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Maintenance of Front and Rear Jacks


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The maintenance instructions from Barker is rather sparce -remove 4 screws on cover(part 17419).  From parts diagram it looks like the gears are attached to this plate.   Has any Oliver owners performed this maintenance (recommended annually).


Any additional comments or guidance on how this is done  would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have a jack to look at, yet, but this task should be very straight forward. It isn't rocket science, you just need to make sure that there has been no water intrusion and that the grease is good.


The electric switch cover comes off with a couple of side screws, then you can swing that out of the way and get to the gearbox cover. Remove the four corner screws (going down into the lower unit) and carefully lift off the cover. The reduction gears may come up with the cover, or they may stay down in the lower part.If it looks pretty and greasy inside, reassemble and go grab a cold one.


If the lube is contaminated with water (milky) or dry looking, you need to clean it all out of there and add new grease. Lift out the gears and be sure to lube the shaft bushings really well. Add silver anti-seize compound to the cover screws to keep them from corroding.




I see grease on the outside of the telescoping part in the Oliver pictures. I personally would NOT do that , since it will just attract and hold dirt that will then act like valve grinding compound - NOT good. Clean and dry is better here, IMHO of course. If you never drive off pavement, then you can grease them.


Don't forget to look at the rear jacks, but being in a protected environment, I doubt they will ever need much attention. I think it would be smart to write down on a nearby surface the date you look at them, just for future reference.


Please post some pics if you do this, for those of us who don't yet have trailers to play with. I am sure Buzzy is working on a video.... as I type!




BTW, if you haven't read those instructions yet, they do tell you how to adjust the bubble level screws so that it reflects the true level of your floor. Also, I think buying three cover gaskets and maybe some spare screws would be good for the spares kit, in case you need to replace some parts during servicing. Don't reuse a questionable gasket.


Good luck.


John Davies


Spokane WA

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Has anyone tackled this maintenance task yet?  I have it on my list to do this spring.  I'm a little intimidated even after reading John's helpful description of the process.







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Don, it is fairly straightforward as the instructions say. I serviced mine several months ago. The front jack is a little tricky, just remove the outer plastic cover then the actual gear case cover. The only awkward part is the motor power wires pass through the gear case. You’ll see this when you get into it, not difficult. The two rear jacks are easy. Just remove the four gear case cover screws and lift off the cover. Push down on the square shaft that protrudes from the cover as you lift the cover. That will keep the gear in place. In case the intermediate gear stays in the cover, go slowly and turn the cover over slowly so as not to drop anything. You’ll see all this as you go. Don’t be afraid of it you can do it. I added more white grease to each jack. I didn’t think that initially there was enough there. Also, as suggested add some to the bearings. One of my jacks was fairly noisy so the extra grease really helped.

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