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My understanding is that Oliver includes a standard on onboard surge protector on its new models? If this is true, is there any need for another portable surge protector such as those made by Progressive Industries? Also, will the onboard surge protector or the Progressive surge protectors have issues working with a portable generator such as the Yamaha 4500 Inverter generator? I thank you for your input about this topic.

Andrew Questell

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Andrew -


The surge protector that is included with the Oliver is made by Progressive Industries. There is no need for an additional surge protector unless you have an overwhelming desire to contribute to the profits of whatever company makes the second unit.

I'm not the guy to answer the generator question in that I simply do not use one. However, even if there were to be a "problem", I understand that the problem is with a grounding issue that is simply taken care of with a fairly inexpensive adaptor.


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With most any generator you will need to connect the ground and neutral together. If you don’t, the onboard Progressive Industries surge protector will not allow power into the camper. If you get on the Progressive Industries website they talk extensively about this very issue, among other pertinent camper related power issues.

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