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  1. What is the optimum summer tire pressure for an E-2 with cooper tires? I’ve been maintaining 80 cold
  2. Can anyone recommend a reliable tire inflator? Looked at Amazon and they all seem like garbage, too many negative comments.
  3. My standard issue hot water tank pressure relief valve leaks, only one year old. Can this be replaced with a standard pressure relief valve from the hardware store or is it special RV issue? thank you
  4. New to Oliver (828), I noticed that there is a continuous draw on the batteries (lithium), about 10% drop overnight when practically nothing was on. What I learned, is the Zantrex draws on itself when left on, it when turned off, there is almost no draw. So, when 120 is not needed, turn off the inverter!
  5. UPDATE! what I learned, while plugging into the campground, the AC source was extremely unstable. We were at the end of the line and when others pulled current, our ACdropped up and down from 120 significantly and the Xantrex cycled on and off between shore power and propane (for the fridge) to compensate for the unstable power. problem solved. Thanks all for the input.
  6. Hi Swamp,
    I used to be known as Swamp, Bog, etc.  I wonder if we are related.


    1. Swamp


      HAHA maybe in some way...!

  7. Will the Honda 2200i generator be sufficient to charge the three lithium batteries? My 2,000 watt Preditor overload light comes on when charging the lithium batteries.
  8. Thanks, I have the ground plug now and all is working fine. Only problem, my 2,000 watt Preditor (1,60p watt running) generator overload light is on when charging the lithium battery. Everything is unplugged.
  9. Sea dog, the lip. About 1.5” or so, seems to be plenty enough to keep the oven in place. Love the Breville, have the same unit at home.
  10. I receive an error code 9 when plugged into my preditor 2000 15 amp generator. Does not appear to be charging batteries. Any ideas would be welcome. Xantrex ap reads as attached.
  11. Had a stainless steel box insert made for the oven and used the supplied frame from the original equipment.
  12. Below is the finished project. GREAT oven and very versatile, if you done need a microwave!
  13. I had an annoying buzz. Removed the speaker and found a1” piece of speaker wire covering on the cone that was creating the problem vibration buzz.
  14. I’ve noticed the fan cycles more in hot weather. Seems normal. What bothers me, when plugged in and charging, is the loud relay switch changing on and off every fifteen seconds. Raises havoc with the fridge that changes from AC to propane every fifteen seconds. IS THIS NORMAL BEHAVIOR?
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