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A great company is more than it's product...

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As some of you know, we lost an awning leg a few weeks back to a thunderstorm.  This was clearly my fault for not bring the awning in when we left to go for a swim at the beach.  Adding to this situation, was the tragic shooting at Fiamma Inc which, left the only North American Distributor closed indefinitely and no spare parts available.


After posting this in the forum, Phillip Andrews from Oliver responded to me and forward my problem on to Jason Essary.  Jason reached out to me to understand which parts I needed and went to work to find them in their "Boneyard." A day later he told me he found the parts and he was taking them over to shipping to have the parts sent out.  The new leg arrived today and within 15 minutes everything was back to its original state.


You can purchase a quality product from many companies but it's the people and how they treat you that makes them a great company.  Oliver is a great company!


With appreciation and pride, I own an Oliver,

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Foy and Mirna 

Roamy Mc Roadhouse
2017 Legacy Elite II, Twin Bed
Hull #227
2021 RAM 1500 Limited





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I have to very much agree with the others! We took delivery of our camper in April and about a month ago returned from our first trip of 7 weeks. Yes we've had just a few of small issues along the way. Jason and all the service folks have always gone way above and beyond to take care of whatever the problem is. Seldom have I found folks so interested in the customer and their product. We enjoy showing our Oliver to others and the complements we get at almost every campground. Oliver is a great company to deal with!

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2017 Elite II, Hull #208

2019 Chevy HD 2500 Duramax

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  • Oliver Staff

Thanks Foy!  We appreciate you too.  I look forward to hearing more stories about your adventures with Roamy and reading Mirna's fall decor post!

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Phillip Andrews


Oliver Travel Trailers


Sales and Delivery Specialist



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