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  1. Hi all, I love this forum. I have find it very helpful. I live in North Texas and it does not get that cold here. Maybe a few nights in the low to mid 20 -32F. I am planning on travelling in early Feb so I am wondering about winterizing given that we do not have such cold winters here, I do not want to use RV antifreeze but I was wondering if I just ran a space heater in the Oliver on the few cold nights if that would prevent the pipes etc. freezing. I do this with my Horse Trailer w living quarters. I had the Oliver in Utah recently when the temperature got down to 15F running the propane he
  2. Hi all. Continuing the topic of the slow draining grey water waste. It does seem that all the valves are working correctly so I tried the suggestion of tilting the trailer to the back so that it might drain better. So I parked it on a 30% slope and that did the trick of complete and fast draining of the grey water. So now I know at the dump station I am going to have to raise the front of the trailer and maybe that passenger side a little too. I may have to unhook the hitch from the truck to get it raised higher and may take more time at the dump station. I may not be the most popular perso
  3. Thank you. I checked and found the grey shut valve under the street side bed and it does appear to be working. It may be the design of the grey water tank and outlets that I have to have the trailer on a good angle so that the back if the trailer is lower than the front to get the grey water to drain. I am going to try this next.
  4. Thank you. Dark now but I plan to try all of these tips tomorrow. I think something must be closed. Should the valve in the shower be open or closed when draining the grey water?
  5. How many drain valves are there? So far I have found the black and grey water discharge valves at the very back compartment on the street side and there is one in the toilet/shower. Should the valve in the toilet/shower/ be closed or open when drain the grey and black water holding tanks?
  6. Thank you. Yes I had notice that if the front of the trailer is raise quite a bit higher it does drain better but still slowly compared to the black tank. So I will check the cable. Black tank is fine. Has anyone else had this problem with the grey water draining slow and not completely.
  7. Hello all, I have been wondering if anyone has has this problem. I picked up my new Oliver in July and now on the second trip the grey water tank will nor drain but just trickle out. Yes I have followed the correct procedure. On the first trip out it did seem to be working but maybe not 100%. The monitor shows the tank to be 50% full but I know it is 100% as the grey water is coming up through the shower and sink drains. Black water drain works just fine. Is the grey water drain blocked somewhere? I am leaving on a trip to Utah in 2 weeks and would like to get it fixed. Hopefully some simple s
  8. Thank you. There is a lot to learn. I guess I can still hook up the batteries directly to the solar charger controller like I did on my horse trailer while I figure out what connector I need for the solar port. I may call the service dept at Oliver and ask them what I need for the solar port to work. I am going to check and see it the port is directly hooked to my batteries like yours.
  9. I just purchased a Oliver 2 and I opted to have an external solar port installed so I can use my 200 watt Coleman suitcase solar panels that I have used with my living quarters horse trailer. These use the crocodile clips or spade connectors that go onto the battery terminal. I like the idea of not having to pull out the batteries tray out of the battery storage compartment (but use the solar port) every time I need to connect them to the external solar panels. My Questions are: 1. What kind of connector do I need to use this port for the external solar panels. I have looked on ama
  10. Does the refrigerator have a light in it?
  11. Thank you, just found it where you said it was. Now 2 more questions on lights: Does the refrigerator have a light in it? If I am parking the trailer for a while, does it have a battery disconnect switch somewhere that I can disconnect the batteries and prevent them from draining the batteries down. My horse trailer w living quarters has this feature.
  12. I just bought an Oliver Elite 11. I love it and am learning how to use it. I have a question -- Is there a switch to turn off the bathroom lights or do I have to use the master switch?
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