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Access Port for Fresh water drain valve


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Hello all,


I created a access port for the fresh water drain valve.  The reason behind this is so you dont have to take your bed apart each time to gain access to the drain valve.  I simple lay down on the floor and can reach the valve.   This mod isnt for everyone specially those that have a issue laying the on the floor to reach it but I find it much easier to use then having to take my king bed up each time.  In another post today I will show you the perfect mattress setup for the king floor plan.  At least the best mattress set I have found for it so far.


I purchased a Five Oceans Marine white screw in deck plate off Amazon.  I went with the 5" Deck plate for 10.99 and with Prime its free shipping.


The location I chose was just above the drain valve and even with the vent and I think it turned out well.


I did this mode using a metal cutting blade in my jig saw.  I chose the metal blade for smaller teeth.  Have your wife or friend use a spray bottle on mist setting and spray it while you are cutting it with a towel on the floor it will collect all the fiberglass dust.  Be smart and wear a mask anyway.  Also tape the entire area.  I used painters tape and over taped.  This will keep the fiberglass from having issues cracking and also keep your jib from busting or scraping up the inside.  There are lots of youtube videos on doing deck plates in boats.  Treat it the same as those videos and things will be fine.






Oddly enough for some reason I am unable to reply to my own post.  So I will answer some questions.  My Hull# is 087.  Its a 2015.  I had 0 access to that without going through the top which ment taking apart my bed.  I have made my bed a permanent or semi permanent down bed with a pair of Ghost bed mattresses.  At any rate with the port I am actually able to access the fresh water drain.  My Ollie has a on demand hot water heater as well so that is not as big a issue.




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Happy Camping,


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I asked Oliver to install the same door that they use for the basement access.  Makes a big difference, but to be honest, whenever we flip the valves or drain the tank, we just flip up the mattress and use the hatch.  We use the door to access the pressure tank valve, since I don't like to travel with it pressurized.


[attachment file=IMG_0697 (1).jpg]


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