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  1. Folks, I am needing to make a correction in my email. Our Oliver Hull # is 204 not 104. Yes, our Olivia is a close sister to Karen and Reed's Nugget. :) Malcolm M.
  2. Hi Karen and Reed, We pick up our "Olivia" Hull #104 2 weeks from tomorrow. Yeh! I am very interested in getting the plastic cover for the Frig control buttons shown in your photo. When its convenient, could I trouble you for the info to get one i.e. phone number, part number or anything to get this ordered. Your Oliver looks great and its obvious from all your postings you two are making great use of it. Really living the dream! Thank you in advance for your help and hope to meet up with you both some day. Malcolm and Ursula M.
  3. Ditto to the welcoming back of Buzzy. I too have been avoiding the forum like the plague. It was just too much. We take possession of our Ollie one month from today and look forward to all experienced Ollie's owners input and education staying on subject. Best to all, Malcolm M.
  4. Wow! A lot of metallics to choose from. Little overwhelming. Your mentioned Silver Gray Metallic. Is this one you were considering? Not sure how to go about this and regret a choice because I can't see in person. I'm in touch with Anita now to see what I can do to make an informed decision. Thank you for all of this info and taking the time out of your day. Bill, thank you for your input as well. As you said, your Twist is "classy." Do you know the exact name of that color on Twist? Also, may consider not doing the front at all like you did. I know from experience that the front of any RV is the hardest to clean properly. Over the years it is the first to start looking shaggy. Best to all, Malcolm M.
  5. Thanks John. Its on my wish list and ready to order this week along with the many others needed to pickup Olivia in April. Malcolm M.
  6. Thanks Karen. We will pursue this. Malcolm M.
  7. John, I am also looking at this product. Which one of the several types are you looking at for a brand new Ollie? There seems to be different ones and it is confusing me as to what I should purchase to maintain a new Ollie we pick up in April. Thanks for your help. Malcolm M.
  8. Karen, My wife and I really like the look of your pinstripe design. However, we are looking for a silver metallic version. Do you have a record of what color you chose from Oracal? Is this a Oracal product? We want the silver to really pop. Our TV is silver. Thanks for your help in this matter. Malcolm M.
  9. Thanks John for your input. Will seriously consider trying the product. About dealers adding "enhancers" without permission, I too had this happen on my last 2012 Cummins. I went to the service manager, whom I know, and informed him this was unacceptable no matter what Ram is instructing them to do. He deleted the cost from my bill and told me they would not do that again without asking me. Malcolm M.
  10. I have a 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins with 16K on it. (3rd Ram Cummins over a 15 yr. span) Would you recommend additives on a newer Cummins like mine? Also, would or could this threaten my warranty if had some catastrophic event at this youthful age of my truck? Last question probably better asked at my dealer. Malcolm M.
  11. Canoe 12, the electric back flow preventer switch is an option we were offered but decided against. Can't remember the cost. The pull handle is standard unless you upgrade. The new and improved Dometic Thermostat control unit is on the street side on the pantry wall behind your head if sitting at the dinette facing toward the front of the unit. Malcolm M.
  12. Morning Lukens and Canoe 12, Thanks for your comments! Nice of OTT to be including the Camco Hose as a kinda door prize. Like your solution to the pollution. :) Malcolm M.
  13. Your Ollie looks beautiful and clean with the color motif chosen. We are scheduled to taken possession of Olivia April 12th. Like all of us, trying to great prepared for the maiden voyage and have the equipment in order. With that said, I have seen the modification OTT did concerning the gray and black discharge hookup while visiting the factory in December. The new extension comes out and angles slightly to the curb side. My question to you is what have you guys decided to do with that angle? Example, a 5 foot extension attached and left in place. Then just hook up a long hose when needing to empty? Any comment would be appreciated. Best, Malcolm M.
  14. Bill and John, thank you for answering my question. I will seek a 1/2 inch drive and a 150 lb click wrench. Store it out of harms way as is recommended by John. Merci Beaucoup, Malcolm M.
  15. Well, like I said, the pro's and con's of air versus Nitrogen could go on and on. John, I agree that if I need air in my Ollie, I will not hesitate to pull over at the closest Discount Tire and get them topped off with air or use my portable air compressor I always carry, without a second thought about Nitrogen. My dad was in the trucking (20 plus rigs) business for 40 years and I grew up in the 50's and 60's changing tires and flats on 18 wheelers daily being the cheapest labor, along with my 5 brothers. Some moisture or signs of rust on a tire rim with 1 million miles on it, who cared. "Fix the flat son and get this rig back on the road." Can still hear him now! Besides, Nitrogen was not invented yet. :) Side note: Nitrogen gas constitutes 78% of the earth's air. This is a fact! OTT is putting Nitrogen in the tires, but that will be your choice after you roll out of their. As I originally stated, I merely was wondering if the new spare will have it too. More to my question was what is the foot pounds of torque recommended in order to purchase a click torque wrench. Looks like, as John stated, will require a phone call or add to the list of questions when I take possession in April and document in my Ollie bible to keep in tow. Good night to all, Malcolm M.
