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Dometic fridge RM2454 works only on gas

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I have a 2017 LE II, chassis 244, with the Dometic RM2454 fridge. For a couple of months, in use for perhaps two weeks, the fridge worked on AC, then one day switched to gas and could not be restarted on AC. I used the fridge last fall (one week) and this past March (3 weeks) on gas because it would not startup with AC power.


I've checked the 3 A and 5 A AC fuses, as well as the 30 A DC fuse; they're all fine.


The power cord at the rear of the fridge passes through a partition/wall at the left of the fridge rear, so I cannot view the power cord connection to an electrical outlet. Pulling out the kitchen counter drawers does not give a view of the connection either.


Any suggestions about how to go forward in troubleshooting this?


Bob G.

Bob G

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Thanks, guys. Here's what I found:






Note the black weight attached to a cord that assists the extendable faucet nozzle when it retracts back into the faucet. This weight swings like a pendulum within the space behind the drawers and likely smacked my fridge plug enough times that it eventually knocked it out of the electrical socket.


Fridge works fine on AC once it's plugged in. Duh.


I moved the "pendulum" to the other side of the sink drain pipes and wrapped it in a spongy foam material.


Sad that it took me this long to figure this out but I mistakenly assumed that I was getting power to the fridge because the front diodes all lit up. I was getting power....D.C. Power.


Bob G

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Bob G

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When I redid my sink I also moved the weight to inside the cabinet, but I found that it was getting caught on the sink drain and the top edge of the cabinet cut out. And sometimes it would flop over to the back side again. I ended up making a sleeve out of some thick plastic shelf liner material I had lying around - I rolled it into a tube and taped it, then slid it over the hose and weight. So far it's worked perfectly.

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