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... Microwave is interesting so again I’m curious which model – they make some combo convection units which I might be interested in. Otherwise we were going to delete that option since we aren’t microwavers. 


I'm not sure which Contoure model, but I do know it's not a convection unit. The cabinet isn't big enough for one currently. I believe they said they might look into seeing if it's possible to make the cabinet deeper to fit in the future models. Maybe 2018 models if it's even possible.

Matt Duncan

Marketing Consultant, Oliver Travel Trailers

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Yikes – we’ve been waiting on the 2017’s before ordering, and waiting on the 2017 F150’s, too. Order banks for the F150 open up in about a month and now this – makes me nervous all of a sudden.




Are you wanting the new 10 speed transmission?  After doing some research, and talking to some transmission folks, I decided to buy a 2016 F-150 because I didn't want to have the 1st year of a new design, as there always seem to be glitches along the way, and with 2016 being the last year of the 6 speed, I figured Ford has it figured out by now.

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Just toured the factory a week ago and the list that has been mentioned is correct , in addition the 2017 will have what the factory is calling plug and play


where as the trailers will have a wiring harness and backing plates installed so that any of the optional equipment can be installed at a latter date. they also give you the option to turn the cooktop so as to allow more usable counter space with the new larger sink. The polished bumper is now brushed and think I will polish mine. The composting toilet now available is a good idea but the brand being used is really tall and made worse by the depth of the shower pan, the black tank will still be installed and would be useful if the liquid tank in the composting toilet could drain into it if desired. We plan to order our Elite II in the next couple of weeks.

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