediment in the water. I am going to order another durafaucet shower head from amazon per Dave Wilson and Frank C suggestions and and I am assuming I can just unscrew the old one and put in a the new one. I am also going to drain the hot water heater and check the anode. I have only used it once. Mostly I dry camp and use the propane. And how do I go about flushing the water system with white vinegar to get ride of any deposits and I assume I have to bypass the water heater? I did replace the water pump filter even though it looked ok and it didn't improve the shower head water pressure.
  6. Can I use the electric jacks on the trailer to raise it up on one side of the trailer to get the wheels of that side and then do the other side or is this not a good idea? Just edited this when i found a thread that says I can raise one side using the jacks and then the other.
  7. Great, thank you. I just ordered it. Imelda
  8. What is the best wheel bearing grease to use to pack the wheel bearing on my Oliver? There are a lot of grease options. Should I use Timken's high performances or is Lucas Oil grease just as good?
  9. Jim, thank you. Looks like a really messy job and I have someone recommended coming out but I want to make sure it goes well so my being knowledgeable on how it should go would be helpful. Also where can I purchase some spare bearings in case we have to replace some after we check them. Imelda
  10. I am going to have some one come by and pack the wheel bearings on my Oliver. It has just hit the first 12,000 miles according to my mileage log. I would like to know how to do this so I can watch and make sure its being done correctly. Is there a how to pack Oliver wheel bearings video somewhere I can watch? Imelda
  11. I have to have a microwave. I am not a very good cook, reheating is more my game. However one thing I have found invaluable when travelling in my Oliver is a small air fryer I bring along. It doesn't take up much space and it has tons of recipes for it and a lot of food I buy in the freezer section (healthy of course) comes with air fryer heating instructions. https://www.amazon.com/Ultrean-Electric-Nonstick-Certified-Warranty/dp/B07FF117K7/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3RZAVO5YW2AN&keywords=air%2Bfryer&qid=1652042757&sprefix=air%2B%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-11&th=1
  12. Congrats to you for taking on something this complex. I try to do most of the repairs and maintenance myself but I couldn't crease wheel bearings. Fortunately I live in North Texas Horse Country with lots of trailer here so there are some good reputable places I can bring my Oliver to for service like this.
  13. Success, I got the new microwave in. 😃 I replaced the High Point one with a Toshiba EM925A5A-BS That was a lot cheaper than High point. It is the same size and wattage and I was able to use the existing trim, screws etc. from the Non functioning High point.
  14. Thank you Bill. I finally figured it out. There was a another electrical line (black conduit) along with a yellow one running back there blocking the access hole so when lifted them both up with a screw driver I was able to wiggle power cord out and get the new microwave power cord in. see attached pic. I used a piece of string tied to the plug to pull it through. I got the new microwave in now. It's working but I haven't got the trim back on yet. Fingers crossed.
  15. Help, I posted before my microwave quit working so I got a Toshiba replacement, same size, same wattage etc. The problem I have is removing the old microwave. See pic. I cannot pull the power cord plug through the over head cabinet. Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to cut the power cord (even though the microwave is not working) because I will have same the problem pushing the new microwave power cord through to the outlet in the cabinet above. I could take the cover of the microwave and disconnect the power cord and pull it through for the bad microwave and then again for the new one. Anyone got any suggestions? I wonder how did the Oliver people get the power plug through in the first place.
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