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Introduction: Bruce & Vas

Bruce W

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The last 2+ years we have researched travel trailers. We placed a deposit and will be picking up our Elite II twin bed trailer April 2, 2019. We are first time RV'ers, so everything is new to us. This forum, Facebook, and Oliver have been great sources of information. Thank you everyone for sharing.


We look forward to meeting y'all face to face and getting to know you from the forum. Our kids are grown and out of the nest. We have an 11 month old German Shepherd puppy. 65 pounds are so. Puppy, but big. We expect to travel with her. We know that will limit us, but she's part of the family.


We plan on short trips at first and then longer trips to see the USA and Canada. Lots to see. We are looking forward to new experiences. We expect to learn a lot about the Oliver trailer, RV'ing, and enjoying our adventures and misadventures.


We've already got our TV, a 2018 Ford 250 Diesel. Thanks for the checklists: supply, maintenance, and trip records. Great help.


We are picking our interior options. We have two favorites and if anyone has these options, can you post pictures? Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Options we are considering:

1. Fiber-Granite: paradise beach, flooring: sea grass, and Naugahyde seat: brown or

2. Fiber-Granite: tahoe, flooring: dark grey, and Naugahyde: Grey


Bruce & Vas

Bruce & Vas

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We looked at it a little, but not too much. We decided to get the Elite II because it was a little bigger and twin axles. I liked the Elite I because it was smaller and it would be able to go a few places that the Elite II can't. For example, there are some spots in Big Bend that a 23.5' trailer isn't supposed to fit.


What are the pros and cons that you've considered?

Bruce & Vas

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We look forward to meeting y’all face to face and getting to know you from the forum.

Well hello  - Bruce and Vas,


Glad to see the Oliver owners group continue to grow. If you have the time after your delivery day/stay, you're welcome to visit at our place just about an hour or so east of the plant. There is a post on the forum with  a few details. The puppy- soon to be big dog, will love the room.


We have been traveling for many years with larger dogs,  our current pup is about 95 lbs, he loves traveling as much as we do, yes it is limiting sometimes, but it works out.


Russell n Cindy

Cindy,  Russell and  "Harley dog" . Home is our little farm near Winchester TN

2018 Oliver Legacy Elite II - 2018 GMC 2500 Duramax 

"Die young - As late as possible"





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For me two things have been on my mind. One is maneuverability. There is a five-foot difference between the two, which does not seem like a lot to me, but it's something. The other thing is the weight, basically a 2,000 lb difference. The weight difference determines what TV I get. I have a friend with a Ford 250 diesel and what an amazing vehicle that is. But realistically a midsize seems more suitable to me. I'm pretty sure a Tacoma, or the new Ford Ranger would be fine with the Elite. I'm hoping to figure this all out and put in an order so I can get a new Ollie next spring.

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Those are logical reasons to choose the Elite I. My wife and I went thru the same logic and decided on the II. Tough choice. We have a puppy who is 65 pounds and growing. This will be our first time RV'ng, so everything is new to us. We are enjoying the process. We got a 250 diesel which I'm driving. It's comfortable and is averaging 19.2 mpg over the 8000 miles we've had it.


I got the diesel because I like the power, the diesel braking, and I had a good experience with a 2002 VW Jetta Diesel. I averaged 52 - 63 mpg with it and very low maintenance. The only maintenance was change the oil and filters and the timing belt. Tires now and then. I had 30% left on the brake pads and never changed the clutch out. After 275,000 miles I traded it in for the truck.


After I got the truck, we thought about getting some land clearing equipment. Then, I wished we had got the 350. I learned a lot about towing capacity then. Even though vehicles can tow something, you need to make sure you are legal in the event you are in an accident.

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Bruce & Vas

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