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  1. John, Thanks for the invite. We drove down Peach Springs Canyon to the Colorado River on the Grand Canyon. We spent all day lounging by the Colorado River. Next morning we headed to Mojave Desert. Allen
  2. I also have been waiting, You think Honda would making a dual fuel generator.
  3. My sign also leaked, I agree should have been solid fiberglass, a simple fix.
  4. Would be nice to include Disc Brakes with wish list the package.
  5. Here is a picture of my Oliver signage leak.
  6. I will have to wait to purchase a leveling system for now. A new model being release called LevelMateMAX Wireless Vehicle Leveling System. Estimated Ship Date: April 2024 LevelMateMAX is a wireless RV leveling tool loaded with state-of-the-art technologies designed to enhance your leveling experience. Using the free LevelMate iOS or Android app, LevelMateMAX provides real-time feedback on how to adjust your vehicle to reach a perfectly level position. LevelMateMAX is powered by three user-replaceable AAA batteries, included with purchase. Level on the Go: Advanced gyroscope technology provides live leveling information, even while your vehicle is in motion, allowing you to find the best spot to park and attain an absolutely level positioning. Listen to Level: The LevelMate app audibly guides users to level via a patent-pending tone feature. Extended Battery Life: More efficient power usage enables a longer battery life. Enjoy up to 395 days of power without battery replacement when using leveling mode for approximately 10 hours/month. Easy Battery Replacement: A front-side battery door provides easy access for battery replacement – no screwdriver required. Remote Power Control: LevelMateMAX can be powered off directly from the app. Power Indicator: A soft-glow light indicator provides visible evidence that the device is powered on. Flexible Mounting: Mount your LevelMateMAX horizontally or vertically.
  7. Is everyone on this topic satisfied with the performance of the LevelMate Pro? Thinking about purchasing LevelMate Pro+ I want to thank everyone for all the mounting suggestions. Best Regards, Allen
  8. John, Thank you for all your helpful Post, I enjoy reading your articles. Wish you the best! Allen
  9. I agree with you comments. Have the 3.0L Diesel in my 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4, CarbonPro. The motor has plenty of power. I think the 3.0L Diesel would handle 3/4 ton. I am very happy with my truck. 19,500 miles 4600 miles towing LEII 15 mpg w/heavy foot The GM TPMS is a plus.
  10. I would like to thank you all for your suggestions, looks like I am using similar cap. I was thinking a Chrome Cap would stand out more and match the chrome lug nuts. Allen
  11. Don’t miss the Patti’s 1880’s Restaurant in Grand Rivers, KY just east of Paducah.
  12. Can anyone provide a supplier who sells a chrome cap with same specs as Dexter cap? Best Regards, Allen
  13. I have no issues running Dometic AC on 20 Amp Shore power. I always wait until my batteries are charge up before turning on my Dometic AC. Also use the HUGHES Autoformer Voltage Booster. On the 20 amp service if voltage drops to 113 volts or below the Autoformer will boost up the voltage. I have the 3000 Watt Xantrex Freedom XC Inverter
  14. When available through Oliver, I would consider in upgrading to 5200 pound axles with disc brakes and Nev-R-Lube Bearings.
  15. I stay with relatives which have standard 115v outlet on 20 amp breakers and would like to know if the Truma would run on this shore power. Good to know about the Generator, I have the EU3200i. Thank you, Allen
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