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  1. Whoa there pilgrim. Easy on the Basecamp! lol. A 16 BCX was our last trailer and saved our lives through COVID when there was nothing to do but boondock! We were sad to see her go. I agree though, kinda an acquired taste. I’m still not to keen on the 20’ Basecamps.
  2. We have this one and have been very happy with it. We only carry our black tank tote on it (Camco 28 gallon rv tote) which doesn’t weigh very much. It is stable and well suited for our needs. It does block the license plate. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JF53ZEE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I think this would be an interesting mod. We are not bothered by the sound of the fan, but have noticed, under some circumstances, that the humidity of the air exiting the vents of the Truma becomes very humid when the compressor clicks off. It generally occurs when it is not very hot but very humid outside and the compressor cycles on for only a short time. Of course the dehumidify mode quickly lowers the humidity, but also causes the temperature to plunge. I suspect that if the blower turn off when the compressor cycled off this humidity burst would not be an issue.
  4. I was initially very interested in the ford wired backup camera, but was very hesitant bc I had to be hardwired to the trailer. Seemed like a lot of hassle for very little benefit. I currently have an after market tpms and the Oliver factory installed backup trailer camera. The monitor is a little small and it sure would be nice to have the backup camera on the trailer display on the truck head unit, but I am very happy with what I have. I find I only really use the backup camera for a few minutes when I back into a campsite or storage for our Oliver. The wired ford backup camera and tpms seems like a long run for a short slide! Just my humble opinion.
  5. We used an equalizer hitch with our Tacoma and airstream. Basecamp 16 x. It was a great hitch and we had a lot of squat in the Tacoma wo the equalizer. We now have a F250 Tremor, factory 3” lift and reportedly the 250 and 350 both have 350 rear springs. We tow our LE2 on the ball and generally have had a great experience. The only issue was on a trip to Fruita, CO with a particularly strong gusty crosswind and had to slow down some. Otherwise the setup is stable as can be. One of the primary reasons for the upgrade to a F250 was the ability to tow wo a weight distribution hitch. In the greater scheme of things hitching a WDH is a minor issue but certainly something to avoid if possible. The other primary reason was payload.
  6. I’m sure you’ve seen this video, but just in case …
  7. I usually open the fresh water tank drain and sometimes raise the front end a little. I can take a while, depending on how full the tank is but usually less than one hour. I’m suspicious that your tank sensor may still show some water in the tank when it is actually empty or nearly so. A little water in the fresh water tank is not a problem. A little fresh water in the lines or traps is.
  8. I have small tarp and have rigged up a small A shaped tent like shelter in the rain above the generator. Not perfect but very inexpensive. The ends are open for exhaust. I have also placed the generator under a picnic table with a tarp or rubber backed rug or mat on the table. Lately I just leave it under my tonneau cover with the cover partially open and the exhaust aimed at the tailgate
  9. I only had this problem at one campground. It happened repeatedly throughout the weekend and never since. Later when reviewing the campground info it seemed to imply it only had 20 amp service on the 30 amp side. I didn’t think that was possible, but the error never happened again at any other campgrounds. Interestingly I’m headed back there in a month and will see what happens.
  10. Did you have to change the charging profile in your truck? I know sometimes, depending on the truck and the recommended charging parameters for the battery, the truck won’t fully charge the battery. Some AGMs like a higher charging voltage than flooded lead acid batteries.
  11. Check out this link. Basically, you need to find the AirTag and then remove the battery. I don’t think it can be disabled unless you find the AirTag
  12. So I recently played around some with AirTags that were registered to me and had them “follow” my wife’s phone without my phone present. Her phone pretty quickly got a notification that she was being followed. Her iPhone gave her the option of playing a sound on the AirTag so it could be located, but no other option that I could see to disable the. AirTag. I subsequently removed the speakers from my hidden AirTags. If they can’t find them they can’t remove them.
  13. When we pickup up Oliver in 2023, they made a big deal about draining the hot water heater and leaving the water filter out while the trailer was winterized. They stressed that even if the water heater was drained, there could still be enough water in the system to freeze and crack the filter housing if the filter was left in place. May be time to turn bypass valve on the heater pending a more professional opinion than mine. Good luck and sorry about a tough start to your trip.
  14. We were in an Airstream Basecamp 16x prior to the purchase of our Oliver LE2. There were several important factors in our decision. First and foremost is the quality of the trailer. The trailer is very well designed and speced out with excellent components. The floorplan is very well thought out and important infrastructure in the trailer is easily accessible. The interior finishes are beautiful and the trailer is light inside with plenty of windows and lights. Secondly, Oliver support is fantastic. They are very helpful with questions and have been very responsive regarding the few minor issues we have had, (a bad bearing in the bathroom fan and a defect in the surround for the microwave oven. Oliver University is a great source of information that is easily accessed and searched. Lastly, the Oliver has good ground clearance, significantly better than our Airstream, which allows us to get to places we wouldn’t be able to otherwise
  15. There are several parts to answer of your question. The simple answer is yes you can drive in eco or comfort mode. However, many, including myself, would consider this unsafe. Your propane tank would have to be open, and there would obviously be an open flame in your trailer. I would only consider it under extenuating circumstances. I would also be concerned that the flame in the Truma would blow out from the air passing by it under highway speeds and not relight. Thus allowing the unit to freeze anyway. If remember correctly, it is pretty easy to winterize the Truma, just turn the bypass under the street side bed and drain the unit and leave the filter out. But that still leave the rest of the plumbing at risk for freezing if the trailer is not fully wnterized.
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