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  1. I have noticed a fair amount of flex and movement while set up, when moving around in the Oliver. Rear stabilizers are down, tires not lifted off the ground, but the frame is lifted about 6 inches. The front flexes more than the rear, but both front and rear flex is fairly significant. is this normal? #828
  2. I had a factory tour and took precise measurements of the rough opening in Hope of installing the larger Breville. The rough opening before and after the convection oven is inserted is: 21l” wide, 15” tall, 17” deep. Hope this helps.
  3. I will be towing with a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Has anyone towed with a similar and experienced any issues, or have recommendations? My model does not have the factory installed complete tow package. Just the factory installed tow bar.
  4. Has anyone found a suitable screen house similar to the r-dome attached to the r-pod (pics)? This creates an outdoor living space with protection from rain and bugs, or can be totally opened. Great for eating, storage and cooking.
  5. What do others use to help assure the water they use, either from the onboard tank or direct, both from the faucet at an RV park, is potable? In addition to the inline filter, we are considering a Britta counter pitcher, or something similar. Just don’t want to use a bunch of disposable bottles.
  6. Here is what I did on the rpod. Hope to do the same on the Ollie.
  7. Here is what we are considering. Waiting to see if it actually works. It’s a Thule.
  8. Thank you all. We live in Maine and our camping style is ‘nesting’. Stay in one spot for several days, get to know and explore the area, then move on. We have been in windy conditions on the Maine coast and it’s batten down the hatches, but it’s all part of the program! The enclosure lets us be almost outside in the rain, shields us from the mosquitoes, and offers a little warmth when its chilly since 95% of our cooking in NOT in the trailer.
  9. Has anyone added an enclosed living space attached to their Oliver? This would more than double the living space. We would like to add something like the Thule awning that includes screens, storm panels, and access doors. We had something similar on our Rpod, a d actually spent more time in the screen house/awning than inside. We moved the eating area, cook stove, Counter prep, storage etc. into the added room.
  10. I’m hoping Oliver offers a larger dinette table option by spring.
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