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Installing a dish tailgate satellite receiver


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So I bought a King Dish portable receiver and proceeded to do the installation. Now the installation manual states that the dome will gets its power from the Wally dish receiver when connected with coax cable but when I connect the coax cable via the cable outlet on the rear of the Ollie and then connect a coax from the inside cable box to the Wally receiver it doesn’t get electric to power the dome. I understand there is a spitter somewhere between the inside and outside cable connections. Anybody out there dealt with this issue.?

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We are using the Pathway Satellite dish also with a Wally for Dish network and have no problem getting the power to it. We just connect to the satellite plug (make sure your not on the cable inlet) and when we put power on the Wally the dish begins searching for the signal.

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I noticed you have a 2018 model. the 2017 model that i have doesnt have a satellite plug that i am aware of. My outdoor plug only has one inlet and it for cable. I thought that connecting there i could get power to the dome but it doesnt.


Im going to email Jason and see what modification i need







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Well I solved the problem with the help from Jason. Had to disconnect the coax cable that comes in from the rear of the trailer that is used for connecting to cable at campgrounds from the splitter that is behind the wingard cable plate that is in the left rear compartment .  I now have a direct connection going from the satellite receiver in the rear compartment to the portable dome outside By doing so I now have electrical flow to the Portable Dish dome outside and can watch satellite TV. I did lose the ability to see cable tv at campground but isn’t that why I bought th Dish for in the first place?

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Corcomi - You could always install an "A-B switch" somewhere in that line.  This switch would allow you to simply move a slide or push a button to change from what you had to your Dish and back.  They are available for less than $10





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