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Anyone have a Solo Stove Bonfire or Breeo?


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I have to admit that I've become one of those people who don't like campfires.  Not that I don't like the idea of them, but over the years, the romance of the campfire has become outweighed by the smoke and hassle.


The gas fire pans are an obvious alternative, and more often these days your only choice, but they're also gas hogs.  So I'm interested in these "smokeless" fireplaces like the Breeo and Solo Stove.  They use a secondary burn that supposedly eliminates most of the smoke and makes the fire burn hotter and more evenly.  They're supposed to light much more easily as well.  The claims seem legit, based on the reviews, but I'm wondering if anyone here has one and can share their opinion on them.

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I have a Solo Stove Bonfire. I ordered it and planned to use it on a camping trip this week but cold, rainy weather caused me to change my plans. I can comment on its size, construction and build quality, but you'll have to rely on the reviews and videos available to assess its performance. It's a great size for traveling with the Ollie and the design, materials and build quality are very impressive.






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Thanks Don.  I knew at least one Oliver owner would have one already - seems like we all gravitate towards the same sort of products.  I'm glad to hear your comment on the size, since I was worried that it might be bulky and cumbersome.


Please give us your review once you get it fired up.


It's not a deal breaker for me, but I see that both companies use 304 stainless, which in my experience discolors almost immediately with heat.

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