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Seboomook Wilderness CG on Moosehead Lake, Maine


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23 dirt road miles in to a stop sign. Turn right on another dirt road for 13 miles to the CG. Roads are maintained by a combination (depending where you are) by different paper companies a nd the state. The CG has timed hours throughout the day for their generator to run. We saw moose, deer, and we're serenaded by loons every morning and evening. Superior fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Plenty of space without tree cover to charge your batteries with solar...






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Interesting side note: this was a site for a POW camp. They housed Germain Africa Corp soldiers. Guess any that escaped came back for food and warmth in winter. No place to go? They had axes and saws and cut woods to supply paper to the growing Army need.

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Why the name? Is there a wilderness close by? Full hookups, groomed grass lawns, boat rentals and a gas dock do not remotely meet any definition of “wilderness”. At least, not in this half of the country.




Did you wash our Ollie? It looks too clean.


Pretty lake.... how is the canoeing? Windy? Any marshy areas with birds?




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Evidently the flat grassy area was where a big resort was before the war. It was later part of the POW compound. Water is pressurized all day, electric at specific time when the generator runs. It is the largest mountain lake in the Eastern U.S.. The wind blew with torrential rain one day and washed my camper. Too bad I was half way out and by the time I got back there was over 1/2" of gravel, stone dust, and plain dirt riding my running boards. Most of the area, for miles and miles and to the Canadian border have only a limited amount of logging roads. That applies to most of the area surrounding the northern half of the lake. There is also the newest National monument Park on the Eastern side of almost 88,000 acres and Baxter State Park..neither of which allow camping.  A great mixture of Spruce and vegetation gives the air a crisp refreshing smell.  There are  plenty of coves, marsh and islands to explore, and some huge fish. Compared to the rest of the Eastern seaboard and tourist traps along the way, this is definitely a wilderness. (Shh...don't tell everyone about..it will become too crowded too)..

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