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Hello all!


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Hello! I am new to travel trailers and look forward to owning one! I have researched and researched and looked at what is out there and what is attractive to a new-rv'er. THANKS to all who post and help all of us who are learning. I appreciate you! I know I am very very conscious of toxic materials and this will be a BIG decisive factor when choosing my wheeled home. Also, quality workmanship is KEY---people who care about turning out a quality product. I have read so much about aluminum eggs and fiberglass eggs my head's spinnin'! Thanks again for a great forum! The Oliver looks swell!! more to come... :D

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Hi Ugojoe! Welcome to the Oliver forums! If you want to see an Oliver up close and personal, let us know where you are..... maybe one of us lives near you and we can arrange a "tour". I hope you aren't shy, because if you have spent much time here reading the posts, you will find out that we "are a lively bunch" as we were recently charged. :roll:



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Welcome Joe ! Butcherknife and I will be passing through Albuquerque on the 21st of this month. If you havn't hooked up with someone to see an Oliver before then, we would be glad to meet with you .

We will be turning North on Hwy. 550 towards Colorado and that would be a likely place to "stretch our legs" a bit !

If that might work for you, send us a PM or call 479-243-5450. :D

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Hello UGOJoe,


Thanks for your interest. Out gassing of various products is a big concern to a lot of our customers. Fiberglass has come along way over the years and the products we use are the latest and finish out gassing in a matter of days, long before you pick up your trailer. We do not have any formaldehyde products that have recently been an issue. Please call me at 931-306-9523 and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Anyone else interested feel free to call me also.



Buffalo Bob

Sales Manager “Oliver Trail Trailers”

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Hello all,



I am wanting to buy a travel trailer by this spring or early summer. I have narrowed my choices down to the Oliver Legacy and the 17 ft. Casita. I have a 2007 Kia Sorento 3.8L V-6 263 horsepower w/ the draw tite towing pkg installed on my SUV. My question is, will my Kia be able to pull the Oliver when it is fully loaded? If someone could answer my question I would appreciate it.




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Tn girl,


If your TV has a 5000 lb towing capacity you should be fine. My Oliver, the Wonder Egg, was weighed as I set out on a six week trip. With my supplies and full fresh water tank the weight was only 3900 lbs. Be sure to check the combined weight limitation (trailer + the tow vehicle) and stay under that limitation as well.


Best of luck on your quest for your trailer . . . happy camping!

Pete & "Bosker".    TV -  '18 F150 Super-cab Fx4; RV  - "The Wonder Egg";   '08 Elite, Hull Number 014.


Travel blog of 1st 10 years' wanderings - http://www.peteandthewonderegg.blogspot.com


visited-united-states-map (2).pngvisited-canadian-provinces-map.png





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