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Tips from the FMCA rally


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I had the opportunity to attend the FMCA ( Family Motor Coach Association) which is now opened to owners of travel trailers like the Oliver. If you haven’t join, I strongly suggest that you go to their website and see the advantages and benefits of being a member. I attended numerous seminars and was pleased learning of all the “issues”that are out there in the RV world and how Oliver seems to have managed to overcome most of them. Makes me happy I made the choice to buy the Oliver. I want to share some of the things I picked up which I think a lot of us can use Most of these tips came from Gary Bunzer also known as the RV Doctor. I am not promoting any product, just giving you what I learned.


Tip 1 Tires: those products used on the tires in showrooms to make them look glossy are really not good to use in the long run. Suggest that instead use a product called 303 Protectant.


Tip 2 Tires: on the wall of your tires is a DOT with 4 numbers. The first 2 are the week the tires were manufactured and the last 2 the year.. if you are buying new tires make sure they are “new”. You might think they are new because they might have never been used but they could be 3 or 4 years old and those tires have therefore deteriorated just sitting at the store.


Tip 3 Propane system. Carry a spare regulator especially if you do a lot of boondocking.. a faulty regulator will not allow you to use your furnace, stove, refrigerator, hot water heater, and therefore ruining your trip. If one of your propane systems is not working but the others are, then it’s not the regulator.


Tip 4 Battery service  Three key words: clean dry and tight.. Recomend that use a product called Deoxit to put on all you connections..comes in spray and liquid form  can be used on all your electrical connections


Tip 5 Septic odors  Helpful add ons for odor control


A  Install a  360 Siphon Vent Cap (from Lippert Components ) on the roof vent  There is one already installed on the Oliver but don’t know what brand it is


B Pure Power Blue ( made by Valterra)   There are hundreds of products out there but this is the one he recommends after testing many


C Eliminate the PTraps in the kitchen and sink and instead install a HepvO Waterless Sanitary Valve ( made by HepvO) this product will never fail and it also eliminates the ASTVD valve that allows air in the system to allow water to drain smoothly from you sink


Tip 6 Sewer hose: Having test many sewer hoses the Wastemaster Sewer hose with Cam locks ( made by Lippert Components)is the best. You will never buy another hose again, It eliminates the bayonet style lock which is really old and should not be used. All commercial users who move any kind of liquids use the cam locks. this hose has a fully sealed shut off nozzle on the sewer side and a positive camloc attachment at the dump outlet on the RV  ‘Tis is a solid , secure, leak free hose connection especially how the Oliver has the hose permanently hooked up . Suggest you see the video on how to install it a http://goo.gl/V2LWQ


Hope it helps



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Thanks for the info on the HepvO valve.  We want to upgrade our sink, but because of the large existing cut out, the only replacement that I've been able to find that fits is extra deep - so it was going to require some plumbing and drawer modifications to work.  Eliminating the trap will probably give me back enough space to swap the sinks without a problem.


Good tip on keeping a spare regulator, too.

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I keep seeing this Lippert Wastemaster hose popping up here and there, with mixed reviews.  It seems to me that having an additional valve at the dump station end of the hose is more trouble with no benefit.  Is the hose itself any better quality than others on the market?


Any Ollie owners out there have this hose?  If so how do you like it compared to others you've used?

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• Industrial Grade fittings (guaranteed leak free)

• Uses the strongest sewer hose available

• Smooth hose interior prevents trapped waste. No more sewage inside the hose

• Convenient nozzle allows for shut off at the sewer inlet

• Clear View section lets you know when the water is clear

• Bunzer states that in his analysis of a series of hoses this one even when he ran over it with his truck never got crushed or suffered any damage. But the most important and impressive was the elimination of the bayonet style fittings which are really not appropriate for transfer of liquids. ALL commercial companies that transfer liquids use the  cam locks.

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