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  1. Katjo, thanks so much for your YouTube videos. My wife and I have reviewed many of them and found your storage ideas very helpful. Both of us born and raised in The Burbs of Detroit, so Go Blue, or Go green, go white, or whatever your team is!
  2. I usually just carry mine in the bed wo any container, I usually need every bit of space, we don’t travel light. Lol. I recall that there are a bunch of threads on Airforums regarding this topic and several folks had good options because they carried their genny inside the trailer. You might check out a search there.
  3. Your trailer looks great and congratulations. We are anxiously awaiting our pickup next Monday!
  4. Welcome and good luck. We too are anxiously awaiting our delivery date, about four weeks away. I don’t drive an 18 wheeler, but my dozen roses are on order for Friday. Our Kathy Mattea moment is this Friday! We cannot wait to start our new adventure together. Ollie-Haus, give a toot when your hit Louisville. We live just west of I65 and the ballpark. We will be on the lookout for your return. We have a clear view of the expressway from our place. Assuming you are taking I 65.
  5. What an awesome setup and hobby. With retirement around the corner, I planning on restarting my reloading and target shooting again. I have never been interested in air rifles but after seeing your setup, I am interested!
  6. We are anxiously awaiting the delivery date for our LEII. We have a similar situation with our current non Oliver trailer. We store our trailer under cover and the rooftop solar was ineffective. I can only address your first question. We use a 100 watt inexpensive panel and an inexpensive PWM solar controller we installed an inline fuse and connect thru the factory installed zamp solar connect on the outside of the trailer. We use a cable bike lock to secure the panel to a support of the storage shelter. We leave this connected whenever the trailer is in storage. We also bought a very small panel initially and it didn’t cut it. When boondocking, we often take the portable panel with us to augment the rooftop solar. Lastly, if you don’t have a battery monitoring system, I would strong recommend it. I initially made myself crazy trying to predict state of charge from battery voltage.
  7. This is a little off subject, but I have certainly felt this way when camping. The pic is from the bike park at Virginia Key in Miami.
  8. Congrats patriot! And thanks for the flea collar tip. Where are you heading first? We are retiring 4/21 then two weeks at Anastasia State park and one week at Davidson River in Brevard in a SOB (Airstream BCX 16). And then, pick up our LEII 5/22, and we are off and running! Cant wait for our delivery day.
  9. I would say that for me, towing is a skill that was easily learned. When I first started towing, I was anxious, but quickly learned that if my TV “fit through” the trailer would generally follow. My anxiety quickly dissipated with practice, and of course the more you practice towing, the more camping you get to do! Most other drivers I find to be respectful and courteous on the road. There is no shame in going at a speed you are comfortable with in the lane that fits you best. Happy trails!
  10. Thanks DaveK that is exactly the image in was looking for!
  11. Thanks to all for the great responses. We can’t wait to get started in our new trailer. Hope to see you on the road!
  12. Hello all, We have a delivery date scheduled for our LEII in the third week in May. We obviously very excited. Our tow vehicle will be an F250 Tremor, bone stock, no cap, and several hundred pounds in the bed and 300 pounds of occupants. What drop and shank size are those of you with Tremors running. I also ask, with some trepidation, whether Tremor owners are using the Anderson Hitch or not and if you are happy with your choice. I understand the controversy over WD and sway control vs not, and really want to be careful not to stir that pot with my very first post. Thanks in advance and happy trails!
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