  16. Hi Canoe12, I do know the tires on your Ollie will be Nitrogen filled. Both advertised as such (16″ Aluminum Rims with Nitrogen filled Michelin LTX M/S2 Tires) on the Elite II site and a conversation Jason and I had while touring the factory in December viewing the Ollie's coming down the line at the last stages. I noticed each Ollie having the green valve cap and the conversation began on the subject. A Nitrogen filled tire will or should always have a green value cap to indicate this. You can find many links to the pro's and con's on the subject. Too much for this thread, but it is standard equipment on the Elite II. I agree I do not want a mismatched tire and wheel. What OTT is doing with the spare as far as air versus nitrogen, I will ask Jason unless someone chimes in here with the facts. Oh, still would like the know the foot pounds of torque recommended on the 2017 Elite II. Again thanks, Malcolm M.
  17. Wow, Reed and Karen. Busy schedule. Look forward to being able to go-go-go like you two. Malcolm M.
  18. Hello to all! Reading this thread and getting ready to take delivery in April, I was glad to hear of OTT converting to a full size spare. OTT has not informed me of this change as of this writing, but don't expect to be either. Not necessary at this stage. This leads me to wonder 2 things and was hoping someone could answer both. 1.) Will the new spare tire be Nitrogen filled as is the ones on the ground? 2.) What is the recommended foot pounds for torque for the lug nuts? Wish to buy a click torque wrench but see there are different models and pricing according to how torque pound limits you need. Thank you in advance. Malcolm M.
  19. Hi Bill, Sorry for the delay. Have been traveling on business last couple of days. As to your comment about getting out to CO, there are numerous places both State Parks and just plain old recreational areas. In our experience, we love visiting repeatedly the following: Turquoise Lake Recreational Area - outside Leadville, CO - side note: Leadville is the highest (elevation) incorporated city in the US Steamboat Lake State Park - scenery awesome! Lottis campground on the famous Taylor River or any other campgrounds at Taylor Campgrounds near Crested Butte - scenery will blow you away Carter Lake I could go on. If you want RV parks near towns i.e. gambling meccas, great KOA in Central City. Now, gambling here is not like a big city. Talking about a small mountain town with great mountain views at the KOA because of elevation. Hope this helps you and if you plan a trip out this way, lets talk and maybe meet up. I'm retiring in March 31st. and go the Hohenwald to get our Ollie on April 17th. The anticipation is overwhelming sometimes.
  20. After we take possession of our Ollie in April, we will take several trips here in CO to places we have been before and love. In August, we are planning a trip to the Teton's where the Total Eclipse can be viewed in totality. Love the Teton's and surrounding areas. That few minute event is on August 21st, then just move around that area for a week or so. Malcolm M.
  21. Jason, Thanks for this official clarification. Mystery solved and I now know what I will be getting on my Ollie. As Bill said, know what size you have to get the correct parts and seals saving a lot of heartache. Malcolm M.
  22. Thanks Pete! From the looks of your profile, you have been many places using your 2008 Ollie. That's a lot of experience with Oliver. I had 15 years RVing in 4 different Airstreams. Our devotion to AS has waned of late for many reasons. I know we will love our Oliver and can't hardly wait for April delivery. Been without a RV since November after selling our last AS. Sigh! Malcolm M.
  23. Thank you guys for the comments and words of encouragement. Being a practicing anesthesia provider, numbers are important to me when in the OR administering drugs in a split second decision. 3500 mcg and 52oo mcg is big. Guess I am overthinking this thing. Use to being very precise! Please forgive me for taking up your valuable time on this forum. Malcolm M.
  24. Thank you Topgun 2. That was a typo and I stand corrected. Example of why you should proof read before hitting submit! :) As to rideandfly and your pictures, I am getting a little put out by all of this. Your pictures are worth a thousand words. Muddled is a under statement. Just seems too easy to get the correct info the first time. Don't know what else to do to get accurate info, especially when our Ollie is in production and now, not sure what the heck I'm paying for. Guess I'm suppose to trust OTT that I'm getting the best, safest equipment available. And, I do trust OTT! I'm just a little more analytical that the average guy I guess. Malcolm M.
  25. Would like to chime in on this discussion after speaking with Jason this morning. I asked him to clarify what axle is being installed on my Elite II now in production. Also, I mentioned the discussion about axles on this forum. Quoting Jason now: "all Elite trailers being single axle have the 5200 lb axles. All Elite II trailers being twin axle's have the 3200 lb axle's with 10 x 2 1/4 brakes." There is no option available! Two 5200 lb axles on a 7,000 GVWR rated Elite II trailer would be a over kill and totally unnecessary. This report with Jason cleared up my concerns after reading this discussion and some of it being misinformation. To me, good reason for this open forum and getting that education when spending this amount of money for what all of us agree is one the finest quality products made in the USA. Malcolm M.
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