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  1. Thank you Overland! I think I'm going to give it a go. We did make the leg out of a solid piece of walnut we took of one of the planks so I may just use that. We don't pick up our Ollie until Feb but I'm a planner!
  2. So, short version. I very much disliked the dinette table in our 30ft class A. A life long friend who is a master wood craftsman said we can fix that. A 4 hour drive to a lumber yard (not home depot or lowe's) I was picking out large planks of wood. 5 full weekends of work later produced what you see in the pictures. I love it! The class A is up for sale and I am keeping the table and the matching pop up table made to go by the door. This is crazy but I'm seriously thinking about cutting it down to be the kitchen dinette table in our 2022 ollie . So much work and love went into this table! I hate to cut it up but......so the question is: it's a full 1 3/4" thick (I said I bought planks of wood) would it bee to thick? Can someone give me the thickness measurement on the dinette table please? Thanks!
  3. Hello! That looks super! I love my Dremel. Is that Hempz lotion I see back there? It's one of my favorites!
  4. If your still in Chama and it's not to hot...There's a hike that takes you to a suspension bridge that goes over the Chama River.
  5. We stayed there on the way down to tour the ollie factory. Henry was a great host , Good beer and brisket. They also have a drive in movie screen and we happen to be there on a night they decided to play a movie. Interesting place.
  6. So we are feeling like the kids in the candy store who can't have the candy ......quite yet!! We just got back from our vacation and tour of the Oliver Factory. We really enjoyed seeing the ollie's on the showroom floor. Actually being inside one we were able to visualize. The factory tour was amazing and Anita was a gracious, extremely informative , super fun host! Feb cannot some soon enough. Feb 14 is our pick up date. We have begun the planning process. Unfortunately , my phone had a glitch and I can't seem to pull up the pics of the tour. We did manage to get to the red river gorge in Kentucky a few days before the gas issue. Here's a pic of our tow vehicle going through the Nada tunnel. Some of the red river gorge scenic byway was washed out. We had a delightful stay at Harvest Host Arcadian Moon Winery and Brewery. Looking forward to posting pictures with the Ollie in tow!
  7. We were going through Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon on our way to our Factory tour and spotted this Ollie! Waved like a crazy person. If you are here...Hello!!
  8. Saw this guy last year in the Az outback. Arizona Black Rattlesnake. Fairly docile but twice as much venom as a diamondback rattlesnake. First one I've seen and I've been hiking in the west for over 30 years.
  9. We will be taking the tour the second Monday in May. We already had a trip planned to the red river gorge in Kentucky in the works when we put our deposit down on our ollie. (We pick it up Feb 2022) We just adjusted our reservations a bit. Now it seems the kayaking in the cave, red river gorge zip line and possible via ferrata as well as some hikes are taking second place to the ollie tour - it's all we talk about! Really looking forward to it! Once we do the tour , Red river gorge here we come!!
  10. Might you consider Ft. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff Az. It has alot to offer. They hold the overland expo west there - lots of room. We may not have our ollie in time for the first western rally ( come on Feb 2022) but would definitely attend.
  11. Yes, we took the 115 and had it running / using it in our basecamp (home) living room for the past 1 month while the van was in Colorado for the warranty work. That compressor was not noticeable to us unless right beside it. So so quiet. Thanks for the info on the power consumption , we do have a lithium package in the van .
  12. Hello! Congratulations. We just recently ordered ours and will be picking it up Feb 2020 as well. Crazy, we are already making plans as to where in the Tennessee area we will camp for the first few weeks 🙂
  13. Thank you! Did you happen to compare the 115 to the 130 as far as freezer size goes?
  14. Perfect! Thank you!! How big is the freezer in yours if you don't mind?
  15. Okay, In our camper van are installing the isotherm 115 elegance 12 volt. The size is approx 20 3/4 wide , 31 3/4 tall, and 21" deep. Now...with the anticipation of our Elite ll we are thinking about putting the same fridge in that. Doing away with propane for the fridge. We do take alot of overloading trips with groups and finally came to the conclusion this would best fit our needs. Has anybody replaced with this or a similar model? Wonder if we could get the factory to do it?
  16. Okay, I figured out how to answer directly. Of course, we bought from Tim Dahle Nissan. It came with the 4x4 installed. Nissan parts and covered under factory warranty. I'll have to get some of the more recent pictures. We have installed a 3" titan lift and Avatar metal works front bumper with winch. We sent the van to Colorado Camper Van for the pop top. What sold us was he was able to redirect the rear air! We love it! It's automatic. So much room and your bedding can stay up there when the top is down. 6 windows, 4 season canvas. There are 3 panels that you can stack in the back if you want walk around room. Max air fan and 2 solar panels on the roof. The top is great. We did have some warranty issues and had to send it back up , but the issues are resolved now. Our 5 Grandchildren love it! Hope I answered everything
  17. Hey Kevin and Theresa Welcome - We will be in the Flag area memorial week and on - perhaps we can meet and say hi - we will have Ollie in tow. RB Hello and Thank you! That would be lovely. We will be in Kingman but would gladly come up to Flag or have you here.
  18. Hello everyone! We did it! Just put our deposit down on an Elite ll. We'll pick it up in Feb. We will be stopping to tour the facility the first week in May on our way to the Red river gorge. After spending 5 months traveling in our class A 30 ft we decided to go smaller. We will be towing it with our 2018 nv 3500 4x4. Has the pop top so still room for when the grandkids come along. Really excited about this forum and hoping to learn alot here. Looking forward to a western states rally in the future! We are a bit new to the forum and social media thing.... hope the picture is allowed.
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