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  1. Good morning hardrock, Taking possession of our Ollie in April. Was curious about your comment concerning Murphy's Oil. Could you please share with me the concentration you have found to work the best if you purchase the 1 gallon concentrate? Also, just spoke with Jason about the gasket causality and his comments on this issue. He stated that they have never seen this as a problem in Hohenwald with their water. His take is, as someone mentioned, maybe your particular location and the acidity of the city water/rain/sleet/hail. Also, salt in the air in locations close to shorelines. He also commented that in the past they have had Ollie owners come back to the factory with pitting of the exterior chrome light fixtures being in salt water vicinities. My hypothesis is probably due to salty air and lack of diligence to properly cleaning these areas after exposure on a nice relaxing trip to the beach. Rinse, rinse and more rinsing! Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Thanks, Malcolm M.
  2. Thanks Bill. I will call tomorrow and try to get clarification. I would think that if 5200 lb. axles are available, then heck, I want the bigger. Never know whats down the road or off the road for that matter. :) Malcolm Monlezun
  3. Mmm. This begs the question. My Elite II is in production and what/who makes the decision of the axle or brake size?? Have never heard of this being a choice or upgrade possibility. Could someone please answer this for me. Thanks, Confused!
  4. Buzzy, We too are sad to hear of Little Buzzy. 14 years, WOW! That's a long time with a companion and we know you gave him a great life few dogs get. You nursed him till the day of his passing. A dogs best friend you are! Malcolm and Ursula Monlezun
  5. We decided on this TV model: ZYCOM ZFD22WHDMI 22 INCH OVERHEAD FLIP DOWN MONITOR WITH HDMI INPUT. Yes, it is a 22-inch, but in my opinion a 22'' screen is large enough for viewing from the lounging space on the bed(s). Too large can be a waste of money without gaining much in quality of the picture. After reading up on the subject, today's monitors with increased pixels provide ample clarity in color and depth. The 22" monitor is what has come standard in 30' Airstream bedrooms for years, and we found it a perfect size from the bed, and easy on the eyes. The other consideration for this model was the physical space used under that bulkhead over the nightstand. The monitor we bought folds up to a depth of only 1-5/8". This is neat and compact. Lastly, Jason investigated this model and concluded that this was a good choice, being that it is 12 volt and has HDMI input. Jason also confirmed that this model is well within the rules to comply with the egress window specifications. Next, we have had experience with Furrion radios and did not find them to be user friendly. After owning 4 Airstreams and the last two having a Polk Audio system, we decided we wanted a Polk system in our Ollie as well. This is the model: Polk Ultramarine WB/USB/SiriusXM Ready/iPod & iPhone Ready/Bluetooth with App Control. Note that this unit is marine grade and has Sirius capability. We love our Sirius for music and weather when up in the mountains where only Satellite is available. (An annual Sirius radio subscription is very inexpensive compared to a TV satellite subscription, and we find it even more helpful/entertaining.) Jason investigated this radio and agrees that it will be an easy swap-out. Note that this is considered an upgrade, but from previous experiences, we feel it is worth it. Lastly, the DVD/Blu-Ray. Will purchase and drop ship to Jason, as we have the other items. We chose a middle of the road player. Not as concerned with a high-end model since we don't use the DVD as often as our Apple TV (or my Sirius 60's tunes serenading cocktail hour as we watch the sunset over the mountains.) The DVD player is not 12 volt, and I am not sure if such a thing is even available. Again, this does not concern me, as we will use our DVD less often than most. To me, it is more important that the television & radio system be 12 volt. All of this is included on our work order and accepted by OTT. Thus, it is their responsibility to get the wiring and functionality correct. I hope this helps in your decision-making. My decisions were mostly personal, and I am no expert.
  6. My spouse and I were at the factory this week and finalized our Elite II purchase. One of the options we wanted and worked out with Anita and Jason was a flip down TV. We were able to get it on the work order. The model we ordered and is being drop shipped next week is the one you sent to Anita. Want to thank you for finding this model. It will work as per Jason and will comply with their certification, meaning it will not interfere with the egress window. We are excited about this new upgrade available to future Ollie owners.
  7. New to the forum and have never towed a Ollie, but have a Legacy II on order due to take possession in April of 2017. Will still comment on your question of MPG with diesels. I have been towing a Airstream 30' Classic (just sold) with our 2016 Ram 2500HD Cummins. This being a Classic is the heaviest Airstream made coming in at 10,000 lbs plus we load the Ram with lots of equipment for travel. This payload gets up to 800 lbs. from time to time. With this newer model Ram cruise control on 65-70 mph, we get 12-13 mpg consistently in our home state of Colorado. On flat interstate in southern US the mpg will stay at about 14-15. This all being read out by the on board computer, which I trust to be accurate. Love the technology of today! Might add that owning a diesel TV and towing RVs for 15 plus years, this amount of payload and towing the above stated weight of our former Airstream is zero strain on these late model diesel HD pickups. Ownership of past diesels i.e. Ram 2005 and 2012, towing heavy Airstreams as well, were not able to get this higher mpg. The 2005 would come in at about 10 mpg and the 2012 at 11-12 mpg. Its obvious the newer models and technology in these engines are able to crank out better fuel economy and increased towing capacity. Looking forward to owning a Ollie and am confident that our mpg will be around 13-15 (mountains or flat land) towing 7,000 lbs and the payload in the TV. Hope this helps you!
  8. Buzzy, I wrote you a private, I think, message couple days ago and have not heard from you. It leads my to wonder if I am using the forum correctly. Can you confirm? Monlezun
  9. Have no idea! If you get this message, could you please reply to let me know. Monlezun
  10. Thanks Buzzy. This is what I was looking for. Appreciate your time! Best, Malcolm
  11. Hello to all! Being new to the forum and planning to purchase our first Ollie, I am interested in the awning that is a option on a Oliver. Is there a U-tube video I can watch to learn how to deploy the model used on the Elite II? Thanks,
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