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Thoughts on Oliver's A/V setup & speaker quality?


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We aren't doing a TV, and don't need a radio, DVD, or any of that, so as far as music goes we're really only interested in connecting an iPhone or iPad to the speakers, either through the standard unit or perhaps some other method.  It seems a bit silly to have a full stereo if all we want is a speaker connection.  One of the things that I'm considering is just eliminating the stereo and speakers entirely, and instead putting the money into a nice portable airplay compatible speaker like the B&W T7 or maybe a pair of the small Sonos speakers.  That would allow us to have music outside if we wanted, and we could use it around the house as well I suppose.


Another possibility is that I've got a nice Tivoli radio that I never use.  It will work on a standard 12v 3amp plug, so I could just set it on the nightstand.  It would look nice and I could ask Oliver to run the FM and a Sirius antenna for me.  I'never been over the top on the sound quality but it does look great sitting on the desk.


Curious what people's thoughts are on any of that.  What is the consensus on the speakers that come with the Ollie?  Has anyone tried the portable speakers or have an opinion on them?  That seems like the most versatile option, imo.


By the way, Jason said we might be able to do a wired set of exterior speakers, mounted under the awning, if we wanted.  They've been thinking about it for a while but no one had asked until us.  The problem with that is that I'd be scared that I'd forget about them and end up broadcasting my music to the entire campsite.  Plus they'd look like two barnacles on the side of the trailer and if we didn't like the sound quality, we'd be stuck with them.

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The Jensen speakers that came with our Oliver are average.  For watching TV or background music they are fine as long as the volume isn't too high.  For watching a DVD movie, they are adequate if you're not needing a lot of volume or bass.  If I had no need for a TV/radio/DVD I would eliminate the entire system and go with a portable.


I bought a portable unit (can't recall the brand, it's in the trailer) at COSTCO that has good sound, is waterproof, charges via USB or 12V, is rugged and has a handle on the end.  When I'm outside grilling, my iphone is my music server and it connects to the portable speaker via Bluetooth.  I often use it inside as well.  I've found that the Furion unit in the trailer is a bit finicky when it comes to connecting with Bluetooth.


At first I thought it might be a good idea to have speakers on the outside of the Oliver but now I'm convinced a portable unit is the way to go.  It can be positioned where it is needed and can face the trailer when sitting outside to minimize disturbing neighbors.



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I love music and have spent way too much on audio equipment over the years. To establish my bonafide's, I have a Conrad-Johnson tube driven amplifier and pre-amplifier, a VIP turntable and B&W speakers at home. I was concerned about the quality of the Jensen speakers that Oliver was using when my 2016 Elite II was built. I visited a local shop that specializes in auto and marine audio and they recommended JBL speakers. They are the same diameter as the Jensens and just a 1/4" deeper. I had the store order them and have them shipped directly to Oliver. Anita kept them in her office until they were ready to install them in my Oliver. I've been satisfied with the sound and like you, listen primarily to music on my iPhone through the bluetooth connection to the Furrion system. I like the fact that you can choose to have the music play through all the speakers or choose only 2. I've used high-quality portable bluetooth speakers before and I think the Furrion with my JBL speakers is significantly better. I have Sonos speakers at home. Using them requires a Wi-Fi source so I don't think that would work well in your Oliver. I think Oliver has different Furrion system in the 2017 models. I don't know whether it is superior to the one in my 2016 Elite II.


I almost ordered my camper without a TV but decided not to because of resale issues. I have the Winegard Roadstar antenna on the roof. It's small and unobtrusive. I seldom use the TV except when I want a local TV weather forecast or need to tune in for local weather warnings. You can get information about threatening weather on the radio, but I like to see the weather maps, etc.





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Some good points.  If I were to use Sonos speakers, I have an unused AirPort here that I could put in the trailer to create a network for them.  But the Sonos have to be plugged in and my wife and I both like the idea of just being able to grab the B&W T7 unit and go outside.  The advantage of the Sonos speakers is that you can pair them for stereo or use them separately, one inside and one out.  I do worry a bit about the single portable not being particularly immersive, but the T7 does get really good reviews.


The Furrion unit that Oliver uses now is the 3200.  You won't find that on their website, but I think it's essentially the 3100, except with an added HDMI port in the back.  I noticed that Furrion made some changes to their lineup over the last few days, so the unit Oliver uses could change as a result.


I'm jealous of your home setup.  Tube amps are a bit too mellow for my taste, but the B&W speakers really appeal to me, especially their 800 lineup.  One day.  Right now, I've developed a fetish for 70's Pioneer silver components.  I'm going quadraphonic, lol.

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As an update to this, Jason mentioned to me on Thursday in his comments to a list of requests I'd given him that they thought it was possible to do flush-mounted exterior speakers, rather than the barnacles I thought they'd have to use. I was supposed to get with back with him yesterday but got slammed at work, but if I can call on Monday I'll see if I can get more details.

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