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cable tv at campground

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Hi All,

I have not been able to get the cable tv to work at campgrounds that have cable. I turn the booster off and try searching for the cable imput on the tv and it doesn't have a listing for it.

I noticed there is a loose cable laying in the storage cabinet above the tv, I plugged it into the cable imput beside the booster light and still nothing. I'm sure it is something I am doing wrong. Can someone smarter than me help me out?

Elite 11 #1443 2023

Diesel GMS 2500 Denali


Thank You,


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I have the same knowledge deficit!  Glad you asked.


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There are two ports on the outside of the trailer. One is labeled for a satellite feed and should be the loose cable in the attic.  
the other cable is labeled for cable and should be connected to the back side of the tv amplifier along with the cable from the digital hd antenna. (Both connections are behind the cover plate of the tv amplifier.  

in my trailer those two cables were inadvertently mis labled  at the factory.  I plugged the CATV onto the satellite drop inpu and it worked.  Maybe check that the cables are really connected from the CATV input in the side of the trailer to the amplifier connection behind the cover plate in the attic. 

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