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Adding a 2nd Toilet...for the cat


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How are folks dealing with cat necessary box? In our current TT, I didn't hesitate to modify a locker and cut a hole for Henry, the camping cat, to use as necessary. Henry goes everywhere with us. We are his staff.


Is a cat "necessary locker" an Oliover option? I suppose a 8" deck plate into an interior locker would work without destroying aesthetics? https://www.westmarine.com/buy/west-marine--screw-in-deck-plate-8-smooth-white--11743069?recordNum=8





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My plan when we start to actually travels with the cats us to remove the fire extinguisher from the closet door and use part of that floor for the box.


Oliver has installed a drawer in that area before I believe. If asked I'm sure they would do an opening in the door up real nice and they could also install a lower shelf in the closet, thus basically raising the floor and keeping the rest of the closet separate from the box area.


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One option might be to ask Oliver for an access door into the basement under the nightstand.  Actually, I'm not sure if that's an option or standard these days.  Anyway, keep the litter box in the basement and access it from the exterior hatch for cleaning.  Either remove the interior access door entirely, or open it when camped.  The only problem with leaving it open is that it sits on the floor and is likely to get stepped on.  Maybe Oliver could be talked into hinging it from the side somehow.

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