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Now that you have been using your Oliver trailers, is there any option you wish you would have gotten or any changes you would now make if you had to do over again? We are seriously considering one in the near future so I would just like to know if you are completely satisfied with what you chose in your unit or if you would change some things.

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JJ & Sandie...

Definitely love the electric jacks, the 4" lift and thermal pane windows. The day/night shades are not just pretty, but so functional in keeping out the sun when lowered even partway to meet the dayshade. We're not much for TV, so I probably wouldn't do the satellite TV again, but that's us. We do love the flat screen TV, and we use the radio all the time. Paul likes movies, so he often watches DVDs. We boondock a lot, and carry only a 1000 watt generator to top off the batteries, so I don't use the microwave very often. I absolutely love the SMEV stove. Coffee is ready so quickly in the morning, it cleans up so nice, and the countertop level glass lid when not the burners are not in use expands my workspace.


I know you'll love your Oliver! We sure love ours.


2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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JJ & Sandie, so many new options have became available since we bought our Ollie that we are a bit envious of all the cool stuff that folks are getting since we picked up ours. Our best advice is to think about your camping style and getting features that would enhance your outdoors experience. For example, we love the mountains at higher elevations and in extended seasons, both earlier and later. The double pane windows were not available when our Ollie was built. We stay comfortable with our single pane windows, but, would rather have the double panes.

However, should your camping style be South Padre Island in the Winter months, the double pane windows would not be as necessary.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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JJ n Sandie,

We like our TV, so the satellite was a for sure, dualpane windows and window treatment a must must haves. Entertainment center and electric jacks with 4" lift and 15" tires, ditto. My thinking was that anything left OFF, would decrease resale more than it would cost. Bought a used Casita without an awning and it was a huge bargaining chip when we negotiated $$$. But a Cadillac without power windows?? I don't think so!

JMHO, Chuck :roll:

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JJ and Sandie,


There is one feature I would like to see. Maybe because I am the female 1/2 of this traveling duo, I find myself at the kitchen sink doing dishes more than Chuck. I don't like paper plates or disposables because I am trying to get myself weaned from the idea that it's cool to be a member of a throw away society. I love the shower spray faucet in the bathroom! I would love to have it in the kitchen also! I use my sprayer all the time at home, so when doing dishes in the Oliver, I find myself washing dishes in the kitchen sink, but them moving them to the bathroom sink to spray rinse them! I don't even know if it is a feature that is possible to add the the kitchen sink area, but it sure is one that would be appreciated by this dishwasher! Maybe it's a mod we could ask Robert about when he gets back from vacation to see if it could be retro-fitted to our Oliver. Chris and Cherie might be interested in thinking about it for their upcoming Oliver! That would mean 3 wash stations with sprayer faucets....... but what a time saver when doing dishes!

I love everything about the Oliver! I guess sooner or later I'll have to sell my Casita and get one too. But I'm waiting for the underbelly storage drawers I saw at the factory last week! What a great feature that would be! It might be a year or two before that feature is offered, but it looked great! Chuck's Oliver has me convinced that Oliver is the way to go!

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There is one feature I would like to see. ... I love the shower spray faucet in the bathroom! I would love to have it in the kitchen also!


All the faucets on the Oliver are from Scandvik, they have a catalog available at:

http://www.scandvik.com/index.cfm/metho ... aucets.htm


I bet that Oliver could really easily put in just about anything they have available.


I believe this is the current kitchen faucet:

http://www.scandvik.com/index.cfm/metho ... /ID/17.htm


but, these other faucets looked like they would be nice in that they include a sprayer (which I don't think should be an optional part of a kitchen sink!)

http://www.scandvik.com/index.cfm/metho ... ID/697.htm


They may also have a separate sprayer available, but I didn't find one in my brief look through the catalog just now.

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