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Oliver Security -- Using the jacks to prevent theft???


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One thing that has always concerned me with living in a such an easily mobile home is the fear that someday I'll find our house literally hauled away stolen. Even with a hitch lock, as long as the wheels can roll, this is an all too real possibility.


With my Tab I've taken to often locking our bikes to the tongue with a U-Lock to make rolling more complicated, and sometimes I also route a chain through the wheels.


I had an idea today for a small change to the Oliver that would make it MUCH more difficult for a thief to make off with the trailer, even if they had a flatbed truck.


This technique takes advantage of the electric leveling jacks.


Imagine if the Oliver had a switch inside (maybe even hidden, and certainly unlabeled) to cut power to the leveler jacks. This simple addition would make it impossible for anyone outside the trailer to raise the jacks for towing. The back jacks do not even have any sort of externally accessible manual override crank.


I think this would prove to be a wonderful security addition to the Oliver.


Any thoughts on this?


What do the rest of you do to secure your trailers from theft?




- Chris

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Bugeyedriver had a hole drilled thru tongue for another pin/lock. I have a ball lock that fits in the hitch but would be further enhanced by bugeyedrivers additional lock. A good ole NYCPD wheel clamp lock(used for illegally parked cars in NYC and brite yellow a definate deterrant!.

If the bad guys want it bad enough, theyll get it! All ya can do is slow 'em down or go let 'em find an easier target!

Chuck :(

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The bulldog hitch, though pricier than a standard hitch, is widely used by other quality trailers, especially utility trailers carrying expensive tools and equipment. There's a wide variety of locks available specific to the bulldog. We use two locks. One is used only when detached from tow vehicle, and is a heavy duty device that goes into the receiver and then surrounds it.

The second is a collar lock that goes around the neck of the hitch, used both when hitched up and as a second lock when detached. Makes it difficult for anyone to mess with your hitch when parked. Stays locked even if hitch wire is cut.


I don't remember where we ordered it, but you can see it in this amazon photo:



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Here's a little item I found. I really don't worry too much about someone actually hitching up the and taking her off, but if they did, having one of these on board would make finding and retreiving it a little easier....



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