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Hello from Oregon!


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I'm not an Ollie owner (although they are sweet rigs) but a fiberglass fanatic. Had a 2006 Casita 17LD for many years, and now have a 2014 Escape 21. We don't see too many Ollies on the West coast; saw my first at a fiberglass rally last year.


I've made white ABS/HIS plastic custom storage holders and items that attach with an industrial grade 3M VHB tape (RP45 to be exact) for years. An Ollie customer who purchased a fridge button guard suggested that I join this forum in addition to the other fiberglass forums to which I belong. I won't be blasting advertisements other than this introductory note.


Please take a peep at my web page to see how a semi-retired engineer keeps busy when not on the road. Meanwhile, I'll explore this forum...........

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